Total Quality Management – Chapter 1, 2

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Refers to the efficiency with which a product achieves its intended purpose.
Which of Garvin’s dimensions of quality include the “bells and whistles” contained in products?
Refers to the propensity for a product to perform consistently over its useful design life.
perceived quality
is based on customers’ opinion of products and services
the willingness of the service provider to be helpful and prompt in providing service
upstream activities
include all of those activities involving interaction with suppliers
downstream activities
include customer support and focusing on delivery reliability
product design and process design
two of the major emphases in engineering are the areas of ______
engineering has resulted in the simultaneous performance of product and process design
life testing
the facet of reliability engineering that determines whether a product will fail under controlled conditions during a specified life is referred to as
the systems view is associated with which of the following perspectives of quality?
customer relationship management
the marketing function trend that concentrates on satisfying and delivering value to the customer is known as
law of diminishing marginal returns
according to the __________, there is point at which investment in quality improvement will become uneconomical.
quality control
the _____ process is based on the scientific method, which includes the phases of analysis, relation, and generalization.
a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena is referred to as a __________
poor management of the system for continual improvement
Deming believed that poor quality resulted from ________
planning, control, and improvement
what are the three aspects of Juran’s trilogy?
quality at the source
________ means that all workers are responsible for their own work and perform necessary inspections at each stage of the process to maintain process control.
Pareto’s law
______ is also called the 80/20 rule.
quality leadership, quality technology, and organizational commitment
What are the three steps proposed by Feigenbaum to improve quality?
the quality loss function and the concept of robust design
What is the primary contribution of Genichi Taguchi?
robust design
The Taguchi concept of _____ states that products and services should be designed so that they are inherently defect-free and of high quality.
environmental characteristics
Which of the following variables is not at the core of quality management?
– Leadership
– Employee improvement
– Customer role
– Philosophy
– Environmental characteristics
Strategic management
____ is based on mission and core values, where planning is used to achieve goals.
focus is on perceived value of consumer and service
supply chain
derivative of the value chain: logistics and core processes
operations management
uses system view – quality is a function of the variables and components
human resources
focus is to enable workforce to reach full potential
applies math for problem solving. focus is on technical specification quality
focus is to maximize return for any given risk

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