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Which of the following forest management practices is the most harmful to forest ecosystems?
The promotion of companies’ sustainably harvested rainforest products is intended to _______.
give the company a competitive advantage
Which of the following best describes the use of rainforest plants as anticancer drugs?
Twenty-five percent of the active ingredients in cancer drugs are exclusively rainforest plants.
Which of the following statements about wildfires in deciduous forests is not true?
Deciduous forests are unaffected by wildfires.
What is the effect of wildfires on biodiversity?
temporary decrease, but long-term increase
Which of the following statements about forestry education is true?
Some states have greater access to forestry programs than others.
Rainforests are not exclusively found near the equator.
Using prescribed wildfires can prevent natural wildfires from posing as great a risk to property owners.
Which of the following is not true concerning rainforests?
Half of all rainforest plants have been tested for their medicinal properties.
The main characteristic of a carbon sink is that _______.
it absorbs more carbon than it emits
Removing a specific group of trees within a small area over a long period of time is _______.
group selection
A prescribed burn is _______.
a controlled fire used to manage forest ecosystems
How do trees improve water quality?
Water is filtered as it passes through the root systems of trees.
How do trees interact with other organisms?
They provide other organisms with food.
What percent of the trees cut down are used for something other than paper?
Which of the following statements about human impact on trees is true?
Human activity has had both a positive and negative impact on trees.

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