topic sentences and paragraphs

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a ____ is a group of sentences that present a main idea and related details to a reader.
a good paragraph has the following key elements:
. a focused topic
.a main idea expressed in a topic sentence
.details supporting the main idea
.a concluding sentence
the topic sentence of a paragraph expresses the single _____ the writer wants to communicate to the reader.
main idea
2 parts of topic sentence
.it names the topic
.it expresses an idea about it
The topic of a paragraph expresses the_______ the writer wants to communicate to the reader.
single main idea
a topic sentence is ________ or ________.
.too broad-you won’t be able to discuss it in a single paragraph
.too narrow-you’ll have difficultly writing an entire paragraph about the paragraph
a topic sentence can appear anywhere in a sentence, but it’s often the ______ sentence.

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