Tommy O’Connell, Audit Senior Essay Example
Tommy O’Connell, Audit Senior Essay Example

Tommy O’Connell, Audit Senior Essay Example

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  • Published: August 1, 2017
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1. Compare and contrast the professional functions of an audit senior and a staff comptroller. In your analysis. see the different duties assigned to each function. the job-related emphasiss that persons in the two functions face. and how each function contributes to the successful completion of an audit battle. Which of these two functions is ( a ) more of import and ( B ) more nerve-racking? Defend your picks.

Staff Auditor ( 1-3 old ages ) performs the item work of a fiscal audit under the supervising of a senior hearer. Staff Auditors will frequently get down to direct little audits at the biennial degree. In this instance. Carl Wilmeth is a staff comptroller and is assigned to large-scale trial of minutess that involved look intoing bills. having studies. purchase orders and other paperss. The staff hearer should fini


sh all these item work accurately in limited hours. And since the trial of minutess is the footing of the audit work and even senior hearer would trust on the work staff done. I think it is more of import to a successful completion audit battle.

Senior Auditor ( 3-6 old ages ) works under the general way of an Audit Manager. Responsibilities include the way of audit field work. assignment of item work to staff comptroller. and reappraisal of their working documents. Besides prepares fiscal statements. develops corporate revenue enhancement returns. and suggests betterments to internal controls. In this instance. Tommy O’Connell sits in this place. He faces more emphasis than the staff comptroller. Carl Wilmeth. He has force per unit areas from reappraisal the audit work from staff comptroller. and besides the force per unit area

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from audit spouse and clients. Since the senior hearer has more power to take the audit work than staff comptroller. his or her function is more of import than a staff comptroller.

2. Assume that you are Tommy O’Connell and have learned that Carl Wilmeth will be working for you on the Altamesa audit battle. Would you manage this state of affairs any otherwise than Tommy did? Explain.

Since Tommy has already cognize how Carl would execute in an audit work. he can put a more specific clip agenda for Carl to finish all the audit paperwork. And when Tommy made his attempt to grok Altamesa’s accounting determinations for its long-run contracts. Tommy can inquire Carl to fix the paperss they need and to discourse the inside informations about the long-run contracts. which may be more time-efficient than do all the work by Tommy entirely.

3. Again. presume that you are Tommy. Carl is teasing you for something to make halfway through the Altamesa occupation. You suspect that he is non finishing all of his assigned processs. but at the clip you are wrestling with an of import accounting issue confronting the client. What would you make at this point? What could you make to corroborate your intuitions that Carl is non finishing his assignments?

I would present him to the client. allow him fall in the meeting with the client and inquire him to give his understand about the accounting issue. This is besides a manner non allow him travel making something else other than working. For the method to corroborate the completeness of assignments. I think I would pass some clip and allow Carl speak to me

the inside informations about the work he did and the decision to the work. And if I have intuitions about any facet. I would inquire him inquiries to corroborate. In this manner. I think I would be more confident to his work.

4. Now. presume that Jack Morrison is reexamining the Altamesa workpapers. To day of the month. you ( Tommy ) have said nil to Morrison about your intuitions sing Carl. Do you hold a professional duty to raise this affair now with Morrison? Explain.

Yes. Although Tommy is responsible for the work Carl done and he likely be blamed by Morrison about the deficiency of supervise. Tommy should besides see about the truth of the audit work they did as a squad. which include the spouse hearer excessively. From a bigger position. the consequence of the audit work affects the whole firm’s repute. Therefore. Tommy should break state the affair to Morrison even they can non finish the work in clip.

5. Assume that at some point Tommy told Morrison that he suspected Carl was non finishing his assigned undertakings. The lone grounds Tommy had to back up his theory was the fact that Carl had come in significantly under budget on every major undertaking assigned to him over a period of several months. If you were Jack Morrison. how would you hold handled this affair?

If I were Jack Morrison as a spouse hearer. I would maintain an oculus on the work Carl did and may direct another staff comptroller teamwork with Carl in the following battle if possible.

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