The Westing Game Questions and Vocabulary Ch 21-25

What does Theo want to borrow from Turtle?
a bicycle

What is Judge Ford’s connection with the Westing family?
her mother was a servant in the Westing house. As a child, she played chess with Sam Westing

Why does Judge Ford think that Sam Westing paid for her education?
so that he would have a judge in his debt; that is, someone who would owe him a favor later

What was on the reverse side of the bomber’s note?
one of Turtle’s compositions “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

What does Turtle confess to the judge?
she admits to setting off the fireworks and also to being in the Westing house the night Sam Westing died

Why does Sydelle Pulaski throw her crutches into the air?
Angela announces that she has unravelled the clues and realizes that they identify the song “America the Beautiful.”

There was a note left in the elevator. Describe what it said.
It is Turtle’s written confession to the bombings

What is the significance of Turtle’s comments that her mother would be upset if she knew who the real bomber would be?
It implies that Turtle is not the real bomber, and she is protecting the person that is

Which of the heirs does Judge Ford think may be Sam Westing’s former wife?
Judge Ford thinks it is Crow

Who does Judge Ford think was actually in the coffin?
She believes that it was a wax replica (dummy) of Sam Westing

Why would it be difficult to recognize Sam Westing now?
After suffering facial injuries in a car accident, he had his face reconstructed by a plastic surgeon

What did Otis mean by the phrase “The Turtle has lost its tail?”
He meant that Turtle’s braid had been cut off

What did Turtle convince Angela not to do?
She convinced her to not confess to the bombings

What did the heirs receive in their envelopes?
They received an additional check for $10,000

Why is Grace’s voice thick and slurred?
She had too much to drink

What is meant by the expression “to go on the wagon?”
It refers to someone that decides to stop drinking alcohol

Who did Denton Deere suggest could use plastic surgery?
Sandy McSouthers with his background in boxing

Since they can no longer work as partners, what does Theo suggest the heirs do?
He suggests they work as a team

What was Denton deere’s diagnosis when Mr. Hoo claimed that the tea might be poisoned?
His diagnosis was paranoia

Which heir does Judge Ford believe is actually Sam Westing?
She believes it is her own partner, Sandy McSouthers

Using the clues provided, who does Sydelle Pulaski announce as the murderer?
She tells those present that is appears to be Berthe Erica Crow

What happens to Sandy towards the end of Chapter 24?
He collapses on the floor in agony, dying shortly after

What does Denton Dee accuse Turtle of doing?
He accuses her of kicking Sandy in the shins

How does Turtle respond to the accusation?
Turtle claims she never kicked Sandy, but does admit to kicking Barney Northtrup

What according to Judge Ford is the famous Westing Trap?
The queen’s sacrifice in a game of chess or anything else for that matter

Why does Judge Ford repeatedly call herself stupid?
Judge Ford believes that everyone was tricked by Sam Westing with the “queen’s sacrifice” – the queen being his former wife Crow

(adj) taking extreme care in regards to details; precise, fussy

(adj) neglecting a duty or law; late in payment, lazy, guilty

(v) make an abrupt, unsteady, uncontrolled movement or series of movements; stagger

(v) to frustrate, confuse

(n) The actions taken to right a wrong

(v) To give audible expression to speak or pronounce

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