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I choose The Time Machine, by H. G. Wells, for my movie book

comparison. H. G. Wells copyrighted it in 1895. Rod Taylor and Yvette

Mimieux played the main characters in the movie. It was directed by

George Pal and opened in the year of 1960.

There were two main characters in the book and the movie. One of them

was the time traveler, George, whom Rod Taylor played. And the other one

was Weena, the child like woman that George the time traveler saves.

Yvette Mimieux played her.

Both the characters in the movie and the book where very similar in a

lot of ways but I think that George was more action packed in the movie

and a little bit more aggressive. And Weena seemed to be a lot quieter

in the book then in the movie and you could understand her more in the

movie then in the book.

The Time Machine starts out with the time traveler trying to explain

the time machine and how it works to four other science guys. He goes

on about four dimensions and how nobody thinks that there is a fourth

dimension and how there is only three. He goes on describing the fourth

dimension to them and then he demonstrates how the time machine works.

The whole time he is demonstrating it the other four scientists don’t

know what to think. And then it disappears into thin air. All of his

friends can’t believe it and leave. Except one of his friends, David

Filby a good friend of his. He tries to talk him into not going through

with this whole time travel notion, and then he leaves.

The time traveler descides to try it anyways and goes into his

laboratory. The first thing he does is sets his pocket watch to the same

time as the clock on his desk and then he starts to proceed with the

experiment. He gets in his time machine and starts it up and travels

into the future. He doesn’t travel too far but just enough to see if it

works and it does.He decides to travel father and this time he

travels through both World War 1 and World War 2. And finds out the

world is all most destroyed by war.

He finds himself trapped under layers and layers of molten rock and he

keeps shooting through time hoping that time will ware away the rock and

free him. He finally ends up in the year 802,701 A. D. He finds himself

in a world of flowers and trees. He gets off of the time machine and

starts to wander around and finally finds humans known as the Eloa. He

finds a woman by the name of Weena who helps him find out more about the

Eloa. It turns out that the Eloa are actually slaves of an underground

race of mutants known as Morlocks. They have been living off of the

Eloa for centuries by capturing them and eating them.

The Morelocks brain washed the Eloa and made them think they had to go

to this temple every time they herd the sirens.

The time traveler decides to go back to his time but he finds out the

Morelocks had stolen his time machine and when he is trying to get it

back the sirens start to go off and Wenna is captured. That is when the

time traveler decides to go after the Morelocks and save the Eloa from


He gets underground and destroys the Morelocks and saves the Eloa form

them. And at the same time he finds his time machine and travels back to

his own time. But in all the commotion he loses Eloa and goes back


When he arrives home he had already set up a time to arrive home just

in time to have dinner with his four friends. He finally gets back and

tells his friends about the whole thing. But the only one that believes

him is his friend David Filby because the time traveler has a flower

that Weena gave him that his friend has never seen this flower before

and he supposable knows every thing about plants.

Every body leaves his house and he just goes off and disappears. His

friend David comes back and finds that his friend has went back into the

future to find Weena.

The only thing different about the movie and the book that I caught was

that in the movie it starts out were the time traveler, George, has just

gotten back from the future and he starts to tell the story from there.

And in the book it starts out were he is showing them how the time

machine works and explaining the fourth dominion thing to them.

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