The Pedestrian Questions

2053 AD in a town of 3 million people; at night on a residential street

Mr. Leonard Mead

Situational Irony
Mead finds out there is no one in the police car (it talks); when the police car is able to locate the one man walking in a large town

technology destroys human thought, individuality, inginuity;
sometimes people conform and then judge others who do not

What does Mr. Leonard Mead most love to do?
To take walks at night

Why did Mr. Leonard Mead change to sneakers?
Because the dogs would bark if he wore “hard heels” and people would notice him

How do people react when they see Mr. Mead walking?
They are startled

Who does Mead ask, “What’s up on channel 4, channel 7, channel 9?”
to the houses on the street

What is Mead’s attitude toward the shows on television?
He dislikes it. He finds it damaging and useless and mocks people who watch it

How many years has Mead been walking as he does?

How many people live in the city?
3 million

How many police cars are there?

Where was Mead on his way to when he was stopped by the police car?
No where, he was just walking

What is Mead’s profession?
a writer

Why does the police car respond “No profession”?
The person doesn’t think that being a writer is a real problem

What does Mead’s profession reveal about his character and his place in society?
He is creative and imaginative but is not recognized in society because no one reads anymore

What does Mead realize about the car?
There is no one in it; it is talking

Where is Mead going to be brought?
Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies

What crime did Mead commit?
He didn’t commit a crime, but was exhibiting wierd behavior by walking outside at night

What commentary does Bradbury make about television’s role in society through this story?
Bradbury is saying that television negatively affects society and turns into a dull, non-individual society

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