Ch. 30-38 Jane Eyre – Flashcards

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Describe Mary and Diana
Both governesses, enjoy reading, friendly, easy going, treat Jane like a sister
Describe St. John
not easy going, parson will be a missionary…….tends to poor and sick, yet he is not very nice and does not appear to have the joy and peace in his life
What employment does St. John find for Jane
she becomes the mistress of the morton school for girls
why does this employment suit jane so much
she is experienced and this offers independence, respect, utilizing what she is trained to do
describe janes new home
small, sparse-almost empty
bed, table-> only necessities
how does jane feel about her decision to leave Mr. Rochester
jane is depressed and lonely but chooses this over living in shame
identify rosamond oliver
she is wealthy, benefactress of Jane’s school, beautiful, likes St. John
what feelings does St. John have for rosamond
st john loves her
why is St. John correct in his rejection of Rosamond?
he knows rosamond wouldnt suit for a missionary’s wife and he desires to be a missionary more than to have Rosamond be his wife
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