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Sorrow. Suffering. Grief. Agony. Distress. and Misery: Harmonizing to Greek Mythology the act of being human demands that you must endure and there is no flight from hurting. it is the monetary value you pay to be human. “By darks he would lie beside her. of necessity. in the hollow caerns. against his will. by one who was willing. but all the yearss he would sit upon the stones. at the seaboard. interrupting his bosom in cryings and plaint and sorrow as crying cryings he looked out over the bare H2O. “ ( 5. 54-158 ) Mental enduring Penelope. Telemachus grew up w/o pa: “swerved aside. go forthing his long spearshaft lodged in Amphinomus” ( Book 22-100 ) .

When T kills A he shows Odysseus that he grew up in O’s places. even without him about. T proves he has grown up until he leaves the door to the storage room. giving the suers arms. Thymine shows that he is non afraid of decease by hanging the suers. Physical: As for those perpetrators I will rapidly strike their fleet ship with my bright lightning bolt. and shatter it to pieces out on the wine-dark sea. | Justice. Revenge. Vengeance: Odysseus’ crew ate the out cattles so Zeus created a storm that killed them all. but Odysseus. O & A ; T get retaliation on the suers for taking over their place by killing them all. ‘Keep your joy in your bosom. old doll ; halt. make non raise up the call. It is non piousness to glorification so over slain work forces. These were destroyed by the day of reckoning of the Gods and their ain difficult actions [ … ] . ’ ( 22. 411-413 ) . this quotation mark justifies their deceases. Cyc gets revenge on O by stating P to do O suffering. ‘“Hear me. Poseidon. who circle the Earth. black-haired.

If genuinely I am your boy. and you acknowledge yourself as my male parent. grant that Odysseus. sacker of metropoliss. boy of Laertes. who makes his place in Ithaka. may ne’er make that home…” ( 9 428-536 ) Phosphorus blowholes his wrath on the well intended Phonecians who helped his Nemesis O| Endurance. Perseverance. Courage. Grit. Persistence. finding. “I long for place. long for the sight of place. If any God has marked me out once more for shipwreck. my tough bosom can undergo it. What adversity have I non long since endured at sea. in conflict! Let the test semen. Book 5. 229-33” O wants to travel place he endures the Sirens. fairy-slipper offers him immortality. “In my heartache I thought that I should project myself overboard and submerge. instead than face such a calamity.

But my spirit held me. made me cleaving to the rail and digest it all. ” ( Page 113 ) he endures all of Poseidon’s efforts to kill him in the rage that O blinded the Cyclops. P curses O to roll the seas for 10 old ages. O thought he was smart to state the Cyc his name was cipher but he boasted and told him his name. P besides made them lodge on Thrinacia Helios’ Island. Z so punished them for eating Helios’ cowss and created Scylla and Charybdis. Family. the suers don’t value it none of them even inquire her pa for her manus in matrimony no regard for T either ‘For my female parent. against her will. is beset by suers. ain boies to the work forces who are greatest hereabouts.

These shrink from doing the journey to the house of her male parent Ikarios. so that he might take bride gifts for his girl and confer her on the 1 he wished. who came as his favourite ; instead. all their yearss. they come and loiter in our house and give our cattle and our sheep and our fat caprine animals and do a vacation banquet of it and imbibe the bright vino recklessly. Most of our substance is wasted. ’ ( 2. 0-58 ) “and now once more a darling boy is gone on a hollow ship. an guiltless all unpracticed in contending and speech production. and it is for him I grieve even more than for that other one. and tremble for him and fright. lest something should go on to him” 4. ) Phosphorus is more disquieted for T than O. O’s female parent dies of heartache that he is gone. ‘But now I shall travel to our estate with its many groves. to see my baronial male parent who has grieved for me invariably. ’ ( 23. 354-355 ) O is so connected to his pa that he goes to see him instantly after returning. Faithfulness. Loyalty. devotedness. dependability. trustworthyQuote from enduring besides works here.

His desire for Calypso has been overridden for his trueness to his household. O is loyal to his work forces. ‘Right in her room access she ate them up. They were shouting and making out their custodies to me in this horrid brush. That was the most pathetic scene that these eyes have looked on in my agonies as I explored the paths over the H2O. ’ ( 12. 256-259 ) Because of the trueness to his companions O is really sad when they die. T is loyal to O because he kept the secret that O came back “If you genuinely are my ain boy. Born of our ain blood. so allow cipher hear that Odysseus is in the palace” ( 16. 48 ) . When O is abused by the suers T doesn’t say a word. O’s retainers are faithful in maintaining his secret Eumaios the swine herd and Eurkleia the amah.

Tradition. usage. belif: O is justified in killing the suers because they broke the Greek tradition of being thankful and respectful of the host. Cyc deserved to acquire blinded because he was non a good host. O waited outside his house and brought vino for the Cyc as usage O expected gifts but when the Cyc ate his friends O had the right to blind him. ‘Welcome. alien. You shall be entertained as invitee among us. Afterward. when you have tasted dinner. you shall state us what your demand is. ’ ( 1. 118-124 ) T is so generous to allow the alien in even though he doesn’t know who it is the suers are interrupting Zeus’ regulation of cordial reception when they overstay their welcome and when antinous threatens the mendicant ( O ) Even Gods show cordial reception to one another But come in with me. so I can set amusement before you. ’ So the goddess spoke. and she set before him a tabular array which she had filled with beebread. and assorted ruddy nectar for him.

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