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Cyclops, giants, six-headed monsters, these are some of the attractions of the one of a kind Odysseyland, an amusement park based on the theme of Homer’s The Odyssey. The park has several rides and games to entertain and test the mettle of any aspiring hero. The Cyclone is a free-falling ride that attempts to recreate the winds granted to Odysseus by the god Aoelous. The Journey is a roller coaster ride that passes through all the lands that Odysseus and his men passed through, giving anyone who rides it a feel of the adventures and the dangers faced by the hero, with six-headed monsters and other surprise creatures lurking about.

The Maelstrom is a water ride that mimics the perils of the sea that met Odysseus on his journey. Lucky Shot is an obstacle course that tests one’s sense of balance and agility and skills with a bow and arrow as one tries to shoot his enemies while transferring from one giant log to another. These are just a few of the rides, games and attractions of Odysseyland, with many others being developed. Of course, even heroes get hungry, and Odysseyland not only aims to entertain, but to sustain as well. The Odysseyland Food Court serves a wide variety of food to cater to anyone’s tastes, from simple grilled kebabs to pizza and many others.

On the gourmet side, The Sirena is a more up-scale enclosed restaurant that serves quality Mediterranean food amidst a backdrop of comforting crooning and a visual feast of beautiful goddesses catering to your every gastronomic desire. No visit to any theme or amusement park is complete without checking out the souvenir shop to take home mementoes of the trip. The Odysseyland gift shop offers many souvenirs, like stuffed toys in the likeness of the Cyclops Polyphemus, Athena dolls, models of Odysseus’ ships, an Odyssey board game, and lots of other pendants and trinkets.

It also has a candy section which offers different goodies and treats inspired by the Odyssey theme, like gummy monsters and Cyclops cookies and other sweets. The Odyssey is a classic piece of literature written by the great Homer, narrating the journey home of the hero Odysseus, who played an instrumental part in the Trojan War, and the many obstacles and perils he faced along the way. Mostly, the Odyssey is seen as a burdensome school assignment, and not everyone can struggle through the text, which can be tedious reading for some.

Odysseyland presents a lighter alternative to what may be cumbersome reading, and gives one a feel of the outdoors, Homer style. Upon entering the gates of Odysseyland, each patron will be given a Prophecy Map, which provides a detailed description and location of the different rides, games, and other attractions of the theme park The Prophecy Map is only a guide; but patrons would be best served by letting their eyes be their guide. For anyone who has read the classic, Odysseyland portrays as faithful representation and recreation of the world Odysseus faced in his long journey.

For anyone who has not been able to read Homer’s masterpiece, the park offers a glimpse. In it one will be able to experience his different adventures, face his various nemeses, and be tested by the same trials that he went through, or those similar to that. For a day, one will be in a fantasy world where monsters exist, and beautiful singing fills the air no matter where one goes. For a day, one will be walking and battling with giants in one moment, and testing his sea legs in the next.

For a day, one will step into the shoes of Odysseus and his men. Odysseyland features different rides like The Maelstrom, The Cyclone, The Journey and others that represent various key points in the tale. The other attractions are created to give one a feel of the time and place that Odysseus moved in; the park is set in a general Greek-Mediterranean theme for authentic flavor. From the rides to the games to the food to the souvenirs and the other forms of entertainment, a day at Odysseyland is bound to not only be fun, but educational as well.

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