The Interlopers study guide

How did the Gradwitzes recieve all the land they have?
They Gradwitzes received all the land they have by having won the law suit against the Znayem’s 3 generations ago to win the land

What is the human vs. nature conflict?
Ulrich and Georg vs. the wolves and
Ulrich and Georg vs. tree

What is the Human vs. human conflict?
Ulrich Von Gradwitz vs Georg Znaeym

What is the human vs himself/herself conflict?
Ulrich vs himself

Why do Ulrich von Gradwitz and Gorg Znaeym not get along?
Their families have fought over the land for years and are enemies

What is Ulrich von Gradwitz hunting in the story?
he is hunting down Georg Znaeym

What was Ulrich von Gradwitz’s wish when he wandered away from his crew?
When he wandered away from his crew, he had wished to find George Znaeym

What happened once Ulrich von Gradwitz and George Znaeym meet in the forest?
A violent storm causes a giant tree to fall on top of them and they both get injured

How do the two men behave once they are stuck?
Once they are stuck, they both are hoping that their men can come and save them, and they hope each other die

What makes Gradwitz start to behave differently?
Since Gradwitz and Znaeym are both suffering, Gradwitz starts behaving different by thinking that his hatred with Znaeym should come to an end

What happens in the end of the story?
Gradwitz and Znaeym become friends, and while trying to escape from the tree they are stuck in, they start using hunting calls for help so their men would come, but wolves come and most likely attacked them, causing their death

Who is the author?

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