The Importance of Medical Terminology Essay Example
The Importance of Medical Terminology Essay Example

The Importance of Medical Terminology Essay Example

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  • Published: January 25, 2022
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Medical terminologies are the set of terms, symbols, designation, or expressions that are used to represent the concepts employed by medical practitioners in their field of service. Scientists such as Aristotle created terms that are still in use today (Wingerd, 2015). The terms are, therefore, universal and must be used accurately to ensure that a patient's condition and treatment processes are well described (Keogh, 2011). The terminologies are vital in describing the symptoms, diagnosis and the tests in the ways explained below.

Medical terminology ensures consistent communication in which the health care professionals can communicate in a harmonized way. The use of standard terms is important in that the professionals comfortably understand the patient issues and address the responses effectively. The diagnostic process is made accurate by helping in the deciphering of complex information (Markham, 2013). A health care facility


or an individual practitioner can only benefit from the ability to interpret the terms used in a variety of health records as well as reports.
One other importance is the fact that medical terminologies help in the actual treatment of patients. Indeed, part of the treatment process involves reading the documents or records and discussing arising issues with other clinical professionals (Wingerd, 2015). Through the discussion, the clinician can process the information gathered from the other clinicians' reports and efficiently create a treatment plan. The information is usually written in abbreviations that cannot be translated, allowing for easy understanding by every medical practitioner (Keogh, 2011).

Understanding the medical terms helps in avoiding errors. Errors in communication or documenting health records involving patients possess a significant risk. The medical history of a patient is vital in determining the diagnostic

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process as well as the proper provision of treatment (The Avidity Medical Design Blog, 2014). A good example is when a doctor learns that a patient is under a particular medication. He or she can decide on the type of medicine to avoid.

Other importance of the knowledge of medical terminologies includes; offering a quick or time-saving service, increases expertise and allows for easy interpretation of medical data. It saves time because health care professionals do not have to use the medical dictionary all the times (The Avidity Medical Design Blog, 2014). Referring to the dictionary time and again wastes time and practitioners cannot make a proper judgement as it would be from his or her reasoning. Professional work and expertise are evident in people with advanced knowledge of medical terminologies. They are quick to deliver services and can easily handle emergency cases (Wingerd, 2015). Such practitioners can interpret information provided in the reports without referring, hence, the assurance of quality health care.


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