Vaccination: Good or Bad Essay Example
Vaccination: Good or Bad Essay Example

Vaccination: Good or Bad Essay Example

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  • Published: January 25, 2022
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Vaccines are essential for a healthy growth and development of a child. Immunizations help to boost the immunity of the child. They serve as the best preventive measures for infectious diseases in children like measles and mumps among others. The case of the mother who is scared of her child being vaccinated is one among many, which result in the child’s lack of immunization. As a health care nurse, I would explain to the mother the importance of immunization to children. For instance, vaccination ensures the child is safe until adulthood. The mother should weigh between the welfare of the child and the propaganda about the vaccine. My role in this case would be to explain to the mother the possible side effects that immunization has as compared to its benefits and she will be enlightened to choose the appropria


te decision. I would advise her how the propaganda from the other women would risk her daughter’s life if she is denied immunization yet the young daughter is almost over the age of receiving the preventive drug. The side effects are short-lived, but the prevention is for a lifetime (, 2016).

Another importance for vaccinating children is that they can save the child’s life. I will explain to the mother of the child that those who love their children get them treated regardless of the few side effects of the immunization like pain and swelling. Apart from that, having the baby immunized it will save the family resources and protect the future generation from contracting the disease. I will tell the mother that immunizations are safe if done by health officials and many children have gone through

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the same process and were safe from any harm (California Immunization Coalition, 2008).

The approach can use is that I would listen to her side of the story, and then I will tell her about the benefits of immunization. I will state the facts briefly and the risks as well to update her on the impact of immunization. If she is not convinced, I would book another clinic appointment with her and provide links or materials to read about immunization (Danchin & Nolan, 2014).


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