The Highway Man (Tim’s Personal Reflection) Essay Example
The Highway Man (Tim’s Personal Reflection) Essay Example

The Highway Man (Tim’s Personal Reflection) Essay Example

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  • Published: October 23, 2017
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I have longed for Bess since I began working as the ostler of the old inn. Her incredible beauty caught my eyes and made me fall for instantly. I sadly though will never have a chance at love with Bess because her love is the highwayman. I envy every moment they spend together and that’s very often. I can tell when he’s present by his movement on the cobblestones, the whip on the shutters and his rhythmical whistling.

I needed him gone if I ever was to spend any time with Bess. I knew my opportunity was coming when I over heard him talking to Bess about returning when the moon bright.Part Two Everyone believes that the highwayman was careless enough to have King George locate him, but that’s not what really happened. I knew this man that sto


len my love’s heart wouldn't be oblivious about his whereabouts, so secretly I reported him to King George. One by one the the troops came marching to the old inn and tied up Bess.

I couldn't do anything because if I did my secret would be revealed so, I watched stunned as a musket was placed beside her with the muzzle under her breast.I watched as Bess fought against the ropes until she had finally place a single finger on the trigger. Then sadly Bess heard the movement on the cobblestones, and made a split second decision. She pulled the trigger. I couldn't scream or even whimper as she died.

Soon my attention was on the highwayman's movement on the cobblestones but this time he wasn't getting closer to the inn but getting farther as if he

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was running. I suppose after hearing about Bess' death the highwayman decided to fight for her but he was shoot down. I will never forgive myself.

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