The Hiding Place study questions

What happens to Mama?
she has a stroke

Does Mama recover from her stroke?
barely; she is able to say little

What lesson does Corrie learn from her mother?

Who is next to marry in the TenBoom family?

What unusual occurence takes place during the wedding service?
Mama sings the words to the whole song at Nollie’s Wedding

Is this the beginning of Mother’s recovery?
No, it is the “gift from God” to Corrie and Betsie, just before she dies

After Betsie catches a cold, how does it affect Corrie’s life?
much more hectic

After studying with her father and taking classes, what does Corrie become?
a watch maker

WHo is the bulldog?
a jew who the ten Booms always see on their daily walk

Although life is peaceful in Holland during this period, it’s neighbor, Germany, is gearing up for war. How do such changes once affect the ten Booms’ ordered existence?
They couldn’t get parts from Jewish suppliers in Germany

Why does Otto persecute Christoffels but show respect for Corrie’s father?
He feels that he doesn’t need to show respect to Christoffels, but needs to show respect to Corrie’s father since he is his boss

What news does the family receive over the radio?
there will not be war; Holland will remain neutral

What awakens the family that same night?

What is Corrie’s dream that night?
she and her family were being taken far away in a wagon, and they were to never return

How does Holland hold out against Germany? How does Corrie know that her country is lost? What year is this?
– 5 days
-the Queen had left

What is life like at the during the German occupation?
not awful; bearable

How does the family receive accurate news reports?
by radio

What do the ten Booms finally begin to realize?
– Germans were persecuting the Jews in Haarlem

How are the ten Booms able to help their Jewish neighbor, Mr. Weil?
they invite him to stay with them
-have Willem sneak him out and away to safety

What unusual sight do Corrie and her father see after that?
the Bulldog without his bulldogs

What has happened to the dogs and why?
Mr. deVries (bulldog) kills them because he figures once he is taken, no one will be there to take care of them.

How do the ten Boom’s respond?
they offer him to stay with them.

What does Corries nephew, Peter, do after the church sermon?
he stopped paying attention

Who are Katrien and Annaliese?
Jews hiding in Nollie’s house

What does Peter play on the organ that gets him in trouble? What happens to him?
He is arrested for playing an illegal piece of music

After Peter’s arrest, the ten Boom’s began receiving visitors, Who are they, and why are they there?
Mrs. Kleermaker- she can’t go back home, she is afraid
Elderly Couple- arrested neighbors; fear of being arrested
– they were there because they knew the Beje was safe

What do the ten Booms do with the visitors?
Hide them upstairs in a bedroom

What does Willem need in order to place the people and what does he suggest Corrie do to get them?
ration cards; she find her own sources to get them

How does Corrie get the ration cards?
She gets Fred Koornstra, head of the Food Office, to sneak them for her.

What is gradually developing at the Beje?
undergroup system to save Jews

Whom does Kik, Willem’s son, take Corrie to meet one evening?
Pickwick, who had lots of people involved in the underground to save the Jews.

What is a direct result of that meeting?
Mr. Smit came to construct the secret room

Where is the secret room constructed?
a wall behind Corrie’s bedroom

What method is devised as a system to warn others that the house is safe to enter?
a sign was put into the window. If it was up, it was safe, if not, it wasn’t.

What was a razzia?
a house search for working age men (lightning search)

What happens when soldiers come to Nollie’s and Flip’s house?
they ask where the family is, they told the soldiers, they laughed, and then left.

By 1943, it is almost impossible to hid Jews in the country, so arrangements have to be made for safe houses in Haarle. Who are the first people Corrie places in the city?
Harrie and Cato

What happens to Harry and Cato?
They are seperated; Harry is taken because he’s Jewish
– Cato is released

Who becomes a somewhat unlikely ally in this incident?
Rolf who is a police station

During this period, what does the Beje become?
an underground operation

How do people communicate information over the phone?
they would act as if they were talking to a customer, when they were really looking for a hiding place for someone

Why is Corrie becoming uneasy?
underground becoming too large

What happens to Nollie?
she is arrested for hiding Jews

What message does Nollie deliver to Corrie from the prison? Is she right or wrong?
Annaliese is free

How does Corrie try to free Nollie?
she tries to distract the doctor into letting her see Nollie

What do they residents drill Corrie on?
denying the fact that she’s hiding jews

What does Willem to do divert suspicion from his frequent trips to Haarlem?
he hosts a worship service every Wednesday morning

Who is the unexpected visitor to the Beje one evening?
Otto, a former employee of the Beje

What is the happy news that corrie receives?
Nollie is out of jail

In February, a man comes to ask a favor of Corrie. What is it, and what is Corrie’s reaction?
He asks for money from Corrie to go to the police station to see his wife, who was arrested for hiding jews; Corrie is a hesitant, but gives him the money

What happens that evening?
a soldier comes to the Beje

What happens to the Jews?
the Germans don’t find them; they cannot find the hiding place

What happens to the warning signal?
It is broken, but put back into the window

What is the result?
People come to the Beje and are arrested along with the ten Boom’s

How do people eventually get the message and stop coming?
they can sense the nervousness over the telephone

What happens to all those arrested?
they are taken to a gymnasium in Haarlem

What does Corrie suddenly realize?
What is happening to her is exactly like what she envisioned in her dream

After the ten Booms are transferred to Gestapo headquarters in The Hague, a chief interrogator offers to let Corrie’s father go if he does not cause any more trouble./ What is her father’s responds?
“If I go home today, tomorrow I will open my door to anyone who knocks”

Where are the tne Booms transferred next? How many other people are left in the jail cell with Corrie?
Schevinigan, 5 women

After to weeks in the prison, where is Corrie taken, and why?
hospital- she is so sick

What does the nurse manage to smuggle to Corrie? What is the direct result of Corrie’s visit to the doctor’s clinic?
– the 4 gospels, soap, and safety pins
– solitary confinement

How does Corrie learn the fate of her family?
while guards are away, the prisoners pass info between cells

From whom does Corrie receive a package, and what is in it?
Nollie; cookies, vitamins, needles and thread, bright red towel, blue sweater

How does Corrie receive news from home and what is the news?
Nollie writes her a lterr; all her Jews are safe

What does Corrie do to occupy her time?
embroiders pajams from thread of towel

WHat other news does Corrie receive?
her father died 10 days after arrest

What is unuaual about the 4th hut, and why do you suppose she wants to be taken to that one?
– it has wilted flowers in the front of it
– it looks like the most cheerful of all the huts

What does the lieutenant think has been occuring at the Beje?
headquarters of a raid on ration cards

WHat does Corrie do that she fears may have angered the lieutenant?
she mentioned God; she implies that God loves everyone equally

What do the two discuss during her second interrogation? What does the lieutenant mean when he says he is in a prison stronger than this one?
– words of Bible
-he hates his job, but cannot leave because of his fear of the Natzi’s

Why does the lieutenant tell Corrie to walk slowly in Corridor F as she return to her cell?
she was headed towards Betsie’s cell

What is Corrie able to determine as she walks slowly past Betsie’s cell?
Betsie made cell into little home

With the arrival of a new head matron, what changes were changed for Corrie?
she is to have sheets; 1-2 showers a week

Why is Corrie called back to the lieutenants office? Whome does she see in there?
reading of her father’s will rest of her family
Willem and Nollie

What does Corrie learn during her brief family reunion
Jews had to find new homes

What happens to Corrie and the other prisoners?
They are transported evacuated

Where do the prisoners fear they will be taken? To wehre are they transported?
Germany; Vight (concentration camp)

When Betsie and Corrie are handed typewritten forms and are told to report to the administration, what do they believe? Where do they end up?
they think they will go home; back to main camp at Vught

How does Betsie view the guards? Why does Corrie wonder what kind of road her sister traveled?
– people who can be taught to love
– because Corrie’s such a whole- hearted person

Where are Betsie and Corrie assigned to work?
in the Phillips factory to make radios (Corrie) and sewing prison uniforms (Betsie)

The workers are supervised by a prisoner foreman who is sympathetic to the prisoner’s plight. What does he do for Corrie?
he gives her a job assembling relay switches

What important news does Betsie learn?
the man from Ermelo was really a worker for the Gestapo, and lied about his wife and children being arrested to con the family out of money.; they had been betrayed by the man who wanted the money

Betsie and Corrie react quite differently to learning who their betrayer is. How do they differ?
Betsie is quite forgiving, not carrying a burden, and Corrie is quite angry, frustrated, hurt, etc.

Why is Corrie looking forward to September 1?
It was just a date that she used to mark the 6th month mark because that’s the average term for “ration card offenders”

What rumors are circulating among the prisoners?
Dutch forces were moving towards Belgium

The prisoners begin hearing explosions that they hope might be the advancing Dutch brigade. What does the foreman, Moorman, tell them it probably is?
“demolition work” or (meant to keep forces away)

Suddenly one day the prisoners are ordered to return to their barracks in the middle of the nday. What happens?
male prisoners are lined up and shot (700 died that day)

The women are evacuated again. Where are they going?

After four days of train travel, where are the women finally taken?

Where do the women satay the first two days?
outside the ravensbruck’s baracks. They slept outside.

The prisoners are finally processed to be admitted to the camp. What is that process.
– give guards all belongings
– strip every item of clothes
– shower, then place on prison dress and shoes

What is Corrie able to do
got through with Bible, sweater and vitamins

Why do Corrie and Betsie believe that they are imporisoned?
they were meant to see God through all the horrible things happening to them

Why are Friday’s particularly unpleasant for the womeN/
It was the day of recurrent humiliation and medical inspection

How does Corrie finally come to accept this humiliation?
she remembered Jesus hung naked on the cross

Against all the horrors of their surroundings, what does etsie say the answer is?
“Give thanks in all circumstances”

Because the conditions here are horrible with the women exhausted, ill and nearly starving, quarrels errupt constantly, What is Betsie’s solution?
She prays to God for being sent to that room.

What are Corrie and Betsie forced to do in their work detail?
push a heavy cart to a rail road where they unloaded large metal plates and wheeled them to another gate

Back in the barracks, what do Corrie and Betsie do?
Conduct their own worship service

Two incidents puzzle Corrie deeply. What are they?
1. More and more people are attending her worship service, and no guard was there to stop them.

2. The vitamins were continuing to grow

When do the vitamins finally run out?
Mien brings them more vitamins from hospital

Where do Corrie and Betsie now work?
level ground inside camp

What happens to Betsie when she is unable to work?
admitted to hospital

When Corrie goes to visit Betsie in the hosoital, what route is she roced to take?
she crawls through a bathroom window at the hospital

Betsie is eventually returned to the barracks and given a new work detail.What does she do?
she goes to the knitting brigade.

Betsie learns the answer to one of Corrie’s puzzles. What is it?
The guards don’t want to be infected with the fleas in the barracks, so they don’t come in

By a series of coincidences, Corrie finds herself in an entirely new situation. What is she doing?
Corrie ends up being rejected from the transports and is assigned to knitting

During this time, Betsie has a vision of life afer war. What is it, and what is unusal about it.
They were to have a large house with gardens and sophisticated features, bBetsie is saying this like she actually sees the house

into the barracks to get her. Betsie becomes seriously ill once again, and goes to the hospital under unusual circumstatnces, WWhat are they?
Betsie could not move her arms or legs, and the guard sent a stretcher

Before she dies, Betsie tells Corrie of her other visions. What are they?
They were to have a camp for the Germans who needed to learn to love. There would be window boxes and the bunks would be painted green.

Betsie dies the next day in the hospital and is moved to the latrine where Corrie saw the bodies piled. When Corrie goes in to see her sisiter, what shocks her?
Betsie’s face and body looked completely radiant, and not starved

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