The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Essay Example
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Essay Example

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Essay Example

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  • Published: August 6, 2017
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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA got enacted in the twelvemonth 1996 by U. S Congress. The first rubric of HIPAA offers protection to the workers every bit good as the households when they decide to alter their occupations or incase they lose occupations. The 2nd rubric of HIPAA which is besides known as Administrative Simplification does necessitate for constitutions of the national criterions of electronic attention minutess. employers. the programs of wellness insurance and the national suppliers.

This paper hence gives limelight to what HIPAA is all about and the people who ought to follow with the criterions of HIPAA. HIPPA which was enacted in the twelvemonth 1996 does necessitate the HHS secretary to publicise all the criterions for electronic exchange. security of the wellness information every bit good as privateness. The new criterions are built-in and are developed in order to offer protection to the unity. confidentiality every bit good as the handiness of the wellness information ( Department of wellness & A ; Human services. n. vitamin D ) .

In the yesteryear there were no any criterions that offered unvarying and comprehensive protection of the wellness information. The new HIPAA’S security criterions will offer right entree of wellness information by the wellness suppliers. wellness programs. clearinghouses offering the appropriate safety steps against airing and abuse. The Electronic Signature Standard will offer a dependable manner to guarantee there is message unity. non renunciation and hallmark. The covered entities ought to follow with the criterions of HIPAA.

The covered entities comprise of Health programs. wellness suppl


iers who do convey any wellness information through electronic signifier and the Health Care Clearinghouses ( Department of Health & A ; Human Services. n. vitamin D ) . The wellness programs include group or single programs that offer or pay costs of the medical attention which are covered in the entities. They comprise of vision. alveolar consonant. vision. drug insurance companies. wellness organisations and care. Medicaid. Medicare every bit good as the long term insurance companies ( HIP. 2008 ) .

They besides include the church and authorities sponsored wellness programs. employer groups and others. Every wellness supplier who does convey the wellness information electronically is besides covered by this entity. The health care glade houses are those entities that do treat some of the nonstandard information that they do have from other entities to a criterion. The chief benefits of HIPAA ordinances to the health care organisations are the fact that the standardisation of the electronic informations will better the transportation of information between the supplier and the remunerator.

Besides HIPAA is good as the codification of criterions of the electronic informations will trip the medical suppliers to effectually travel their medical services to the cyberspace ( Bureau for Medical Services. 2008 ) . HIPAA will besides offer the health care organisations with a chance to simplify every bit good as streamline their substructure and operations offering of import nest eggs possible. With the execution of the criterions of HIPAA the administrative demands might diminish. The criterions of HIPAA do non use to the employers. casualty. life. disablement and workers insurance companies every

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bit good as other wellness information users.

The major end of HIPAA’s privateness regulation is to do certain that the individual’s information on wellness is protected and there is flow of the wellness information that is required to offer every bit good as promote quality health care in order to offer protection to the well being of the populace. The privateness regulation offers protection to people seeking healing and attention and given the fact that the market place for health care is rather diverse. this regulation is therefore designed in a comprehensive and flexible manner to cover revelations and uses that ought to be addressed.