The Four Voyages of Christopher Columbus Essay Example
The Four Voyages of Christopher Columbus Essay Example

The Four Voyages of Christopher Columbus Essay Example

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  • Published: April 14, 2022
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Christopher Columbus remains to be the great historical figure. He is consider as one of the biggest people in the history of mariners around the universe. During his Marine time, he sails west across the Atlantic Ocean in search of the route to Asia, although he achieved the important recognition by making an arrival in the United States. He got excellent skills for navigation that has remained to be unforgotten as well as the routes he used to travel to the Atlantic Ocean. The ways that Christopher Columbus discovered are still being applicable by sailors until today. He made his fourth voyage from Spain to Americas in the year 1502 (Nockolds et al., 285). Christopher Columbus was a sure navigator at that time making him arrive in the four voyages by taking fewer days in the sea. Christo


pher Columbus appears to be a dreamer in his work as his goals in accomplishing the voyages were because he was selfish while his actual knowledge is weak.

The four voyages differ because the explorer Christopher Columbus made separate four trips across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain. The first voyage was in the year 1492, the second trip on 1493, the third voyage on 1498, and the fourth voyage on 1502. Christopher Columbus voyages manifested the start of the European exploration as well as colonization of the U.S continent thus making Christopher Columbus be the national hero. He made the impact on Western history. In the first voyage, Christopher Columbus and his crew embarked on the voyage to get the shorter route to India as well as the orient with three medium sized ships. In the second voyage, Christophe

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Columbus set sail from Cadiz, Spain in September 1493 (Nockolds et al., 285). The third voyage had the objective of verifying the existence of the continent as claimed by King John that was locatable to the south-west of the Cape Verde Islands. The fourth voyage came into existence when Christopher was in search of the westward passage to the India Ocean.

Great Success of Christopher Columbus in the “New World”

Christopher Columbus in his works is best known to be the explorer who discovered North America. However, his original hypothesis was that he focuses on sailing west from Europe to reach eastern Asia. The success of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus touched off the series of explorations of westward by European seafaring states. On his way to the west, he stumbled upon the large landmass currently referred as the North America leading to colonization. On his way to America, he claims to fame that occur from the series of voyages that made all other European nations to be aware of the Americas. His brother, Bartholomew who was a mapmaker also inspired him to proceed with his idea to develop the voyage known among the people in the U.S by nautical west crossways the Atlantic Ocean as a substitute of the more ancient route leading to Asia. He further introduced ideas of Europeans to the Americas when he landed in the land of Americans (Pennington et al., 769). Christopher Columbus was able to present ideas, innovations, and theories of Europe to Americas.

Christopher Columbus was able to introduce technology to the places he sails to the around Atlantic Ocean. Before his arrival to America, there had been little

change in the region regarding technological development for several years. People who reside in the U.S were primarily known for activities of hunting and gathering. They were also known for activities of travelling crossways the range of the land by appealing in different wars with different people in the society. The arrival of Christopher Columbus led to the introduction of the new technologies, innovations, as well as achievements of people that include Newton, Galileo, and Aristotle (Nockolds et al., 285).. Besides, Christopher Columbus introduced belief that led to strong pressure on the record of the United States. Therefore, the arrival of Christopher Columbus brought ideas that dealt with Christianity among Americas. His views showed that no matter the value of moderate small groups of people who are non-believers who were fond of fighting the plans the United States of America remain built mainly on the ideas of customs brought by Judeo-Christian.

Failures of Christopher Columbus in the “New World”

The investigations conducted by the archaeologists at the site of La Isabella in the Dominican Republic concerning the 15th-century settlement of explorer Christopher Columbus have shown the existence of sign of the troubled ad failing economy at the first European colony in the New World. The failure is evident when Christopher Columbus returned on his second voyage to the American continents in search of local sources of silver together with gold. After the establishment of a substantial settlement with the large royal compound for Columbus, the colony remained troubled. Hard economic made Christopher Columbus abandon the land as the remaining setters resort to return to Spain or moved to the new localities on the south shore of Hispaniola

near a place is presently known as Santo Domingo (Pennington et al., 769). Therefore, the idea that leads to the European discovery of America openness and other possibilities for the people with the eyes to see, although Christopher Columbus was not able to see despite discovering the North America. Christopher Columbus had the problem of identification of his discovery.

Christopher Columbus had failed in his identification work, as he was reluctant to give up the world that he knew from ideas of the book. Only the less learned people escaped completely from the globe that the precedent bequeaths. Although, the finding of America open the innovative globe complete of advanced possessions and fresh possibilities for the individuals in possession of ideas to note their undertakings. The discovery of new world by Christopher failed to erase the old world. Besides, Christopher Columbus made two further voyages to the territories newly found, although he failed in his work by suffering defeat and humiliation along the way. As a great navigator, Christopher Columbus was less successful in his work as the administrator and was accusable of mismanagement. Christopher Columbus failed to find gold and the lucrative route as he begun to collect slaves, as he believed that the trans-Atlantic slave trade remains to be quite profitable (Nockolds et al., 285). Additionally, the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the new regions brought communicable diseases that shattered populations of Native American as well as the migration of that follow destruction for several years of the indigenous customs of Americans.

Specific insights into the events along with personalities of the people connected with Christopher Columbus’s fourth voyage. The fourth voyage that occurs between

the periods of the years 1502 to 1504 was often referable to as the High Voyage. It involves the family enterprises, and Christopher Columbus includes his younger son by the name Hernando to assist in securing the legacy of his family. Hernando in his work account of the life of his father and many occasions Christopher Columbus overlook at the trove of data and different observations that concern Christopher Columbus. He does not focus on how the history has judged the father, but Hernando concentrate on the intimates saw him in the society (Nockolds et al., 285). Therefore, the story between the father and his son caught in the grip of imperial ambition. Journey that begins as the journey of personal vindication towards honor ends up as an adventure of shipwreck and rescue imperiling the lives of every party that participated in the tour.

The fourth voyage that nominally focuses on searching the westward passage to the India Ocean includes Christopher Columbus accompanied by his stepbrother Diego Mendez while he left Spain on the day of 12th may 1502. Diego Mendez and some native paddled the canoe to receive assistance from Hispaniola when Christopher Columbus and his crew were stranded on Jamaica. After the death of Christopher Columbus, Diego Mendez went ahead and took the legal action to enforce the contract of their father. Diego Mendez focuses on many allegations against Christopher Columbus as well as his tyrannical governorship that was inimitable by Crown during the lengthy court cases. For an extended period after being stranded and receiving rescue, Christopher Columbus and his men detested Columbus as they obstructed every form of ideas that aim at

recovering them. In the meantime, Christopher Columbus, Diego Mendez, and Hernando mesmerized the natives by being able to predict the lunar eclipse using the Ephemeris of the Germany astronomer Regiomontanus (Pennington et al., 769). Diego Mendez was able to outfit the canoe and courageously paddle the one hundred and eight miles to Santo Domingo. Later they get the permission by Ovando to go ahead and equip the ship that they then used to rescue Christopher Columbus and his men.


The success of Christopher Columbus should remain under remembrance as the first voyage touched off the series of westward that looks o the exploration by European seafaring seats. Different states should seek to exploit the New World’s richest by building trade networks as well as colonies. Using the Christopher Columbus assessment, society can be able to create the Indian reductions that can be applicable for relocation, use labour, and attempt conversation with Christian of different native persons. The four voyage by Christopher Columbus enables different citizens in Europe to explore the world by the ocean by searching for various goods used in trade, human to enslave, along with locations and ports used for trading activities. The work done by Christopher Columbus should be applicable as it helps assist in proposing that people could be able to reach Asia from Europe using sailing. His work has a mixed legacy as he can be remember as the daring and the explorer of different paths that brought transformation to the New World. Therefore, the actions of Christopher Columbus that result to the success of people can help individuals in the society to be able to use technology for production. Technology

thus brought changes in economic activities, as many events remain to change from hunting and gathering and focus on advancement in their economical production.

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