The Ferre Media Group Essay Example
The Ferre Media Group Essay Example

The Ferre Media Group Essay Example

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  • Published: September 16, 2017
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The Ferre Media Group instance negotiations about a household concern get downing out as the Puerto Rican Cement Company in the fortiess. with a gramps and boy. Luis A. Ferre or Antonio’s male parent. But. Over the old ages and a few coevalss on. by the mid- 1960s tenseness and sibling competition started. Antonio Luis Ferre and his brothers divided the companies and their portions instead than to put on the line farther household inharmoniousness. After 8 old ages one sibling. Antonio Luis Ferre bought his male parent deceasing newspaper El Dia. in trusting to turn the newspaper company into the largest and most influential newspaper in Puerto Rice. After 2 ? old ages into it. El Nuevo Dia had become an of import column voice. The Ferre Rangel household represents the 4th coevals of long line of concern and civic


leaders. Antonio and his married woman Luisa believed that the sequence procedure began before the beginning. His kids were educated in hopes to accomplish excellence and do things good. for hope in the hereafter the grownup siblings considered concern. since they could all conceivably want to be president of their company.

Antonio Luis Ferre struggles with the fact on how good the hereafter coevalss will nature a civilization of cooperation and communicating without holding the typical sibling and subdivision competitions. Antonio knew this will be a factor cognizing from past experiences. He did non desire all his difficult work or his dream to neglect and fall right before him. He wanted to do certain that the company will remain within the household. How was he traveling to be able to maintain them all together was

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the inquiry. In 1993. the Ferre Rangel household began to run into on a regular basis as a household to discourse household and concern issues.

Over the following several old ages the household developed a household fundamental law. An in it. it established guidelines for the engagement of the household members and finally for future coevalss. Another one of Antonio’s battles was how they were traveling to incorporate their partners into what they are making. Antonio wanted to do certain that their partners were involved. He hopes it would demo them the difficult work that they were making to construct this concern every bit good as allowing them know they have the chance to be a portion of it.

Since Antonio was so committed in orderly reassigning the power to the following coevalss. his following precedence was to do certain the following coevals paid attending the inside informations. Antonio felt that the newspaper concern lived and died by those inside informations and by its repute for responsible citizenship and journalistic independency. In order this to win Antonio presented himself as a function theoretical account. he believed this was the best manner to take by illustration to demo his work moralss. compassion and love towards his work and to others.

To guarantee the continuance of the spirit of endeavor and Ferre Media Group’s history of invention. Antonio should welcome other thoughts and values. So. holding the household meetings helped enormously build new thoughts and promote single aspirations. Antonio said he wanted these meetings to assist halt struggles between the siblings and built strong relationships with one another. Antonio wanted the household to show and listen to other sentiments and

understand the different positions because without it. to him. it was see a competition. Family integrity was the extreme precedence and with much communicating. hearing and compromising. trust was built. And so in coaction with 4th coevals members to go on to turn the household concern Antonio helped establish the new paper Primera Hora in 1998 and a Spanish linguistic communication newspaper in Orland in 2003.

This instance shows most of the family’s success. I feel Antonio did everything that he could to maintain tradition and to maintain a concern that has been in the household for about 70 old ages. It’s besides great that he still wanted to stay a wise man and adviser to the future coevalss and to accept new thoughts and invention. For Antonio the concern he built was meant to be shared by his household.

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