The Development of Medieval Monarchs in Europe

Townspeople supported monarchs during the Middle ages because monarchs usually
promoted trade

Monarchs usually supported commerce because they wanted to
tax trade to increase their revenues

After Rome withdrew its troops from Britain in the 5th, the island was invaded by
Angles, Saxons and Jutes

Alfred the Grate is important in English history because he
Prevented the Danes from conquering England

Anglo-Saxon England was conquered in 1066 by
Duke William of Normandy

William the Conqueror’s conquest on England in 1066
Strengthened royal authority

The signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 by King John of England
Limited royal power over the nobility

Three of the following terms are associated with the development of the English legal system. Which id NOT?

The English Parliament was able to win new rights during the Middle ages because
Monarchs needed its approval to levy new taxes

How did the Viking invasions affect French kings?
They lost to the feudal nobility

Three of the following methods were used by medieval French kings to increase their power. Which was NOT?
French King abolished the French nobility

A CAUSE of the Hundred Years’ War was the
rivalry between French and English kings

The Wars of the Roses were fought between
Rivals for the English Throne

Joan of arc is important in French history because she
inspired French nationalism during the Hundred Years’ War

As a RESULT of the Hundred Yeras’ War
England lost nearly all of its possessions in France

The Estates General Wars
an assembly that represented the three estates of France

The Holy roman Empire included most of modern

The investiture struggle in Holy Roman Empire
weakened the power of its emperors

during the 700s, most of spain was conquered by the

The Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and isabella
succeeded in unifying Spain under Christian Rule

Three of the following caused conflicts between national monarchies and the Catholic Church during the middle ages. What did NOT?
Monarchs often demanded that they be chosen as pope.

Three of the following the following accomplished by Alfred the Grate. Which is NOT?
The Danes were driven of England

The “Domesday Book” was used by William the Conqueror to
crate a system of taxation for England

In order to consolidate his control England, William the Conqueror
made every feudal lord take the “Salisbury Oath”

Henry II of England increased royal authority by
Sending royal judges around England to hear cases

Which of the following was a factor in the development of the English common law?
Local judges began to base their decisions on similar decisions previously upheld by the Curia Regis.

What was basis of the conflict between Henry II and Thomas A Becket?
Henry tired to bring the Catholic clergy under the English common law.

The Magna Carta contained the principle that
the monarch could not tax without the consent of the nobility

“To no man will we sell or deny or delay justice or right” This quotation from the Magna Carta (1215) guaranteed to all free person
Trail by jury

Edward I of England called the “Model Parliament” in 1295 to
Obtain taxes of his war against France

The Wars of the Roses in England increased the power of the

Which was true under the early Capetian Monarchs who ruled France during the 10th and 11th centuries.
Their powers was restricted to the crown lands known as the “lle de France

Three of the following enabled Philip II Augustus to strengthen the French monarchy. Which did not?
He allied himself with Henry II of England to weaken the power of the French nobility.

Three of the following French monarchs are correctly paired with a major achievement of their reign. Who is NOT?
Charles VII- called the first meeting of the Estates Genral

One of the reasons for the outbreak of the Hundred Years War was the
rivalry between France and England in Flanders

The most important units of the English armies which fought during the Hundred. Years’ War were composed of
infantry armed with the longbow

Three of the following were results of the Hundred Year’s war. Which was NOT?
The power of nobles was permanently increased at the expense of monarchs in both England and France

One reason why Germany did NOT become a strong unified state during the Middle Ages was because
Holy Roman emperors spent more time trying to conquer Italy than to unify Germany

The Spanish epic poem, El Cid,” describes the
heroic deeds of a medieval Spanish knight

The “reconquista” refers to the
unification of Spain under christian rule

During which century did King John of England sign the Magan carta?
13th century A.D. (1200-1300)

Which of the following events in the history of Germany occurred FIRST in 962?
Otto I the great becomes Holy Roman Emperor

Select the answer that puts the event of English history in correct chronological order