The Congress

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The US Constitution gives the legislative branch the power to make laws. This is an example of
separation of powers
An enumerated power is a power of Congress that is
specifically named in the Constitution
An example of an implied power of Congress is
establishing the Bank of the United States
The Bill of Rights states that “Congress shall make no law representing an establishment of religion…” This is an example of a
power prohibited to Congress
Oversight and public education are examples of
non-legislative functions of Congress
Congress initiates the formal constitutional amendment process by
a two-thirds majority vote of each house
The Senate has the constitutional power of
confirming presidential appointments
To run for office in the House of Representatives, candidates must be
residents of the state they wish to represent
Having only one-third of its members stand for election at a time means that the Senate is
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 has decreased the membership in Congress of
white males
One of the advantages of a bicameral legislature, composed of the House and Senate, is it
encourages compromise between representatives of the larger and smaller states
A term of Congress lats for
2 years
The title of the presiding officer of the House of Representatives is
Speaker of the House
Assisting the majority party leaders in both houses are members called the majority whip and the minority whip. Their role is to
apply pressure and persuasion to keep party members in the house in line
The organization of Congress into committees is important because of
both a & b
The committee system in Congress is required by which article of the Constitution?
The committee system is not required by the Constitution
After its introduction, congressional leaders usually refer a proposed bill to
a standing committee
A committee appointed specifically to investigate a particular scandal is called an
ad hoc committee
Which of the following controls the assignment of the majority of committee seats in the Houses of Congress?
the political party with an overall majority in that House
The role of congressional staffs for individual members and for committees of Congress is to
The agency responsible for providing Congress with information on the president’s proposed budget is the
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
The General Accounting Office (GAO) assists Congress in its oversight function by
auditing the financial expenditures of the executive branch and federal agencies
A bill in the House of Representatives may only be introduced by a
member of the House of Representatives
How is it decided to which committee a bill will go after it has been introduced?
the majority leadership selects the committee
A committee can take all of the following actions on a bill, EXCEPT
sign it into law
Which of the following is a case of the executive branch imposing a “check” on the legislature’s power to make laws?
the president vetoes the bill
The US Constitution allocates the power to make laws to the
legislative branch
The power of Congress to declare war is a
enumerated power
The “elastic clause” in the Constitution has been used to
give Congress the power to make whatever laws are necessary and proper to carry out its expressly enumerated powers
The confirmation process allows the Senate to
judge the abilities of many of the president’s appointees to public office
When the Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I, it was
refusing to ratify a treaty
Which of the following is TRUE of Congress’s power of oversight?
Congressional oversight activities generally take place at the committee and subcommittee levels.
In body must the impeachment of a federal official begin?
the House of Representatives
Why would constituent casework create an advantage for an incumbent during a re-election campaign?
through casework, the incumbent can build visibility and support
The most common previous occupation of the U.S. Congress is
A representative from a farming district who voted against farm subsidies is probably acting as a
The major portion of congressional business is handled by
the standing committees of the house of the house and senate
In response to a presidential campaign finance scandal, Congress would be likely to appoint which type of committee to investigate?
an ad hoc committee
A member of the House of Representatives wishing to influence tax policy would tax policy would most likely want which of the following committee assignments?
Ways and Means
House members are more concerned about their committee assignments than are senators because
the rules make it extremely difficult for representatives to influence legislation on the House floor
Which of the following people would a member of Congress most likely contact for information on pending revenue legislation?
the staff at one of the congressional support agencies
The most common place for a bill to die is
in committee
Senators can try to kill a bill by
Filibusters are less likely to occur in the House of Representatives than in the Senate because
debate in the House is usually strictly regulated by the rules
The Rules Committee is considered among the most powerful in the House of Representatives because it has great power over the
conditions under which bills are debated and amended
Under which of the following circumstances is Congress LEAST likely to pass a bill that the president has threatened to veto?
the president’s public approval rating is extremely high
At which point may opponents of proposed legislation focus their efforts on defeating it?
Which of the following generally results when the Senate and the House of Representatives pass different versions of the same bill?
the two legislative bodies form a conference committee
Congress’s power to determine national policy
usually increases as a president’s popularity decreases, and vice versa
In what year did Congress create the federal court system (those courts below the Supreme Court)?
Which was the FIRST independent regulatory commission created by Congress?
The Interstate Commerce Commission
Which of the following laws, passed in 1973, represents an attempt by Congress to limit the president’s power as commander-in-cheif?
The war powers act

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