The Civil Rights Movement in The United States Essay Example
The Civil Rights Movement in The United States Essay Example

The Civil Rights Movement in The United States Essay Example

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  • Published: July 21, 2021
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A lot of countries all over the world experiences racism and discrimination. People face a lot of torture in foreign countries because of their skin color, sexual orientation, the identity of gender, religion, disabilities, political affiliations, nationality, ethnicities, and age. Civil rights are the crucial privileges that protect people from unfair treatment. Besides, civil rights should include the right to education, proper housing, employment, and public accommodation. In the United States, there was a need to deploy the civil rights movement because white Americans mistreated African-American. This paper will focus on the hardships that African-American people in the United States suffered in the fight for their rights. Also, Martin Luther King sacrificed his efforts and life to fight for the rights of black Americans. Arguably, the roles and efforts played by Doctor Martin Luther King were the m


ost successful than the roles played by African-American on civil rights and activism to bring racial and social justice in the United States.

In the first part, I will focus on the denial of the civil rights that the African-Americans faced in the United States on the fight for racial and social justice. The black-Americans faced the rejection of the right to attain equal rights similar to the white Americans ( Editors par.1). African-American engaged in civil confrontation to obliterate the hardships they were going through as slaves in the United States. Besides, discrimination upon the black Americans did not come to an end even after airing their allegations. Black Americans sustained to endure the overwhelming impacts of racism by white Americans. The African-American suffered for enough on prejudgment, and ferocity. Therefore, African-American, along with other white -American decide

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there is a need to mobilize and fight for egalitarianism.

The black Americans fought for the amendment of the constitutional laws. African-American reconstruct laws that governed them on the role of leadership ( Editors par.2). Black Americans were able to grab public offices. Also, the African-American were able to look and make changes to the legislation to achieve fairness and the right for voting leaders of their choice. Besides, the modification of the American constitution in the year 1868 helped African-American to acquire the same shield or defense under the act of law. Furthermore, the reconstruction of the constitution in the year 1870 approved African-Americans to have the right to take part in the election. Despite the changes in the law, African-American leaders faced slavery, and they were not guaranteed to have equal roles with white Americans’ leaders.

The black Americans encountered denial for making their own choice even after an excessive fight to make new laws that will cover them. The white American downgraded African-Americans in the United States because they were not supposed to a mix-up with white Americans ( Editors par.4). White people could degrade any progress made by black Americans. African-American were not allowed to travel together with the white people in the same public vehicles. Besides, the African-American were not allowed to stay within the same town and access education in the same school as white people. Also, black Americans were not permitted to practice in intermarriages. Therefore, the act of fighting for their denial ends up unsuccessful.

Also, the implemented laws were only accepted in the southern states but not in the states that were in the northern parts. Cruelty portrayed that

the act of unfairness was still acknowledged by the white people to torture the black people ( Editors par.5). Black people were discriminated in working places or whenever they attempt to purchase shelter. Also, laws were only approved to selected states to limit voting rights for black individuals. Besides, black people remained separated but identical to white persons even after black folks raised their issues in the supreme court of the United States. Therefore, black people did not gain their full freedom to interact with white people.

Black Americans fought for the rights of employees in the United States. In other words, they associated in war about the condition of working place because they were mistreated by the white government ( Editors). Black Americans were working at low payment. Black Americans tried to fight for better occupations, but they were not given better-paying jobs. Also, they were disheartened to join military powers. Black American’s rights for equal jobs were recognized later by the white government during the regime of president Franklin Roosevelt in 1941. President Franklin opened up chances for black Americans to join military jobs, and government works regardless of the nationalities and race. Regardless of black people given opportunities for various jobs in militaries, they still suffered separation and discrimination throughout the deployment.

In Montgomery, the capital state of Alabama, black people were denied the right to travel in the same vehicles with the white people. Black Americans tried to break this barrier of separation but went in vain (“Introduction to The Civil Rights Movement”). The white government stated in their laws that black Americans should take the selected back seats of the vehicles while

the white people were supposed to occupy the fronts seats. Whenever the white people found the front seats are occupied with the black Americans, black people were forced to give out the seats, and if the black people refuse, they were detained. After the black Americans fought for their rights, the highest court of the United States stated that segregation of seats in buses was unlawful. The challenges faced by black Americans showed that they were still under colonialism. Therefore, the rights of black people were heard when Martin Luther foundered the demonstration movements to fighting the civil rights of black people.

On the contrary, I will focus on the approval of the great achievements accomplished by Martin Luther King to recognize him as a great successor in bringing back justice in the United States. Despite the challenges that the black Americans went through in the United States, Martin Luther became the hero to bring fairness in the United States (Bond-Nelms). Martin Luther brought a long-lasting solution to deprivation of the human rights of the white people in the United States. The emergent Martin Luther became the founder of the civil rights movements and demonstration all over the states of America to fight for the rights of black Americans. The rights of the black Americans were on the verge of collapsing because discrimination never ended even after black people struggled for their rights in decades. Also, black Americans, along with other white people, had a great mission of civil battle to abolish slaveries which succeeded. Therefore, Martin Luther was the only activist to campaigns for political and social change.

One of the contributions of Martin Luther was

to boycott the discrimination of black people when traveling with public buses of white people. Martin Luther started a demonstration mission along with other white people to stop segregation of black people from white people when boarding public vehicles (Your Dictionary). Black Americans were forced to take the back seats and leave the front seats for the white people when boarding buses. The act of separating black people from white people suggested that white Americans were more superior to black individuals. The objective mission of Martin Luther was supported by other white people statewide to boycott the buses ‘rules, which finally caused the imprisonment of Martin Luther and his supporters.

Martin Luther achieved the goal of eradicating racial unfairness in schools’ institutions and labor force. Luther King, along with other followers, formed a large march to protest for the rights of the American people against racism (Your Dictionary). Also, Martin Luther tried to deliver messages to the white government through conference speeches by using both constitutions and the bible to create awareness of evil deeds done by the government. The speech and march helped the Americans to encourage the government to pass the law of human rights through the conference, and national-level recognition.

The black American faced a lot of discrimination and non-standard payments for the work they performed. Also, black people faced horrible working environments because they could be fired for no reason.

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