The Absolutely True Diary About a Parttime Indian

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Chapter 4: Because geometry is non a state someplace near France Arnold went to high school for the first clip. He thinks his sister is good at destroying things. She didn’t do anything after high school. sort of sad. He thinks she’s reasonably. but brainsick and random. She’s called Mary Run Away. Arnold is worried that Rowdy will hang around with older kids and leave him behind or detest him. Arnold was sitting in the schoolroom of Wellpinit High School with the instructor Mr P. who looks pretty Wyrd. He sometimes forgets to come to school. He receives an geometry book that’s older than 30 old ages ( his female parent name even stands in the book ) and throws it in Mr P’s face.

Chapter 5: Hope against hope

Arnold was suspended from school. He wanted to hit ‘something’ non ‘somebody’ . Mr P came to speak with Arnold about what he’s done. Mr P ‘killed’ the Indian civilization. because that was the manner of learning. Mr P apologises to Arnold about he hurt many Indian kids. Mr P was immature. stupid and full of thoughts. Mr P said that Arnold’s sister the smartest child was he of all time had. His sister wanted to be a author. a love affair fresh author. Arnold thinks that’s silly. Arnold wants the images. Mary wants the words. Mary stopped composing. possibly because something bad had happened to her. Mr P thinks that Arnold deserves better because he is the smartest child in school. Mr P tells to Arnold that he has to go forth the reserve. because otherwise he’d give up his hereafter. Rowdy doesn’t injury Arnold because he’s the merely good thing in his life. Arnold’s to seek for hope. He can’t happen hope in the reserve. because he could acquire killed.

Chapter 6: Travel agencies travel

Arnold’s parents think that white people have the most hope. Arnold tells his parents that he wants to reassign schools ; he wants to travel to Reardan. outside of the reserve. Mary is running off to acquire lost. Arnold is running off to happen something. The members of the reserve are traveling to be angry with Arnold. They’re traveling to torment him.

Chapter 7: Raucous sings the blues

Rowdy is acquiring mad. while Arnold is stating him that he’s go forthing to Reardan. Arnold wants Rowdy to come with him. Their school in the reserve has played many times against Reardan: with no success ( they lost every lucifer ) . Arnold thinks the white kids have everything and are everything: they are filled with hope. Rowdy was shouting and acquiring angry ; he punched Arnold in the face. Arnold’s best friend had become his worst enemy.

Chapter 8: How to contend monsters

Arnold arrived at Reardan for the first clip. Kids. translucent childs. surrounded him. They had much more musculuss than him. When he entered the schoolroom. a gorgeous miss introduced herself: Penelope. He got into some fisticuffss with male childs from Reardan. and he lost of class. He was scared that they were traveling to kill him. Arnold got into a battle with Roger. a ‘gang’ leader of Reardan. They didn’t follow The Rules Of Fist Fighting.

Chapter 9: Grandma gives me some advice

Arnold asks his grandma some advise about what he has to make with Roger. because he merely walked off. Grandma thinks Roger respects Arnold. Grandma seemed to be right. because the following twenty-four hours at school Roger was being really nice to Arnold. But when Arnold saw Penelope. she was moving like a bitch. She pretended like she didn’t know Arnold.

Chapter 10: Cryings of a buffoon

Arnold fell in love with Dawn. But she didn’t care a thing about him. but Arnolds thinks he even loves her more that manner. She was ungettable for him. Rowdy makes Arnold call ; he says that Dawn doesn’t attention about him.

Chapter 11: Hallowe’en

Arnold dressed himself as a homeless cat. he sees that Penelope is have oning the same. They made a trade to save alteration for stateless people. On the rez he collected $ 10. but some cats punched him and took the money. Penelope is really nice to him and Arnold thinks she likes him. He asks rowdy some advice for Penelope.

Chapter 12: Slumping toward Thanksgiving

It was the loneliest clip of Arnold at Reardan. Cipher looked or talked to him. He besides realised that he was smarter than most kids. When Arnold arrived place. his female parent was shouting: Mary got married to a mobile gambler. Arnold goes to Gordy ( swot ) and asks him to go friends. They did go friends. Gordy taught him how to read. He said book should give you a blunder ( joy ) .

Chapter 13: My Sister Sends Me an E-mail

Mary sends Arnold an electronic mail. She tells about her hubby and her life in Montana. She rode a Equus caballus and she’s using for occupations at eating houses at Flathead reserve ( which is much bigger ) . There are besides white people populating at that place. Polson tried to splinter. She besides tells about her honeymoon at Flathead Lake. Dreams truly come true. she loves Montana and Arnold.

Chapter 14: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving comes and the Spirit household celebrates with a Meleagris gallopavo and all the fixingss. Arnold admirations why Indians even observe Thanksgiving. His Dad says they should be grateful that the white work forces didn’t kill all of the Indians. Everyone laughs. Arnold misses Rowdy coming over to eat pumpkin pie. so he draws a image of the two of them together and goes to Rowdy’s house to present it to him. Rowdy’s male parent says that Rowdy isn’t place ( but he is ) . so Arnold asks him to give Rowdy the drawing. Rowdy’s male parent says that Arnold is “kind of homosexual. ” but that he’ll give him the image. Walking off. Arnold stops at the terminal of the private road and sees Rowdy watching him from his sleeping room window. Arnold calls him. but Rowdy somersaults Arnold off and walks off from the window.

Chapter 15: Hunger strivings

Arnold is in Mr. Sheridan’s history category. and the talk is manner tiring. He leaves to travel to the bathroom. Arnold heard purging sounds coming from the girls’ bathroom. He knocks on the door. but the voice cries at him to travel off. The lovely Penelope walks out. It turns out that she’s bulimic. She starts shouting and Tells Arnold that she’s lonely and non as perfect and beautiful and intelligent as everyone thinks. Arnold and Penelope became a twosome. Penelope’s father doesn’t like Arnold. because he’s a racialist. Arnold is going popular. They both have a twosome of similarity’s: Penelope Tells Arnold she wants to go forth Reardan because people at that place have “small ideas” and “small dreams” . Arnold laughs and Penelope complains that no 1 takes her earnestly. Arnold asks what she truly wants to make. She says she wants to travel to Stanford. survey architecture. and do something beautiful because she wants to be remembered. Arnold doesn’t laugh at this because it’s his dream. excessively.

Arnold besides mentions that he loves merely to look at Penelope. and he so graces us with an aside on her brainsick beauty.

Chapter 16: Bully Gives Me Advice About Love

Arnold is at school watching the beautiful Penelope drama volleyball. and it’s merely blowing his head. Her tegument is all “milky white” and Arnold is craving after it large clip. He compares her to a vanilla bar and says he wants to be the “chocolate topping” Not cognizing what to make with all these feelings. Arnold decides to e-mail Rowdy. He writes: “I’m in love with a white miss. What should I make? ” Rowdy responds quickly that he’s sick of Indians who treat white adult females like “bowling trophies” and that Arnold should acquire a life. Arnold decides to inquire Gordy. who researches the subject via Google and returns to Arnold with a study on a miss named Cynthia who disappeared in Mexico last summer. The article says that. while Cynthia’s disappearing generated a batch of attending. dozenss of Mexican misss go losing and no 1 says anything. Harmonizing to the article. people “care more about beautiful white misss than they do about everybody else on the planet. White misss are privileged” ( 26 ) . Basically. Gordy tells Arnold he is racist. Arnold realizes Gordy is merely every bit tough as Rowdy.

Chapter 17: Dance. Dance. And Dance

Arnold makes the trip between Reardan and Wellpinit on a regular basis and begins to experience like a “part-time” Indian. At school. Arnold pretends his household has more money than they really do. Arnold takes Penelope to the Winter Formal. though he merely has five dollars to draw the whole thing off. With no money for gas or new apparels. Arnold meets Penelope at the gym in one of his Dad’s old polyester suits. Fortunately. this merely delectations Penelope who thinks the expression is ace retro. Even though he has merely five dollars. he agrees. Penelope’s male parent lets her spell. but truly merely because Roger ( who is going Arnold’s friend ) is driving the two of them. At the diner Arnold goes hog wild and orders dozenss of nutrient for Penelope and himself. Subsequently in the bathroom. Roger asks Arnold about hoops. and so about money. Roger sweeps in to loan Arnold some hard currency to cover the diner check. As Penelope and Arnold say their adieus for the dark. she asks him if he is hapless. He says yes. She kisses him on the cheek. Roger drives the two place. Arnold concludes the chapter with an uplifting idea: “If you let people into your life a small spot. they can be reasonably damn amazing”

Chapter 18: Don’t swear your computing machine

At school. Arnold starts to lose Rowdy a whole clump. so he decides to take a beamish image of himself and e-mail it to Rowdy. Gordy sees the image and the two male childs were holding a conversation about Rowdy and why he hates Arnold. They discuss how things are hard on the rez now that Junior is traveling to school in Reardan. Arnold tells Gordy that Indians think you become white if you try to do your life successful. Arnold tells Gordy that people on the rez call him an apple: red on the exterior. white on the interior. Gordy offers some professional advice about the battle between an person and the community. Gordy and Arnold decide they are both eldritch and are hence a folk of two.

Chapter 19: My sister sends me a missive

Mary writes another missive to Junior. In this missive she tells Junior about her problems happening a occupation on the new reserve. because she doesn’t have adequate experience. She’s besides started to compose her life narrative and is believing of entitling it: How to Run Away from Your House and Find Your Home. She sends a exposure of her new house ( which looks atrocious like a ‘TV dinner tray’ ) .

Chapter 20: Caribou games

Arnolds male parent attempts to animate him to fall in the hoops squad. “you should woolgather large to acquire big” . Arnold joins the squad. To acquire in the varsity. you’d have to make drills. First drill was a endurance contest ( 100 laps ) . 2nd drill was a one-to-one game. Arnold. the best taw Coach has of all time seen. ends up doing varsity. Reardan’s first game is against Arnold’s old school. Wellpinit High. Arnold vomits four times on the twenty-four hours of the game. Rowdy beats Arnold unconscious. Arnold ends up with a minor concussion and three stitches. Coach visits him in the infirmary and tells him he’s ne’er met person every bit committed as Arnold.

Chapter 21: And a partridge in a pear tree

Arnold’s male parent takes the small money they have and gets rummy. He comes back on January 2 with a large old katzenjammer. His male parent gives him a $ 5 measure and says “Merry Christmas” . Knowing that his pa is a ramping alky. Junior is really touched that he didn’t pass the money on beer – but saved it for him.

Chapter 22: Red vs. White

Arnold acknowledges that his reader likely thinks he’s fallen in love with white people. Still. he tells us that’s non true. He loves his sister and he loves his female parent and male parent. because. though they may hold their defects. they talk to him. And they listen. Arnold says life in Wellpinit is better than life in Reardan. On the rez everybody knows everybody. American indians used to accept cheery people. but because of the white people they no longer make. Unfortunately. Grandma has late passed off. Coming back from a mini huddle. she was struck and killed by a rummy driver. Arnold besides forgives Gerald. the Indian who struck her with his auto. Gerald besides got sent to prison for 18 months. Arnold laments his grandmother’s decease. particularly since she didn’t even imbibe intoxicant.

Chapter 23: Aftermath

Grandmother’s aftermath is held three yearss subsequently. and two thousand Indians show up. No 1 gives Arnold any dirt because they know his household is in mourning. After his grandma dies. they stop harassing him. So many people show up. they have to travel the aftermath to the football field. though Arnold’s sister Mary isn’t able to come. During the aftermath. a rich white cat named Ted stands up keeping a bag. He gushes about how much he loves Indian people and art and vocals and dances. Billionaire Ted. it turns out. is an art aggregator. and he has come into the ownership of a really beautiful – though likely stolen – huddle dance outfit. He hired an expert to track its beginnings. and the anthropologist said it came from the Spokane Indian Reservation.

Ted finally found out that the outfit belonged to Arnold’s grandma. She says he has no demand to apologise because her female parent didn’t dance and the outfit wasn’t hers. In fact. the outfit didn’t even look like it belonged to a Spokane individual. Probably Sioux or Oglala. Billionaire Ted packs up the bag and bolts. Then Arnold’s female parent started express joying. and so everyone starts express joying. Laughing and shouting. they bury Arnold’s grandma.

Chapter 24: Valentine’s bosom

Right around Valentine’s Day. Eugene. Arnold’s dad’s best friend. is shot in the face in the parking batch of a 7-11. Eugene was drunk. and so was his friend Bobby. who was wasted and by chance pulled the trigger. The constabulary think they were contending over the last drink of a bottle of vino. Bobby hung himself in gaol a few hebdomads subsequently. Arnold’s pa goes on a imbibing orgy. while Junior gets huffy at God and Jesus and draws sketchs about it. Gordy introduces Arnold to Euripides’ Greek calamity Medea as a manner of understanding heartache and loss. Arnold becomes down and misses a clump of school. When he returns to societal surveies category. the instructor. Mrs. Jeremy. makes a sarcastic remark about Arnold condescending to demo up. She tells him he shouldn’t be losing this much category.

In Arnold’s defence. Gordy stands up and drops his text edition on the floor. And so everyone does. Then they all walk out of the room. All Arnold can make is laugh. He delivers a reasonably good line to Mrs. Jeremy about the universe being broken down into two folks: bastards and non bastards. And so he walks out excessively. He eventually has hope once more. Arnold makes lists to maintain joy in his life. He makes a list of people who give him joy. of instrumentalists who make joyous music. his favourite nutrients. books. and his favourite hoops participants. Arnold keeps doing joy lists. He keeps pulling sketchs. and he keeps composing. It gives him joy and helps him sorrow.

Chapter 25: In like a king of beasts

Over the class of the hoops season. Arnold starts to reflect as a taw. Back on the rez. he wasn’t expected to be good – so he wasn’t. At Reardan. though. everyone wants him to be good. So he is. “The power of outlooks. ” he says. Though he’s acquiring good. Arnold still throws up earlier every game. Why? Not because he’s scared. but because he’s nervous. He’s a “nervous yucker. ” non a frightened one like back in Wellpinit. All of the participants get compared to older participants of the past. but non Arnold. It’s harder to compare an Indian to a white adult male. The Wellpinit re-match axial rotations around and Arnold wants to crush Rowdy. He wants retaliation. The Wellpinit squad has gotten good. though. with a 13-0 record. They’re ranked figure 1 for a little school in the province. Reardan is ranked figure 2. so. gratuitous to state. the lucifer is a large trade. A local intelligence squad interviews Arnold and asks him how he feels. All he can come up with is “weird” .

The newsman asks once more. but Junior feeling “exposed and primitive” and leery of the guy’s motivations merely says “weird” . This goes on for a piece until Arnold eventually pulls it together and negotiations to him on camera about how this is “the most of import dark of his life” and how severely he wants to win. Coach says they may non hold more endowment than the Indian squad. but they have “bigger hearts” . And their squad has Arnold Spirit. Coach tells Arnold that he’s guarding Rowdy. Arnold is stunned. And honored. And afraid. Coach tells him something really powerful: “You can make it” . The Wellpinit squad comes on the tribunal and the crowd merely boos. Rowdy and Arnold exchange hatred signals. and all Rowdy can make when Arnold tells him he is guarding him is laugh. Arnold knows Rowdy wants to do a stuff shot with the first drama to direct a message. but he races aboard him and manages to leap higher than him and take the ball out of his custodies.

He dribbles towards his hoop. hit a three arrow. lands it. and the crowd goes wild! After that. the game is fundamentally over. As Arnold says. Reardan beats Wellpinit by 40 points. At the terminal of the game. the squad lifts Arnold up on their shoulders. Arnold looks at his male parent in the bases. and his male parent is quiet-faced. He is watching the Wellpinit squad. Arnold realizes that he’s been playing on the side of Goliath – non David. Arnold so realizes that Rowdy’s male parent is likely traveling to crush him up for losing the game. He cries non cryings of joy. but cryings of shame. Wellpinit doesn’t make it to the playoffs. but Reardan does. though they lose to a bantam farm-town school called Almira Coulee-Hartline.

Chapter 26: Bully and I Have a Long and Serious Discussion About Basketball After hoops season ends. Arnold emails Rowdy to state sorry they beat them and sorry their season went to hell. Rowdy calls him a “faggot” . Sing as how this is the first clip Rowdy has truly talked to Junior since he left the rez. the email exchange makes him a “happy faggot” .

Chapter 27: Because Russians are non ever masterminds

Arnold tells us that he’s merely 14 and has been to 42 funerals. That’s manner more than any white adolescent he knows. but that’s the chief difference between Indians and Whites. Most of the deceases are caused by intoxicant. Gordy gives Arnold a book by Tolstoy who said that unhappy households are all unhappy in their ain manner ; Arnold disagrees. He thinks all Indian households are unhappy because of the liquor. Arnold tells us why he’s feeling so extra-bitter: this forenoon Miss Warren. the counsel counsellor. called him into her office. It was eldritch because Miss Warren is pretty hot. so when she hugs him he gets an hard-on. The she tells him his sister is dead. Eldritch squared. Arnold’s Dad is on the manner to pick him up. but it’s snowing and Arnold is afraid his Dad will acquire in a wreck.

When he eventually sees the auto he can merely get down express joying. Once he starts. he can’t halt. In a province of craze. Arnold loses it and can’t stop laughing. In the auto. Arnold’s Dad tells him that his sister died in a fire. She was holding a party and person left the hot home base on. A drape caught on fire. and everything burned down. His sister wouldn’t have felt any hurting because she was excessively intoxicated. Junior is non comforted by this last portion. He starts express joying hysterically once more. He throws up and a small piece of cantaloup vine comes out. This is eldritch cause he hates cantaloup vine. but his sister loved it. Weird. More hysterical laughing ensues. Then Arnold falls asleep and dreams about cantaloup vine and the clip he got stung by a WASP. At place. relations are around eating all the nutrient. and Arnold’s Mom clings to him and slaps him until he promises ne’er to imbibe. Then she cries on him for hours. Mary is buried in the Catholic cemetery near the huddle land and Arnold feels like he’s in a fog.

After the casket is lowered into the land. Arnold turns and runs into the forests. He runs directly into Rowdy. who had been concealing and watching the entombment. Rowdy is shouting. Junior ranges to touch Rowdy’s shoulder. but Rowdy tries to plug him. He misses! This makes Junior laugh. and Rowdy call harder. Rowdy tells Junior it’s his full mistake. Mary is dead because Junior left the rez. She merely left and got married because Junior left foremost. Rowdy tells Junior he hates him. Then Rowdy bends and runs off. Junior has ne’er seen him run from anything before. Unable to bear everyone imbibing at place. Junior goes to school the following twenty-four hours. At school everyone clinchs and amenitiess Junior. Penelope is crying with a bigheaded olfactory organ but still looks good. harmonizing to Junior.

Chapter 28: My concluding first-year twelvemonth study card

This chapter is a drawing of “Mr. Arnold Spirit. Jr. . Esq. . PhD*”‘s study card. *PhD = “Pretty hot Dude! ”A’s in English. Geometry. P. E. . and Computer Programming. A- in History. B+ in Geology. B- in “Let’s-Make-Birdhouses Woody Shop. ”

Chapter 29: Memory

Arnold and his household travel to the graveyard to clean the Gravess of Grandmother Spirit. Eugene. and Mary. Dad brings his saxophone and Mom packs a field day. The two grownups hold custodies. Arnold’s Mom tells him she’s proud of him. Arnold is happy. but he cries and calls. For his sister. for himself. for his folk – many of whom will maintain on deceasing from intoxicant and ne’er leave the rez. He feels entirely because he was the lone one loony and chesty plenty to go forth the reserve. Arnold realizes. though. that he might be an Indian. and entirely in many ways. but he is besides a cartoonist. and a male child. and a boy. and million other things. And that’s when he knows he’ll be OK. Then he misses Rowdy. He wants to embrace him and for Rowdy to forgive him.

Chapter 30: Talking about polo-necks

Arnold writes about how beautiful the reserve is. with all of its pine trees. so tall and so old. He’s climbed plentifulness of them. He tells the narrative of how. when he and Rowdy were ten old ages old. they climbed one of the biggest pines out by Turtle Lake. Back so. they shared all their dreams: dreams about holding air conditioning and playing for the NBA. Arnold tells us how that twenty-four hours they had decided to travel swimming at Turtle Lake. He was afraid he’d sink and drown because no 1 had of all time been to the underside. A vent likely made the lake. It was “forever deep” . Many people told narratives and myths about Turtle Lake. Arnold’s pa had even seen a Equus caballus drown in the lake. Harmonizing to fable. “Stupid Horse” drowned in Turtle Lake. but his organic structure washed up on the shore of another lake about 10 stat mis off. The people burned the organic structure of Stupid Horse. but after they did the H2O on Turtle Lake caught fire. Freaky. Dayss subsequently they all found Stupid Horse washed up on the shore on Turtle Lake once more.

No 1 messed with that cadaver once more. It rotted on the shore for hebdomads. No 1 swam in Turtle Lake after that. Back to 10-year-old Rowdy and Arnold: on their manner to Turtle Lake. they see a large. tall. beautiful pine. Raucous suggests they climb the tree. Junior is loath. but they do anyhow. It is astonishing and beautiful and terrorizing. They can see the whole reserve. Finally Rowdy flatuss. though. and they get down out of the tree. Arnold still can’t believe he climbed that tree – or transferred to Reardan. or any of the amazing. beautiful. terrorizing things he’s done. Back to the present: After school terminals for the summer. Arnold feels hopeful about the hereafter and misses his white friends.

One twenty-four hours. he is sitting in the life room when Rowdy stops by. They banter a small. and so Rowdy asks if Arnold wants to hit some basketballs. Though he hesitates at first. Arnold says yes. They shoot the ball for a spot. so make up one’s mind to travel one-on-one. During the game. Arnold asks Rowdy to come to Reardan with him following twelvemonth. Rowdy says no. Rowdy says he was reading a book about quaint Indians. and how they used to be mobile. He thinks Arnold is mobile. Rowdy tells him Arnold he had a dream where Arnold was standing on the Great Wall of China. Rowdy said he was really reasonably happy for him. Arnold calls. Rowdy makes Arnold promise to direct him post cards.

Arnold will ever lose Rowdy. and he will ever lose his household. He hopes he can forgive himself for go forthing them – and the reserve – and that they can besides forgive him. Rowdy and Arnold continue playing one-on-one. They don’t maintain mark.

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