TExES Principal

School Community Leadership
High Expectations
Diverse Collaboration
Triangulation for Decision Making

Instructional Leadership
Curriculum, instruction, PD
Facilitate Everything, Dictate Nothing
Creative, Critical, Problem Solving
Multiple, Research-Based Opportunities for Success
Formative and Summative Data for Decision-Making
Stewardship of VISION
Goals for every programMEI

Instructional Leadership: Staff Evals
Develop, Implement, Evaluate, Revise
Focus PD on everyone achieving potential
Helpful vs. “gotcha”
Goals for every teacher

Administrative Leadership
Budget developed collaboratively
Follow ALL rules
Provide time for faculty to plan, study, and reflect

Instructional Leadership: Alignment
Curriculum Docs = Instruction = Assessment

Instructional Leadership: Gap
One group of students showing lack of motivation=needs not being met, discrimination?

Increase Comfort with Diversity
Do NOT ask students to present on their culture or teach units one culture at a time
DO provide regular, meaningful opportunities to collaborate

Increase Parent Participation
DO examine previous interaction
DO NOT call or send letter to address issue
DO NOT rely on counselors to do whole school’s job

Implementing Change
First work on gaining commitment
DON’T just hand out strategies

Disagreements about how to solve problems
Invite stakeholders with various viewpoints

Bad Press
Address problem directly
Proactively influence the media
Articulate in letter to editor
Invite media in

*Must meet legal requirements
*Teacher must be notified 45 days before the last day of instruction
*First Year teachers have probationary contract
*Observe multiple times, conference about concerns and growth areas, honest about contract and consequences

Addressing a Problem
Analyze data from multiple sources
Get a group to create a plan
Remember its about the students

*New principals who feel urgent need should act upon them
*Should also work to build legitimacy
*Should meet with community to get their views on what’s good and bad

When in Doubt
*Pick the answer with a group
*But make sure choice directly addressees questions (not just about sounding good)

Help clarify goals, guidelines, and procedures
Give staff time and and training to implement
Back off

Written communication not so effective
Not always about consensus, majority of the will
Backroom one-on-one persuasions not good
Ask for the most comprehensive gathering of information

Dealing with Change
Communicate that it might take a while for positive change to take effect[
*Show need for change before communicating about it
*Allowing teachers to have a hand shows trust
*Everyone should be aware and on board, but only teachers directly affected need training

Don’t get to assess curriculum/teachers/students/programs
Do get to contact principal with questions
Principal can’t ask parents to be positive at home

Changes in SPED
Administrator needs to be at ARD so he can commit district resources if needed

Help school leaders monitor progress toward campus improvement goals

Reluctant to change teachers
If rationale has already been given, arrange for mentors
*Offer flexibility, as long as job gets done
*Total agreement no necessary

Will change, so plan to periodically reevaluate needs
and tech plan

Scared of upcoming change
Invite to forum: presentation of new change and opportunity to voice concern before implementation

Dealing with diversity
FIRST educate self, look at self

New courses
Needs to be (1) enough student interest (2) a certified teacher

Plan for improving instruction
Ask teachers to help analyze data so they can see the need
Review support system/resources already in place. Will they be enough?

New curriculum
Implement plan for MEI

Budget: Not going over
review current encumbrances before spending

Bus drivers=more complaints
Ask to review their training
Can’t ask parents to ride wit kids, shouldn’t request parents to write specific letter, don’t ask to spend more money right away

Monitor building
Frequent, regular, walk arounds

Cooperative Learning
Heterogeneous groups;
everyone accountable;
sense of belonging;
teach group work skills

1. Knowledge
2. Comprehension
3. Application
5. Synthesis
6. Evaluation

Leadership Styles
1. Directive
2. Supportive
3. Achievement Oriented
4. Participative

Legal Guides to Create Equity
Texas Administrative Code
Texas Education Code

Developmentally Appropriate and Culturally Sensitive
Pick answer that best matches their developmental ability
If two, choose answer that provides the most direct, real response

State Board of Education–>Governing body
TEA–>carries out the policies
School boards–>control school districts

Free appropriate public education for all ages 3-21
Least restrictive environment
Referrals may be initiated by parent, teacher, or other person who works closely with students

SPED Referral Process
Referral form
Diagnostician tests
IEP monitored by sped and regular teachers
Parent permission required to place or remove from SPED

Section 504
Temporary affected by an illness, drug abuse, psychological trauma, or special modifications

An individual of age or parent of a child has right to students records
No records revealed to anyone within the school who does not need to know
Individuals outside school may not access records without parent permission
Divorce=both parents have access unless stated otherwise by divorce decree

LPAC must make determine enhance and exit, and parents must sign

Assessments: Reliability
The extent to which the test result can be reproduced

Assessment: Validity
Tests what it is supposed to test

Assessment: Mean

Assessment: Median
Centermost score

Assessment: Mode
The score wich occurs most often

Informal Assessment
Informal reading inventories
Kid Watching

Teacher In Need of Assistance
Teacher who is evaluated as unsatisfactory in one or more domain
Below expectations in two or more domains
*Domains that need to be improved
*Directives or recommendations
*Evidence to show improvement
*Directives for changes in teacher behavior
*Evidence that is used to determine if teacher behavior has changed

When layering new initiatives, programs
*Make sure all is compatible with what came before: curriculum, comprehensive plan, CIP
*Make sure teachers get info pertinent to needs and experiences

Group schema/context/data analysis
*Allow an understanding that ideas are appreciated and valued
*Offers an opportunity for principal to informally evaluate the faculty’s understanding
*encourages active rather than passive part
*Allow teachers to gain insight and knowledge from each other

Vision Statements
Should be built in committee
Will help teachers feel they have a common goal
Do not individualize responsibility or problem, too general

New Initiative? How can Principal best support teachers?
Professional Development

To get parent involved
*Can’t ask them to change their lifestyles/ways
*Don’t necessarily want them at the school
*You can educate them about the school–and that’s about it . . .

Improving Problem solving requires
Concrete examples moved to abstract practice

AEIS demographic staff question:
Try to match student diversity to teacher/staff diversity always. 30% difference in Af-Am students and teachers–not ok

AEIS Question, “All Tests”
Not all individual gets, there’s a line which averages “All Tests”

Big ticket AEIS questions:
Improving SPED resources for low SPED scores

AEIS scores low in highest grade tested
Good to improve achievement at all grades

AEIS provides
Data on learner performance at the campus, district, and state level AND Data to monitor progress toward campus improvement goals

Extended School Year. ARD-determined. Only if documentation can be provided that student needs more time recoup acquired critical skills. District responsibility under FERPA. transportation, too.

Summative Annual Appraisal
*10 working days to formulate a written response
*10 working days to request a second appraisal

Teachers in Need of Assistance, ALOS GP (growth plan)

Contractual Difficulties
*Placed under when do not meet criteria/deadlines of GP
*Cannot transfer unless fulfilled all requirements

*Appraised annually–minimum 45 minute obs
*Any documentations that will influence appraisal must be shared in writing within 10 days of appraiser’s knowledge of it

Planning/Prep and Duty free lunch
450 minutes every 2 weeks for prep
No less than 45 minutes every day
30 minutes lunch free from all duties
May be required to supervise during lunch ONE day of a week due to extreme circumstances

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