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What is the most important communication tool during a campaign?
Television Ads
According to studies, negative commercials…
Draw voter preference away from the candidate being attacked
Organizations created to collect and distribute contributions to political campaigns are referred to as…
Political Action Committees
What is false about the Campaign reform act of 2002?
It applies to candidates running for a seat in the Texas legislature.
In which case did the Supreme Court overturn a ban on unlimited independent expenditures made by corporations, unions, and nonprofit organizations in federal elections?
Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission (2010)
Are there disclosure requirements on candidates given by the campaign finance regulations for state offices?
As a percentage, Texas’ Latino population is…
More than half of the state’s total population
The Raza Unida Party was founded by several Latino leaders including…
Jose Angel Guiterrez
What is most likely the reason that the Raza Unida did not continue to be politically effective?
The Texas Democratic Party has adopted issues appealing to Hispanic voters
The Latino community showed its political strength in May of 2010 by…
Having 28,000 protesters in Dallas opposing the Arizona immigration law
What percentage of Texas’ African American citizens say that they are Democrats?
For most Texans, their principal political activity consists of…
Voting in elections
The ability of almost all citizens 18 years of age and older to vote is referred to as…
Universal suffrage
Literacy tests were implemented to ensure that…
Minorities could not vote
Which amendments to the United States Constitution were intended to prevent denial of the right to vote for African Americans?
Fourteenth and Fifteenth
In the United States Supreme Court case of Guinn vs. United States (1915), the court ruled that
The grandfather clause was illegal
Which United States amendment prevents states from requiring payment of a poll tax as a condition for voting?
24th amendment
A device used in Texas to prevent many lower-income persons and blacks from voting during much of the twentieth century was the
Poll Tax
During the first half of the twentieth century, large numbers of African American voters were disqualified from voting as a result of…
Literacy tests, poll taxes and grandfather clauses.
Texas employed what methods at one time or another during the twentieth century to deny the vote to large groups of people?
Literacy tests, poll taxes and white primaries
The case of Smith vs. Allwright overturned the
White only primary election in Texas
Manipulating legislative district lines to favor a political party or group is referred to as…
In which case did the Supreme court disallow racial gerrymandering?
Shaw vs. Reno (1993)
The case of Shaw vs. Reno (1993) prohibited
Racial gerrymandering to favor ethnic minorities
In Texas, the responsibility of redistricting lies with the
State legislature
A political district from which two or more representatives are elected is
Called an at-large majority district
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 and its subsequent amendments were aimed primarily at increasing political participation among…
Ethnic minorities
The amendment of the United States Constitution that prohibited the states from denying the vote due to race was the…
Fifteenth amendment
Amendments to the federal constitution which broadened the franchise were….
the fifteenth, nineteenth and twenty sixth amendments
The primary purpose of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 was to…
require states to make voter registration available at welfare and driver licensing offices
The purpose of the ‘motor-voter’ law was to…
Expand the voting registration policy
Compared to the rest of the country, voter turnout in Texas is…
Lower than the national average
Low voter turnout in Texas is attributed to…
Voter fatigue from too many elections, negative campaigning by candidates and lack of information about candidates
Of the various socioeconomic factors that influence voter turnout, which is considered the strongest?
Some of the key factors that affect voter turnout include education, gender and
regular income, age and ethnicity
In order to be qualified to vote in Texas, one must meet qualifications. What is not one of these qualification?
Resident of the state for two years (the qualification says 30 days)
A Texas citizen’s status as a registered voter is suspended if he…
Changes his permanent address to another county and fails to notify the voting registrar within three years of loses his eligibility to vote in some other way
What is not one of the aspects of the Texas voting process?
Voters must pay an annual poll tax
Early or absentee voting in Texas for general elections begins how many days prior to the actual date of the election?
17 days
The color of the voter registration certificates is determined by the…
Texas Secretary of State
Under what circumstances is a registered voter allowed to vote early voting in Texas?
Being out of the county on election day
The basic geographic area for conducting national, state, district and county elections is called the…
voting precinct
Voting precincts in the 254 Texas counties are drawn by…
The county commissioner’s courts
Preparing the official ballot for general elections is done by the county
Clerk or elections administrator
In Texas, the decision of which type of voting system will be used in a county is made by the…
County Commissioners Court
A major requirement of the Voting Rights Act of 1975 is that ballots must be
An election in which party members choose a candidate to run for office in a general election is a…
primary election
What best describes the purpose of a primary election?
Nominating candidates to run for office
In order to obtain a primary nomination in Texas, a candidate must receive what part of the popular vote?
An absolute majority
A primary system in which voters must preregister their party affiliation is referred to as…
a closed primary
Primaries have been possible in Texas since the Terrell Election Law of
Texas primary elections are, by law, classified as
closed primaries, where voters declare party membership by voting in the party’s primary
The practice of many Texans of voting in the Democratic primary and then voting Republican at the general election is called
Crossover voting
Arranging for voting places, preparing election materials, and canvassing the vote in the Dallas County Republican primary of 2004 was handled by…
Dallas County Republican executive committee
Under current law, the first primary election in Texas is held on the…
First Tuesday in March of even-numbered years
Political parties in Texas are required to conduct primaries if…
they received 20% or more of the votes in the most recent gubernatorial election
The cost of primary elections in Texas is paid for by…
Filing fees charged to candidates, subsidized by state funds
The date of general elections in Texas is the
Tuesday following the first Monday in November of even numbered years.
The size of the vote necessary for a candidate to win a general election is
The term ‘midterm election’ refers to those
General elections held in non-presidential election years
The size of the vote necessary to win a special election in Texas is a
simple majority
A vacancy in what office position is not filled by a special election?
Texas governor or lieutenant governor
An organization that works with government officials for the purpose of influencing public policy is referred to as
An interest group
Interest groups try to influence public policy by
Lobbying government officials regardless of political affiliation
An organization of individuals with similar views that tries to influence government to respond favorable to its views is called
An interest group
The principal purpose of political party activity is to
Gain control of government by winning elections and thus achieve party goals
What is not a goal of an interest group?
Getting it’s members elected to public office
An interest group has as its primary objective the…
influencing of government to respond to the group’s objectives
Any organization is considered an interest group when it
Seeks to influence a governmental policy decision
In the case of NAACP vs. Alabama (1958), the Supreme Court…
Recognized the right of association as part of the First Amendment
Which Constitutional right is the foundation of the right to form and participate in interest groups?
Right of association
The primary objective of an interest group is to promote
The particular interests of its own members
Our federal system of government encourages interest groups to
Be more inclined to form coalitions with other groups
The United States achieves a decentralized governing structure through
Federalism and separation of powers
The decentralized structure of Texas policies and governance_____ the ability of interest groups to influence public policy
Texas is among a group of states that has strong____ and weak _____.
Strong interest groups and weak political parties.
What occupational group is least likely to have large representation in an interest group: lawyers, accountants, physicians, receptionists?
What is not true about interest group leadership?
Most interest group members can afford to devote time to interest group activities
Most political interest groups represent
Professional and managerial occupations
The Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce is an example of
An umbrella organization
Which of the following goals would a business organization be least likely to pursue?
Increased safety and environmental standards
Who would be most supportive of the Texas right to work law?
Labor groups
Which of the following interest groups would be an example of a professional group in Texas?
Texas Trial Lawyers Association
Which of the following would a government employee interest group be least likely to pursue: Higher wages, better retirement, increased health care, decreased levels of government spending?
Decreased levels of government spending
An example of a professional organization is the
Texas Health Care association
In 1999, Texas became the first state to allow
Doctors to collectively bargain with health maintenance organizations
Among state government employee interest groups, which is the largest?
Texas Public Employees Association
Which organization would most likely mount a vigorous campaign to oppose a reduction in the staffing levels of the Texas Rehab Commission?
Texas Public Employees Association
Ethnic minorities have found that their most successful political strategy has been to…
Organize into political interest groups
A social interest group would not be involved in an issue concerning…
Highway Funding
Social interest groups exist to address which of the following issues: Race, Gender, Religion, All?
All of the Above
What would the Christian Coalition most likely not oppose?
Abolishing religious invocations prior to legislative sessions
Common Cause of Texas is an example of
A public interest group
Which of the following techniques do interest groups use to influence policy decisions: lobbying, campaign financing, providing favors and gifts, All?
All of the above
The definition of a lobbyist is an individual who
Attempts to influence the decision-making of lawmakers
What activities are interest groups most involved in?
An individual seeking a favorable decision from government is most likely to succeed if he or she
Works with a group having similar goals
In recent years, registered lobbyists in Texas have
Increased to over 1800
Studies of lobbying in Texas indicate that the most commonly employed strategy of influencing legislation is…
Providing the legislator with relevant information
A major benefit of interest groups to political officeholders is…
they provide information and expertise
The political term grassroots refers to activity that
Begins locally and spreaders to broader areas
A major result of grassroots activity by interest groups is that is
Creates the appearance of public support for the group’s program
Actively campaigning in support of candidates to office by an interest group is called
In electioneering, an interest group would be unlikely to…
allow favored candidates to speak
Typically, in order to get people to the polls, what is employed?
Mail-outs, telephone calls, door to door solicitation, and transportation to the polls
The device by which a corporation may contribute money to a political candidate is
Through a political action committee
In Texas, corporations and labor unions may provide campaign contributions…
through Political Action Committees
What is true about campaign finances for a candidate running for a seat in the Texas legislature?
There is no limit on how much a PAC may contribute directly to a campaign
Following the Sharpstown Bank scandal, the Texas legislature…
Prohibited speaker candidates from giving anything of value to supporters in the House
An interest group technique that is unethical would be..
utilizing bribery
Which Texas House speaker was not the subject of an inquiry about potentially improper practices with regard to interest groups?
Pete Laney
Texas Law prohibits a speaker candidate from giving money to…
fellow house members
The details of political contributions and expenditures of candidates must be filed with the Texas Ethics commission….
Between 2 and 7 times each year
The Texas Ethics Act of 1991 prohibited
Lobbyists from spending more than $500 in entertainment expenses per legislator
Ethics laws prohibit a candidate or official from receiving a contribution inside…
the Texas capitol building
In response to big spending by lobbyists, Texas voters in 1991 approved a constitutional amendment to create the eight member…
Texas Ethics Commission
Members of the Texas Ethics commission are selected by
Texas Governor
Texas state law requires all of the following except: Limits on campaign contributions, disclosure requirements for lawmakers and lobbyists, prohibition of honorarium, disclosure of any gift over $250?
Limits on campaign contributions
Political races are most likely to be altered at the last minute as a result of
last minute contributions from interest groups
An interest group with substantial financial resources, sizable membership, unity and a competent leader…
should have success in getting its policy preferences honored
An interest group would be in a good position to achieve its goals if…
It was well represented within government
The system of politics in Texas can be described as one with
Weak parties and strong interest groups

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