TestOut 1.6.4 Mac OS

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
Specific finger motions that are used to perform a specific function on a Mac OS system. Used by Apple systems that use an Apple Multi-Touch trackpad, a Magic Mouse, or a touchscreen.
Right-click, smart zoon, scroll, zoom, page navigation, Mission Control, All apps
Gestures that are available on Mac OS are:
Remote Disc
Allows the CD- or DVD-ROM of computer to be shared on the network.
Boot Camp
Allows an Apple device to install the Microsoft Windows OS.
System Preferences
The utility used to change settings for nearly every aspect of Mac OS.
Mission Control
A desktop and windows management utility that is used to access several Mac OS features such as Multiple Desktops, All Windows, and Dashboard.
Mac OS’s password management utility. Holds password-protected data for Passwords, private keys, certificates, and secure notes.
Index utility that can perform system-wide searches to locate folders, files, apps, and Internet results that contain the specified search phrase.
Main taskbar in Mac OS. Used to launch apps, switch between running apps, access the Trash and specific folders.
Force Quit
Used to stop non-responsive processes and applications. Keyboard shortcut Command+Option+Esc.
Mac Os’s command line interface utility. An excellent troubleshooting tool.
Command ? key
The primary modifier key on Apple systems. Like the Ctrl key on Windows systems.
Option key
Used for application shortcuts and navigation shortcuts. Like the Alt key on Windows systems.
Control key
Primarily used for text document navigation. Used in conjunction with other keys to perform system tasks.
Fn key
Used to access the F1-F12 keys on the keyboard. Also used to access the special icon function on particular keys.

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