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Crime Scene Criminal Justice Multiple Regression Analysis Paleontology Planning And Preparation
Criminal Investigations mid term – Flashcards 149 terms
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Crime Scene Forensic Science Physical Science
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Crime Scene Forensic Science Shapes United States
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Crime Scene English/Language Arts 3 (11Th Grade) The House
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AP Psychology Crime Scene Law Enforcement Psychology Reconstruction
Psychology Chapter 1-4 173 terms
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Crime Crime Scene
The Great Paper Caper 12 terms
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Across The Country Crime Scene Criminal Justice
Criminal Investigation: All Quizzes – Flashcards 120 terms
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What should the responding officer do immediately in the hopes of determining facts about possible suspects, weapons, and vehicles in a crime scene?
Broadcast a flash description of the suspect.
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A DNA fingerprint of a suspect doesn’t match a DNA fingerprint from a blood sample taken at a crime scene. What can you conclude?
The blood came from a different person, but the suspect may have been there.
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What search patterns are best to use when the crime scene is large, such as a field?
parallel pattern (multiple officers line up & walk in parallel across crime scene) grid pattern (2 parallel searches, each occurring in different directions)
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When an Officer takes a tape recorder to the crime scene he must?
Record any victim, witness and suspect statements related to the crime. Do not cherry pick your witnesses
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recording the crime scene the way it was found includes what?
notes, photos (note location of photo, who took it, direction camera was pointing, date/time image was capture & lighting conditions), video, sketches (useful for pathology to see how victim was found & to see if pieces of evidence were removed)
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Which of the following is a consideration when responding to a terrorist? incident? A. Presence of booby traps such as secondary explosive devices B. Crime scene considerations C. Presence of mass casualties D. All of the above
D. All of the above
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A method used to determine if the DNA found at a crime scene belongs to a particular individual is short tandem repeat (STR). This method employs
repeated sequences found at multiple sites in the DNA.
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.police, crime scene investigators, medical examiners, detectives, specialists
describe the types of professionals who are present at a crime scene
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Secure and isolate the crime scene or obtain medical assistance for any victims if needed
The first officer to arrive at the crime scene must ____________,____________
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What is collected first at a crime scene?
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