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Suppose that 1982 is the base year for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and in 2013 the CPI was 250. What does “250” mean
What cost $100 in 1982 will on average cost $150 MORE in 2013
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/macro-5/
Which of the following will not tend to shift the consumption schedule upward? A) a currently small stock of durable goods in possession of consumers B)the expectation of a future decline in the consumer price index C) a currently low level of household debt D)the expectation of future shortages of essential consumer goods
B) the expectation of a future decline in the consumer price index
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5) The consumer price index measures A) the change what various incomes can buy. B) the change in the amount of taxes paid by individuals. C) the change in the cost of buying a fixed basket of good and services. D) the change in income, controlling for periods of unemployment. E) the change in the prime lending rate.
C) the change in the cost of buying a fixed basket of good and services.
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Which of the following measures the changes in the prices of a “market basket” of some 300 goods and services purchased by typical urban consumers? The GDP Price Index The Consumer Price Index The Retail Trade survey The Wholesale Price Index
Which measure of inflation would include consumer goods and capital goods? Select one: a. The GDP price index b. The Consumer Price Index c. The Retail Trade Survey d. The Survey of Manufactures
Which of the following economic indicators would be most likely to have a significant effect on voting during an election year? a. the unemployment rate b. income equality between the classes c. the wage gap between men and women d. the federal reserve’s discount rate for banks e. the consumer price index (CPI)
a. the unemployment rate
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The consumer price index is a statistic used to compute the pace of inflation or deflation.
There are some restrictions on freedom of assembly and freedom of speech under a mixed economy system.
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the consumer price index (CPI) and producer price index (PPI)
To evaluate inflation the government uses ?
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The consumer price index measures approximately the same economic phenomenon as
What is a Consumer Price Index?
A measure of the overall cost of the goods and services bought by the typical consumer
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