Test 3B – Chemistry

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What is an Alditol?
Carbonyl group is reduced to a hydroxyl group by a reducing agent
How does an Alpha amino acid exist in solution?
List BASIC amino acids.
List Acidic Amino Acids.
Aspartic Acid
Glutamic Acid
What is distinctive about a peptide bond?
Carbon double bond to oxygen
conntcted to Nitrogen bonded to hydrogen
When can Chymotrypsin cleave a protein chain?
After PHEnylanaline
After TRYptophan
After TYRosine
Where does Trypsin cleave protein chains?
After ARGinine
After LYSine
EXCEPT wehre followed by PROlein
List 4 means of stabiliztion for a TERTIARY protein.
Covalent bonds: S-S disulfide bonds
Hydrogen bonding
Salt bridge NH3+ C-O-
Hydorphobic between non-polar side chains
Describe a Fibrous protein.
Insoluble in water
Folds so hydrophobic side chains are on the exterior
Example is Keratin
Describe a Globular Protein.
soluble in water-colloid
Hydrophilic side chains ar directed to exterior
Example: Albumin
Describe secondary structure protein
Hydrogen bonding between amide linkages of main chain
alpha helix-spiral clockwise coil held by H bonding between carbonyl of amide and N-H of other
Side chain point outward
Beta pleated sheets
Random coil
Can a secondary protein structure have Beta pleated sheets, alpha helix, and random coils?
Name 2 teritary structure proteins
Describe Quaternary Structure
2 or more polypeptide chains
Chains are SUBUNITS-identical or different
Conjugated proteins-material other than amino chaines
What structure are Glycoproteins?
Quaternary sugars
What structure are lipoproteins and hemoglobin?
What is a conjugated protein?
Protein with a small organic molecule-Quatenary
What is the small organic molecule of a conjugated protein called?
Prosthetic group
Vasopressin and Oxytocin are examples of which structure of proteins?
How many combinations are possible in a chain of “n” amino acids?
20 raised to the power of “n”
Name amino acids with a phenyl ring.
Which amino acid contains a thiol?
Cystein can form disulfide bonds
List some ways to denature a protein
6M aqueous Urea
Reducing agent-mercaptoethanol
Heavy metal ions Pb, Hg, Cd
alcohols 70% ethanol

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