Test 2-Management

___enables firms to cope with unexpected events that are so sudden and devastating that they have the potential to destroy the organization if managers aren’t prepared with a quick and appropriate response.
Crisis planning
The planning process begins with which of these?
The development of a mission statement
Managers use _____ to direct employees and resources toward achieving specific outcomes that enable the organization to perform efficiently and effectively.
operational goals
One major limitation of goals and plans is:
goals and plans may cause rigidity in a turbulent environment.
Which of these is(are) primarily concerned with tactical goals/plans?
Middle management
A company’s ___ competence is something that the organization does especially well in comparison to its ___.
core, competitors
Which of these are described by mission statements?
All of these
The official goals of the organization are best represented by the _____.
strategic goals
Michael Porter’s competitive strategies model suggests that a company can adopt one of three strategies:
differentiation, cost leadership, or focus
One of the elements of competitive advantage is:
Target customers
Of the management functions, which is considered the most fundamental?
Which of these is a method of management whereby managers and employees define goals for every department, project, and person and use them to monitor subsequent performance?
Management by objectives
is primarily responsible for strategic goals/plans.
Top management
The BGC matrix organizes businesses along two dimensions:
business growth rate and market share
Which type of plan helps managers implement the overall strategic plan?
_____ is the act of determining the organization’s goals and the means for achieving them.
_____ refers to a desired future state that an organization attempts to realize.
The organization’s reason for existence is known as the organization’s _____.
“We seek to become the premier business school in the west” is an example of a statement you are most likely to find in the organization’s _____.
A blueprint specifying the resource allocations schedules, and other actions necessary for attaining goals is referred to as a(n) _____.
Sarah is a middle manager at Stylin’ Sneakers Corporation. She is most likely responsible for the achievement of _____ goals.
A statement that identifies distinguishing characteristics of an organization is known as a(n):
mission statement.
A long-term time frame is most closely associated with:
strategic plans.
Which of the following is a commonly-cited limitation of planning?
Plans can create a false sense of security.
_____ involves looking at trends and discontinuities and imagining possible alternative future to build a framework within which unexpected future events can be managed.
Scenario building
“We respect our employees and value their diversity” is an example of a statement you are most likely to find in the organization’s _____.
Which of these are true about contingency plans?
They define company responses to specific situations, such as emergencies or setbacks.
SWOT analysis stands for:
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
Focusing manager and employee efforts on activities that will lead to goal attainment is a benefit of what management method?
Management by objectives
Which of the following is not a step in the organizational planning process?
Plan marketing tactics
_____ is the final step in the MBO process.
Appraise overall performance
Goals that define the outcomes that major divisions and departments must achieve in order for the organization to reach its overall goals is called:
tactical goals.
In using MBO, objectives should be set by the:
supervisor and the employee jointly.
____ refers to what sets the organization apart from others and provides it with a distinct edge.
Competitive advantage
Darren set goals for each of his employees. Each employee ended up with at least twenty-five goals. This process violates which of the following criteria for effective goals?
Covers key result areas
_____ refers to a broadly stated definition of the organization’s basic business scope and operations that distinguishes it from similar types of organizations.
Mission statement
_____ is the first step in the MBO process.
Setting goals
_____ are the broad statements of where the organization wants to be in the future.
Strategic goals
Which of the following refer to specific results expected from individuals?
Operational goals
Michael Porter’s competitive strategies model suggests that a company can adopt one of three strategies:
differentiation, cost leadership, or focus
The _____ model of decision-making is useful for making nonprogrammed decisions when conditions are uncertain, information is limited, and there are managerial conflicts about what goals to pursue or what course of action to take.
Which of the following means that the goals to be achieved or the problem to be solved is unclear, alternatives are difficult to define, and information about outcomes is unavailable?
_____ is the last step in the decision making process.
Evaluation and feedback
All of the following are characteristics of the classical decision making model except:
limited information about alternatives and their outcomes
Nordstrom Department store’s “No questions asked – Return’s Policy” is an example of a(n):
programmed decision.
Which approach defines how a decision-maker should make decisions?
When managers know which goals they wish to achieve, but information about alternatives and future events is incomplete, the condition of _____ exists.
_____ is by far the most difficult situation for a decision-maker.
The _____ model of decision making is most valuable when applied to _____.
classical; programmed decisions
All of the following are characteristics of the administrative decision making model except:
conditions of certainty.
When managers base decisions on what has worked in the past and fail to explore new options, they are:
perpetuating the status quo.
At the start of every shift, Carl, a delivery truck driver, plans out his route based on the addresses that he will be visiting to drop off packages. This can best be described as what kind of decision?
Which of the following is the first step in the managerial decision making process?
Recognition of decision requirement
_____ means that managers know which goals they wish to achieve, but information about alternatives and future events is incomplete.
Which of the following is the process of forming alliances among managers during the decision making process?
Coalition building
Managers are often referred to as:
decision makers.
_____ refers to the tendency of people in groups to suppress contrary opinions.
People with a(n) _____ style usually are concerned with the personal development of others and may make decisions that help others achieve their goals.
Most managers settle for a _____ rather than a _____ solution.
satisficing; maximizing
The _____ is the individual who is assigned the role of challenging assumptions made by the group.
devil’s advocate
Which of the following is a decision-making technique in which people are assigned to express competing points of view?
Personal _____ style refers to differences among people with respect to how they perceives problems and make decisions.
_____ is a vital part of good management because decisions determine how the organization solves its problems, allocates resources, and accomplishes its goals.
Good decision making
Which of these styles is adopted by managers who have a deep concern for others as individuals?
Which of the following is a choice made from available alternatives?
Managers are considered to have a(n) _____ style when they prefer to consider complex solutions based on as much data as they can gather.
_____ approach describes how managers actually make decisions, where as _____ approach defines how a decision-maker should make decisions.
Descriptive; normative
“When did it occur” and “how did it occur” are questions associated with which step of the decision making process?
Diagnosis and analysis of causes
Associated with the condition of _____ is the lowest possibility of failure.
The decision-maker must _____ once the problem has been recognized and analyzed.
generate alternatives
The matrix structure violates which of the following principles of management?
Unity of command
Which of the following organizations have a flat structure compared to others?
Organization B with three hierarchical levels
All of the following are the major disadvantages of the matrix structure EXCEPT:
enlarged tasks for employees.
Relative to the functional structure, the divisional structure:
encourages decentralization.
When departments are grouped together on the basis of organizational outputs, the organization is using a:
divisional structure.
All of the following are advantages of a functional structure EXCEPT:
excellent coordination between functions.
Salta Communications is a global telecommunications company that has operations on four continents. The CEO’s direct supervisors include VPs for the North American South American, European, and the Asian divisions. Salta can best be described as using what organizational structure?
_____ refers to a clearly defined line of authority in the organization that includes all employees.
Scalar principle
All functions in a specific country or region report to the same division manager in _____ divisions.
Global companies often use a _____ structure to achieve simultaneous coordination of products across countries.
Typically, project managers have authority over _____ but not over _____ assigned to it.
the project; people
_____ means that each employee is held accountable to only one supervisor.
Unity of command
Which of the following refers to the deployment of organizational resources to achieve strategic goals?
A pure functional structure is most appropriate for achieving:
internal efficiency goals.
Which department performs tasks that reflect the organization’s primary goals and mission?
When work specialization is extensive:
employees perform a single task.
Change and uncertainty in the environment are usually associated with _____.
The _____ is an organization structure that divides the major functions of the organization into separate companies.
virtual network approach
_____ means that decision authority is located near the _____ of the organization.
Centralization; top
Gina wishes to transfer authority and responsibility to her subordinates. This process is known as:
Strategy defines _____ to do (it) while organizing defines _____ to do (it).
what; how
Which of the following refers to the number of employees reporting to a supervisor?
The span of management
A formal chain of command for both functional and divisional relationships is provided by the _____ approach to structure.
Which of the following refers to the degree to which organizational tasks are subdivided into individual jobs?
Work specialization
Which of the following structures is most consistent with a strategy of stability?
Functional structure
Which of the following is a change in the manner in which an organization does its work?
The final step to be managed in the change process is:
The adoption of a new idea or behavior by an organization is known as organizational _____.
Which of the following describes a person who is passionately committed to a new product of idea despite rejection by others?
An idea champion
The innovation strategy for changing products and technologies that involves managers putting in place processes and structures to ensure that new ideas are carried forward for acceptance and implementation is known as _____.
innovation roles
Which approach to change implementation should be used when a crisis exists?
Which of the following is a person who sees the need for and fights for productive change in an organization?
An idea champion
When trying to overcome the resistance for change, which approach is best suited when change is technical?
_____ refers to innovations in products, services, or processes that radically change an industry’s rules of the game for producers and consumers.
Disruptive innovation
The generation of novel ideas that may meet perceived needs or respond to opportunities for the organization is called _____.
The _____ approach to change implementation should be used when users have power to resist.
A _____ change is related to the organization production process.
Successful change requires that organizations be capable of both creating and implementing ideas, which means the organization must learn to be _____.
Communication and education tactic to change implementation should be used when:
change is technical.
_____ change is a change in the organization’s product or service outputs.
Which of the following is tied to the goal of managing talent in organizations?
Training and development
Conolly Company uses internal recruiting whenever possible. This practice:
generates increased employee commitment.
The process of observing and evaluating an employee’s performance, recording the assessment, and providing feedback to the employee is referred to as:
performance appraisal.
Recruiting methods that are used to promote the hiring, development, and retention of “protected groups” are examples of:
affirmative action.
Today, more than ever, strategic decisions are related to human resource considerations. Which of the following refers to the economic value of the knowledge, experience, skills, and capabilities of employees?
Human capital
Which of the following is a device for collecting information about an applicant’s education, previous job experience, and other background characteristics?
An application form
_____ refers to the activities undertaken to attract, develop, and maintain an effective workforce within an organization.
Human resource management
_____ is defined as activities or practices that define the characteristics of applicants to whom selection procedures are ultimately applied.
The forecasting of human resource needs and the projected matching of individuals with expected job vacancies is referred to as human resource _____.
Which of the following refers to the process of determining the skills, abilities, and other attributes a person needs to perform a particular job?
_____ is a clear and concise summary of the specific tasks, duties and responsibilities for a particular job.
A job description
Recruiting and selecting employees involves which human resource management goal?
Finding the right people
The most common form of formal corporate training is:
classroom training.
Which of the following created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?
Civil Rights Act
_____ is the first step in attracting an effective work force.
Human resource planning
Which of the following is the systematic process through which managers regulate organizational activities?
Organizational control
Ophelia, the new CEO at Odyssey Inc., plans to implement a highly effective systematic process of regulating organizational activities to make them consistent with the expectations that are established by managers within the company. This is referred to as _____ control.
Zachary, a manager at ExecuComp, receives quarterly reports, which track his department’s production statistics. However, these reports lack key information regarding reject rates. Which of the following components of the control model need improvement?
Measuring actual performance
All of the following are key steps of setting up feedback control systems EXCEPT:
getting employee opinions.
Which of the following is a comprehensive management control system that balances traditional financial measures with operational measures relating to a company’s critical success factors?
Balanced scorecard
All of the following are major perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard EXCEPT _____.
All well-designed control systems involve the use of _____ to determine whether performance meets established standards.
What is the first step in the feedback control system?
Establishing standards of performance
Which of the following includes anticipated and actual expenses for a responsibility center?
Expense budget
Which of these is a financial budget that estimates cash flows on a daily basis or weekly basis to ensure that the company can meet its obligations?
Cash budget
The _____ plans future investments in major assets to be depreciated over several years.
capital budget
Ron meets with his company’s accountant to discuss the budget of anticipated and actual expenses for each segment of the organization. This involves review of which type of budget?
Expense budget
The firm’s financial position with respect to assets and liabilities at a specific point in time is shown by its:
balance sheet.
Charlie, a manager at a textile company, is bothered by a lack in quality of products manufactured by his company. Charlie hopes to infuse quality into the company through continuous improvement by involving everyone who works there. This describes which control philosophy?
Total quality management
A quality circle is a group of _____ volunteer employees.
6 to 12
A group of 6 to 12 volunteer employees who meet regularly to discuss and solve problems affecting their common work activities is a _____.
quality circle
Heather belongs to an informal group at work that meets twice a month to discuss common issues and problems in the workplace. Recently, this group has been focusing on ways to improve safety in the workplace. This group is an example of:
a quality circle.
Quality circles are based on the assumption(s) that:
the people who do the job know it better than anyone else.
Which of the following is the process of measuring your organizational process against the best in the industry?
Which of the following is a quality control approach that emphasizes a relentless pursuit of higher quality and lower costs?
Six Sigma
Which quality control technique uses a five-step methodology to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control processes, otherwise referred to as DMAIC?
Six Sigma
_____ standards represent an international standard for quality management.
ISO 9000
Which of these is based on a set of international standards for quality?
ISO certification
Which of the following refers to the system of governing an organization so that the interests of corporate owners are protected?
Corporate governance

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