Test 1 MIS200 HW 3 Review

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Business intelligence uses scorecards and query reports to support decision-making activities, whereas business analytics uses data mining tools and predictive modeling.
The indexed sequential access method (ISAM) is slow and becomes increasingly useful as the number of records becomes larger.
False, the method is fast and only slows with large numbers of files
In a data warehouse, _____ means collecting data from a variety of sources and converting it into a format that can be used in transformation processing.
In a relational model, when a primary key for one table appears in another table it is called a _____ key.
A data _____ is usually a smaller version of a data warehouse, used by a single department or function.
Business analytics uses _____ to support decision-making activities.
Data Mining Tools
The sequential access file structure method is effective when a large number of records are processed less frequently, perhaps on a quarterly or yearly basis.
_____ is information in its original form.
Raw data
The _____ in a database model defines the boundaries of a database, such as maximum and minimum values allowed for a field.
Set of Integrity Rules
To begin designing a relational database, you must define the _____ structure by definig each table and the fields in it.
Redundant data is eliminated by a process called normalization.
Data redundancy is eliminated or minimized in a flat file system.
False, a flat file system has no hierarchy and no relationship among files
The data _____ component is used to add, delete, modify, and retrieve records from a database.
_____ improves database efficiency by eliminating redundant data and ensuring that only related data is stored in a table.
A database engine converts logical requests from users into their physical equivalent by interacting with other components of the DBMS.
The database administrator is responsible for developing recovery procedures in case data is lost or corrupted.
_____ generally uses internal data and responds in real time.
Online transaction processing
The database component of an information system accesses only internal data.
As compared to data warehouses, consolidating information from different departments or functional areas is easier in data marts.
False, data marts have a more limited scope than data warehouses
The network model is similar to the hierarchical model because records are organized in the same way.
False, a record in a network model can have multiple parent and children records where in a hierarchical it can’t
In contrast to the query languages used to interact with a relational database, interaction with an object-oriented database takes places via methods.
The structure and organization of data in a database is called a data _____.
The _____ approach to a distributed DBMS has each site store a copy of the data in the organization’s database.
The _____ view involves how data is stored on and retrieved from storage media.
Sales records are an example of what type of data?
internal data
Is the following statement true of a flat file system:
More sophisticated security measures cannot be used.
Yes, it is true
A database is a critical component of information systems because any type of analysis that is done is based on data available in the database.
A select operation pares down a table by eliminating columns according to certain criteria.
False, a project operation does this
The data _____ component is used to create and maintain the data dictionary.
An e-commerce site that needs frequent updates would benefit from the use of a static Web site.
False, a data driven website would provide the correct interface
A data _____ stores definitions, such as data types for fields, default values, and validation rules for data in each field.
Tax records are an example of what type of data?
External data
The _____ approach to setting up a distributed DBMS addresses how tables are divided among multiple locations.
A _____ key uniquely identifies every record in a relational database.
The _____ in a database model describes methods, calculations, and so forth that can be performed on data, such as updating and querying data.
set of operation rules
Grouping objects along with their attributes and methods into a class is called _____.
True or False:
More information can be generated from the same data in a database.
The term CRUD stands for copy, revise, undo, and define.
False, stands for create, read, update, and delete
The use of OR operator means that only one of the conditions must be met.
Flat file organization tends to take up unnecessary storage space.
True, due to redundancy
In the _____ model, each record can have multiple parent and child records.
The “integrity rules” component of a data model defines the boundaries of a database, constraints, and access methods.
The _____ view involves how information appears to users and how it can be organized and retrieved.
A database _____ is responsible for data storage, manipulation, and retrieval.
We use the _____ operator when all conditions are required to be met.
A _____ operation pares down a table by eliminating columns according to certain criteria.
In a hierarchical data model, nodes with the same parents are called siblings.
A _____ operation searches data in a table and retrieves records based on certain criteria.
Data in a data warehouse can be differentiated from data in a database in that the former _____.
comes from a variety of sources
For each database, there can be more than one physical view of data.
False, physical view is how data is stored and retrieved from storage media
Used to facilitate and manage transaction oriented applications, such as point of sale, data entry, and retrieval transaction processing. Generally uses internal data and responds in real time.
Online Transaction Processing

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