Tensions on Immigration

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From 1880 to 1925 racial issues and regulations, as well as unskilled labor were high tensions initiating from the immigration of the East. Citizens were becoming aggravated with immigrants who threatened their jobs as well as feeling like they were being taken over by them. In order to control it, many laws were passed and strict rules making it hard for immigrants to enter America. Many things were caused from these tensions beginning with events as the industrial revolution to something as large as World War I. The only way to handle it,” the name of a political cartoon seems to show Abraham Lincoln placing a gate with a sign stating that only 37% of Europeans are allowed into the United States. This was one of the many ways of the governments attempts to regulate the over flow of immigration. A number of laws were passed as well, to keep regulations in order, including the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 which suspended the immigration of the Chinese to America.

As well as Japan’s understanding of the existing policy of discouraging emigration, and a co-operation with the governments, regulations were very possible. Most Americans felt superior over the immigrants and acted as if any other race was not as great. Stating that when born in American you gain leadership skills in addition to other respectable traits. Majority of citizens were scared of the immigrants and highly disliked them.

For the Americans felt as if their jobs were being threatened by the freshly supply of cheap foreign labor. Because of the immigrants taking most jobs, it created a large financial crisis, for the Americans had lost their job and created a decrease in their economy. This caused many Americans to have to win their job right, working ten times harder to keep it, although it was with less pay, for the number of job opportunity was decreasing.

Only making the Americans more frustrated towards immigrates and for making more laws against them. As more immigrants entered the United States the more the Americans resented them. Only forcing them to create more laws and actions towards trying to keep America at peace. Those who made it passed the hard expectations were considered lucky, for America offered so much and allowed you to be free. The United States is a strong state and will overcome any obstacle headed their direction, for this task was to be well taken care of.

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