Teen Suicide Speech

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We have to make choices about what we eat, what we wear, and eventually, we have to a make a choice about what we want to do with our life. Young teenagers have their up’s and downs, and their hormones start to go crazy. There are times when we have to face problems and make tough decisions. There are also times when we get really sad and emotional. There are also people In our lives that like to bring you down, and when you try to get back up they just push you right back down again.

Sometimes these people, hard decisions, and problems start to get worse. The depressed feelings that you are having start to last more than Just a few weeks. Sadly, some teens find that seclude Is the way out, well Its not. Suicide may be a way to end your life, but It’s not a solution. In my opinion I think that this situation should be discussed in schools because some people don’t know how bad self-harm can get. It will hurt not only them, but the people around them.

Such as, siblings, family members, friends, and other people that care about them. Some people say, “Oh, well Just a few cuts is all I will ever do,” when in reality, you can’t stop. It’s an addiction. If schools can actually discuss things like this a lot more often and explain how bad things could get, then maybe kids will stop doing things like this. Some people also say, “No, teen suicide should not be discussed in school. They say that it gives kids the idea to actually go and kill themselves or do self-harm.

Also, they said that it is way too much responsibility, because if the kid did go and commit suicide, then they think it would be all their fault. In my opinion, it wouldn’t necessarily be their fault, the part when the teachers or staff didn’t talk to them would be their fault. This issue is definitely debatable. People have their own opinions about this.

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