Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Essay Example
Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Essay Example

Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Essay Example

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The narrative and characters that was chosen was “Where Are You Traveling Where Have You been. ” The character Connie is a 15 twelvemonth old adolescent who doesn’t acquire along with her female parent. She ever niggling at her about remaining in the mirror so much. her female parent wants her to be like her sister June but. her parents showed her sister more attending than her. Happiness would non come to Connie by disbursement clip with her household. or by traveling out her friends. felicity merely came to Connie when she heard “the” music.

The subject for this short narrative that Joyce carol Oates illustrates that “loss of artlessness “will ever change one’s position on life. and the things around him or her. The universe is non what it seems to be. you have to be careful


. particularly when you are immature teenage miss. Connie spends most of her eventides picking up male childs at a eating house. and one eventide captures the attending of a alien in a gold exchangeable covered with deep authorship. Connie besides thought she could command work forces with her beauty ; she tried difficult with making it.

Connie wasn’t normal she wasn’t making the normal things what most adolescent misss would make but alternatively she feels the demand to acquire attending from male childs. She loved listening to sway and turn over music. But on one peculiar twenty-four hours she was home entirely. it seems like it was a dream to her but it was existent. A auto pulled up in her drive manner. it was a gold exchangeable covered with deep authorship. There were two work forces one o

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them stepped out the auto his name is named Arnold friend. Arnold friend looks like the type of cat who has the ability to unite love affair and force. that’s the ground why Connie is falling for him.

His visual aspect is less than impressive so. he looks unusual plenty to propose that he has a mental job or is even someway otherworldly. He was a unusual looking adult male he didn’t seem right to her he was older than he claimed to be. He acted as if he were a adolescent. He had make-up on his cervix ; He wears mirrored dark glassess. he has semitransparent tegument. and has hair that is so wild that it looks like a wig. When he walks. he wobbles. as though his places don’t tantrum. His pess are hooves that the Satan has.

The storyteller stated about the wig that Arnold friend was have oning was to do the reader think that he’s have oning it for a intent. which is to conceal his Satan horns. The other cat name was Ellie he is besides listening. to the same stone and axial rotation vocal that Connie was listening to before they pulled up. Ellie looks like the type of cat who could make no injury. He’s quiet and merely bents around ; Arnold friend convinced Connie to travel for a drive with him but. Connie knows that’s something doesn’t seem right with him.

The drive that Arnold friend negotiations to Connie approximately could hold been a sexual intension. Connie does non pick up on right so because. she is so immature and blind to the universe of sexual pleasances that Arnold

lives in. Connie has an uneasy feeling about Arnold friend. and she feels violated by his presence. Connie starts to acquire leery and don’t know what to make. Connie took that drive with Arnold friend. as they were siting he told her things that he already know about her. He seem to cognize a batch about where her household went on the twenty-four hours he came to see her. and what her sister was have oning.

Throughout Connie’s conversation with Arnold friend she keeps acquiring a sense that she is looking at her milieus for the first clip. She put all the pieces to the mystifier together to see that Arnold friend is non who he truly says he is. Arnold friend revealed to Connie his existent age. her bosom merely dropped and her bosom was crushing so fast. She besides sees that his friend Ellie is besides a adult adult male as good and non a adolescent. She feels a moving ridge of giddiness rise. She eventually realizes that Arnold has lied to her. he feels like he has addition power over her.

Then he admits stalking her and happening out all sorts of inside informations about her from her friends. There besides Numberss that are on his auto the Numberss are 33. 19. and 17. I think that 33 represents Arnolds age19. 17 are the past victims he had in the yesteryear. If you add those Numberss together its “69” which is a mention to sex. Ellie was a symbol of hope Arnold friend is a symbol of the devil camouflage Connie radiates light throughout and that symbolizes her artlessness. If you take out R’s

in Arnold friend you get “An old fiend” it’s mentioning to the Satan of class.

Connie thought it was all a dream but it wasn’t. Anyone doesn’t still cognize who Arnold friend is. Connie rejects what is expected of her. what her household would see to be the normal. By her being like everyone else. and making the things that everyone else are making. alternatively of being herself. as an person. I think she saw how things were. particularly with her older Sister June. she see that her parents showed her sister June more attending than they did Connie. Her female parent was really covetous of her beauty.

And Connie decidedly did non desire that sort of life for her. It was excessively flat. ordinary and unstimulating. To a certain extent I think her feelings and rejection of that kind of life was justified being that she was a adolescent and a few adolescents want to settle down and travel the safe path. Most want something different in and out of life and exciting and thrilling and a small spot unsafe. like Connie. Throughout this narrative is creepy when all of a sudden you are at place hearing to music. and rinsing your hair and so person demo up at your house unexpected.

Want you to travel for a drive with them you don’t cognize nil about this individual it’s merely eldritch. Connie attempted to go a adult female to early alternatively of being a adolescent. She met world when Arnold friend brought her into his universe. She realizes that seeking to score men’s by her expressions is non ever good to make. Arnold friend took her on

a drive that she doesn’t privation to travel on ne'er once more. I hope that this narrative teaches immature teenage misss to non fall for any cat and don’t talk to aliens I enjoyed reading this narrative even though it was really creepy.

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