Technology Ethics Ch 1 Quiz

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Individual views on what is moral are so strongly held that there is nearly universal agreement in spite of differences in age, cultural group, ethnic background, religion, life experience, education, and gender.
Legal acts conform to what an individual believes to be the right thing to do.
Laws can proclaim an act as legal, although many people may consider the act immoral.
Employees may suppress their tendency to act in a manner that seems ethical to them and instead act in a manner that will protect them against anticipated punishment.
If the desired results are not achieved upon implementation of a solution, one should return to the “identify alternatives” step of the decision making process and rework the decision.
The general public needs to develop a better understanding of the critical importance of ethics as they apply to IT; currently, too much emphasis has been placed on technical issues.
Ethics has risen to the top of the business agenda because risks associated with inappropriate behavior have increased, both in their likelihood and in their potential negative impact.
Consistency means that shareholders, customers, suppliers, and the community know what they can expect of an organization—that it will behave in the future much as it has in the past.
The countries with the highest software piracy rate in the world include Luxembourg, Japan, and New Zealand.
In the business world, important decisions are too often left to the technical experts; general business managers must assume greater responsibility for these decisions.
an employer can be held responsible for the acts of its employees even if the employees act in a manner contrary to their employer’s directions.
In the case of United States v. New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Co., the U.S. Supreme Court established that:
corporate ethics officer
A _____ provides an organization with vision and leadership in the area of business conduct.
common good
An approach to ethical decision making that is based on a vision of society as a community whose members work together to achieve a general set of values and goals is the _____ approach.
annual reports must contain a statement signed by the CEO and CFO attesting that the information in all of the firm’s SEC filings is accurate.
Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act states that:
A complication of the _____ approach to decision making is that measuring and comparing the values of certain benefits and costs is often difficult, if not impossible.
moral code
Every society forms a set of rules that establishes the boundaries of generally accepted behavior. These rules are often expressed in statements about how people should behave, and they fit together to form the _____ by which a society lives.
fosters poor performance.
A discrepancy between employee’s own values and an organization’s actions:
less pressure on employees to misbehave.
A well-implemented ethics and compliance program and a strong ethical culture can lead to:
Develop problem statement
Which of the following steps in the decision-making process gathers and analyzes facts and also identifies stakeholders affected by the decision?
social audit
In a(n) _____, an organization reviews how well it is meeting its ethical and social responsibility goals, and communicates its new goals for the upcoming year.

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