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Principles of Marketing Chapters 5;6

question Which of the following statements about positioning is FALSE? A. Positioning often makes use of techniques such as perceptual mapping. B. Positioning refers to how customers think about proposed or present brands in a market. C. Managers make graphs for positioning decisions by asking consumers to make judgments about different brands. D. Positioning issues […]

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question Crimes against persons include assault, robbery and the threat of nonphysical harm. answer true question A homicide in which the offender wanted to physically hurt the victim but did not mean to kill the victim is categorized as __________. answer second degree murder question Crime statistics show that arson is the most frequent property […]

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APUSH: Industry & Big Business

question 1869- 1st Transcontinental Railroad answer 192,556 miles of railroad by 1900 Started after south seceded 2 companies: Union Pacific Railroad: Started in Omaha For each mile of track, company got land grants Irish “paddies” workers Central Pacific Railroad: California to east “Big Four” chief financial bankers- Leland Stanford, Collis P Huntington Made millions but […]

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Week 3
20 Sep 2020 Database

question According to Goffman, the esteem in which an individual is held by others is known as: answer Face question The act of turning media against itself, such as the Rockin’ Rollen and Adbusters answer culture jamming question The experience of internalizing a culture’s norms, values and the like is known as: answer socialization question […]

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Unit 3: Accounting
18 Sep 2020 Database

question 1.Accounting involves both the recording and the interpreting of financial events answer True question Assign the following functions of accounting to the type of accountant that performs them 2.Budget preparation 3.Information for investors outside the firm 4.Measurement of production costs 5.Reports for stakeholders a.Financial accountants b.Managerial accountants answer 2. (b) managerial accountants 3. (a) […]

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The Risk Management Process Chapter 2

question Risk Management Process answer The process of making and implementing decisions that will minimize the adverse effects of accidental losses on an organization. Mitigates Pure Risk events. question Cost of Risk answer The total cost incurred by an organization because of the possibility of accidental loss. Example medical malpractice which is a liability pure […]

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Technology Ethics Ch 1 Quiz

question False answer Individual views on what is moral are so strongly held that there is nearly universal agreement in spite of differences in age, cultural group, ethnic background, religion, life experience, education, and gender. question False answer Legal acts conform to what an individual believes to be the right thing to do. question True […]

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Strategic Management Chapter 1

question (4) Key attributes of strategic management answer 1. directs the organization toward overall goals and objectives 2. includes multiple stakeholders in decision making 3. incorporates short term and long term perspectives 4. recognizes trade-offs between efficiency and effectiveness question The strategic management process consists of… answer 1. analysis 2. decisions 3. actions question A […]

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Set A) The Foundations of the American Business System

question business in a macro sense answer a social process involving the assembly and utilization of productive resources to produce products and services of satisfying societies needs and wants question business in a micro sense answer dedicated to profit-seeking activités that provide the goods and services that an economic system needs question not-for-profit organization answer […]

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Real Estate Unit 5
07 Sep 2020 Database

question A licensee who violates the federal telephone solicitation law may be fined up to $10,000 per call. True or False? answer False. Violators of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act may be fined up to $11,000 for each illegal call. question In the event of disputed funds, a broker may request that the Florida […]

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Project Management Chapter 12

question A shortage of qualified personnel is one of the main reason that companies outsource. A project may require experts in a particular field for several months and planning for this procurement ensures that the needed services will be available for the project.” Which of the following benefits does this characteristic of outsourcing provide an […]

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political science – Flashcards with Answers

question Which of the following was the first independent regulatory commission established by the federal government? answer expressed powers question Which of the following best describes the business of an independent regulatory agency? answer Department of the Treasury question Federal employees can be fired for violating rules or regulations that guide their work, or answer […]

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Organizational Purpose

question An organization’s _____ describes the reasons for an organization’s existence. answer mission question Skyway manufactures fighter jets. It aims to be the top aircraft manufacturing company in the world. This is an example of the _____ of the company. answer vision question A vision captures the key elements of the organization’s past and present. […]

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Network Pro Ch 4 all exams

question The media access control method of all Ethernet networks is answer CSMA/CD question A network is connected following the IEEE 802.3 specifications. Which of the following best describes when a device can transmit messages? answer The device listens to determine if the transmission media is free. question Which of the following use the CSMA/CD […]

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MKTG Business – Exam 3

question Important social media to be considered by B2B marketers would be focused on answer [e] All of the above question Social media answer [c] facilitate targeted, personalized contact across the customer experience landscape. question In designing advertising strategy, the business marketer should first: answer [c] determine advertising objectives. question Advertising objectives are typically stated […]

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MIS Chapter 8 Practice Test

question c answer Social media ________ create the features and functions of the site, and they compete with one another for the attention of user communities and SM sponsors. Select one: a. outlets b. sectors c. application providers d. collaborators question c answer In the context of management, ________ means loss of control of employees. […]

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Flashcards About Mid term Study guide
22 Aug 2020 Database

question The Lifecycle Data Management (design) answer process supports the design and development of products from the initial product idea stage through the discontinuation of the product. question The Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) answer process is used to maintain internal assets such as machinery and to delivery after-sales customer services such as repairs. question The […]

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MGT 3111 Ch.4 – Flashcards with Answers
20 Aug 2020 Database

question A ________ is a company’s plan to generate revenue and make a profit from operations. A) Business plan B) Feasibility plan C) Business model D) All of the above E) None of the above answer C question The four factors that form competitive advantage are ________. A) Product, price, promotion, and place B) Product, […]

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mgmt 375 final ch 8

question is the money that moves through the business in a continuous cycle. answer cash question ___ companies are most likely to suffer cash shortages. answer young question is simply a “cash map” which shows the amount and the timing of cash receipts and cash disbursements over time. answer cash budget question Which of the […]

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MasteringHealth Topic 10: Weight Management
15 Aug 2020 Database

question A person’s ratio of fat to lean muscle is known as body mass index. percent body fat. muscle mass. body composition. answer body composition. question Yo-yo dieting is a pattern of gradual and steady weight loss. characterized by rigid eating plans. a pattern of repeatedly losing and regaining weight. characterized by flexible eating plans. […]

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MAN Chapt 1

question Which of the following statements about a company’s strategy is true? A) Crafting an excellent strategy is more important than executing it well. B) The objective of a well-crafted strategy is not merely temporary competitive success and profits in the short run, but rather the sort of lasting success that can support growth and […]

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Management 3120 midterm Exam

question Most organizations produce only two or three different kinds of documents. answer False question A sentence fragment is answer a group of words that is not a complete sentence and is punctuated as if it were a complete sentence. question Which of the following is an example of an external document? answer A letter […]

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