Technical Writing Final Exam

Which of the following is not a measure of excellence for effective technical communication?
a.) accessibility
b.) conciseness
c.) consistency
d.) clarity
e.) accuracy

Which one of the following statements about technical communication is INCORRECT?
a.) You can expect to write many kinds of technical documents in your job
b.) Because of e-mail, organizations do not need to document as much in writing
c.) Some organizations restrict the amount and kind of technical documents their employees may write
d.) Some technical documents may not include graphics of any kind.
Because of e-mail, organizations do not need to document as much in writing.

The study of technical communication will NOT enable you to do which of the following?
a.) Improve your ability to create documents that make information accessible to your readers
b.) Assist you in identifying the kinds of people who will read your document
c.) Make you a more skilled computer user
d.) Help you write effective documents that minimize the need for communication skills
Help you write effective documents that minimize the need or communication skills.

Which one of the following is a technical communication characteristic according to the lecture notes?
a.) Proximity
b.) Contrast
c.) Comprehensiveness
d.) Organization
e.) Helps solve problems
Helps solve

If a writer preparing an electrician’s manual considers inserting company-designed danger symbols to denote the potential for electrocution, what is the writers primary concern?
a.) codes of conduct
b.) liability law
c.) copyright law
d.) whistleblowing
liability law

Because state revenues for the year are 40 percent below estimates, the legislature cuts funds proportionately to education but reduces farmers’ subsides by only 20 percent. Which moral standard is violated?
a.) care
b.) utility
c.) justice
d.) rights

System Software, Inc., is introducing a new piece of sophisticated graphics software. A recently hired writer has been assigned to write the Getting Started Manual for the product. Being a novice, the writer first decides to page through similar manuals written by other graphics software companies to get ideas about how to write Systems’ manual. In doing so, the writer has
a.) violated copyright law
b.) ignored an express warranty
c.) taken advantage of the fair-use concept
d.) done nothing ethically wrong
taken advantage of the fair-use concept

You are writing the second edition of a computer user manual to be included in software sold to the general public. You want to reuse a portion of the introductory materials but cannot determine who wrote this section of what the contractual conditions were. You know that your company has customarily required that freelance writers sign work-made-for-hire agreements. You should
a.) rewrite the introductory materials yourself
b.) state in a footnote that the excerpt was written under a work-made-for-hire agreement
c.) register the work with the appropriate government agency
d.) include a disclaimer when you insert the materials from the first edition
rewrite the introductory materials yourself

If a team of writers regularly collaborate to produce technical reports that have identical design specifications, which of the following word-processing tools would be best to use?
a.) style feature
b.) grammar checker
c.) predefined report template
d.) thesaurus
style feature

On disadvantage of using the styles feature of a work processor is that you cannot create new styles.

According to our lecture, if you think your document will have a number of readers, you should consider writing a variety of documents addressed to different kinds of readers.

Which of the following situations suggests that a group’s collaborative writing process may produce an inferior document?
a.) the group shares a common goal
b.) the group experiences no conflict
c.) group members act as the audience for the document
d.) group members divide up the workload
the group experiences no conflict

If you don’t know whether to write too, two, or to, use the spell checker to help you decide.

A project manager is using a word processor to review an electronic file of a document written by a group member and does not understand the meaning of a term used in the document. Which of the following actions should the writer take?
a.) Use the comment feature to ask “Will the reader understand this term?”
b.) Delete the term using the revision feature
c.) Check the change bar for an explanation
d.) Use the highlighting feature to call the writer’s attention to the term.
Use the comment feature to ask “Will the reader understand this term?”

A team of writers is just beginning a new documentation project. On their last project, the client complained that the completed document kept switching from active to passive voice and that the design of the headings was not visually consistent. Which of the following is the team’s best approach for avoiding such problems on the current project?
a.) Discuss cultural differences
b.) Create a style sheet
c.) Choose a group leader with strong editing skills
d.) Establish clear work procedures
Create a style sheet

A writing team has a long history of successfully collaborating on documents and understanding one another. They can most likely STOP doing which of the following and still produce effective documents?
a.) using a work schedule form
b.) meeting face-to-face each week
c.) evaluating the performance of team members
d.) choosing a person to lead each project
meeting face-to-face each week

You are trying to identify possible funding sources for a proposal you are developing as part of your job at a nonprofit organization. Your proposal seeks funds to start a literacy program for children living in rural Arkansas. Which of the following search strategies will likely yield the best information?
a.) Ask your supervisor is she has any suggestions
b.) Try to find someone in the Arkansas state government who can help you find the information you seek
c.) Using an Internet search engine, search for literacy and funding
d.) Using an Internet search engine, find the Web site for the state of Arkansas by searching for Arkansas state.
Using an Internet search engine, search for literacy and funding

Two new types of digital camera have recently been developed. A manager has asked a writer to recommend the best type of digital camera to buy for the company’s publications department. Which of the following types of media is the best source of information for this report?
a.) web site
b.) book
c.) scholarly article
d.) abstract service
Web site

A writer is developing a questionnaire asking users about their experiences with a company’s Web site. All of the following questions are flawed EXCEPT
a.) I was able to easily find answers to my questions.
Disagree Neutral Agree
b.) Should we make this site better? Yes___ No___
c.) List the top three reasons you visit this site:
d.) The flawed graphics made it hard for me to order parts using this site.
Yes___ No___
List the top three reasons you visit this site:

A writer who is researching a state agency’s transition from paper-based reports to electronic (or paperless) reports has scheduled an interview with a senior writer at the agency. Which of the following interview questions is most effective?
a.) How do you think electronic reports will change your job?
b.) What is the future of paper?
c.) Do you think paperless reports are worth the effort to learn the new software?
d.) Why do you write reports?
How do you think electronic reports will change your job?

Of the options listed below, which is the most effective way to organize a document describing the events that led to an Internet company’s bankruptcy?
a.) Classification
b.) Comparison and Contrast
c.) Problem-Methods-Solutions
d.) Chronological

The following two headings indicate which type of organizational pattern?
-To Tasks You Must Complete Today
-Other Tasks that Need Your Attention
a.) More important to less important
b.) General to Specific
c.) Whole-by-whole comparison
d.) Problem-Methods-Solution
More important to less important

Which of the following graphics would be best suited for showing the relative size parts that make up a whole?
a.) photograph
b.) table
c.) pie chart
d.) flowchart
e.) organizational chart
pie chart

Which of the following graphics would be best suited to showing the stages of a procedure or a process?
a.) checklist
b.) drawing
c.) bar graph
d.) organizational chart
e.) flowchart

A writer is creating a table that has 22 rows and 6 columns of data, all of which must appear on one page. So that the readers will not misread the data, the table is best designed in which of the following ways?
a.) drawing horizontal rules between each row of data
b.) using thick grid lines to help readers distinguish information in adjoining cells
c.) using white space after every fifth row
d.) italicizing column heads
Using white space after every fifth row

A feasibility report is an argument that answers three kinds of questions. Two of them are a question of possibility and a question of economic wisdom. What is the third question?
a.) Question of liability
b.) Question of perception
c.) Question of political viability
d.) none of the above.
Question of perception

Which of the following is not a technique used for extended definition?
a.) Compare and Contrast
b.) Cause and Effect
c.) Etymology
d.) Chronological Order
Cause and Effect

A technical writer at Smith Electronics is designing a manual for the company’s newest radio transceiver. To increase the chances that users will read the safety information contained in the manual, the writer should consider all of the following EXCEPT
a.) drawing a box around the information
b.) surrounding the information with white space
c.) using an outlined or shadowed typeface
d.) changing the background color of the information from white to a very light gray
using an outlined or shadowed typeface

Chapter 14 lists three types of descriptions. What is one of them among the following?
a.) spatial
b.) procedure
c.) process
d.) definition
e.) none of the above
none of the above

Step-by-step instructions should be written in the imperative mood.

According to Chapter 14, an effective process description fully describes which of the following?
a.) Instantiation
b.) Substeps
c.) Subplots
d.) frames of reference

One characteristic of an effective presentation graphic is that is it easy to see. What is one other characteristic?
a.) It limits figure-ground contrast
b.) It is colorful
c.) It presents a clear, well-supported claim
d.) Refer to abstraction, no to the people
e.) none of the above
It presents a clear, well-supported claim

A manger has asked a colleague to deliver a 15-minute presentation explaining the latest test data at tomorrow’s department meeting. The colleague should do all of the following to prepare for the presentation EXCEPT
a.) rehearse the presentation at least three times
b.) visit the site of tomorrow’s presentation
c.) prepare appropriate presentation graphics
d.) memorize the presentation
Memorize the presentation

A presenter is preparing to deliver a presentation at an annual conference. Over 200 people are expected to attend this presentation. Which of the following is the LEAST effective technique to help make a lasting impression on an audience?
a.) open with a joke
b.) focus on the audience’s interests
c.) describe the topic in human terms
d.) use specific numbers, dollars, or percentages
Open with a joke

Which of the following visual media is the best to use when presenting a formal lecture in a 500-seat auditorium?
a.) handout
b.) slide projector
c.) chalkboard
d.) object to be passed around the audience
slide projector

How many kinds of extended definitions are explained in Chapter 14?
a.) 5
b.) 6
c.) 7
d.) 8
e.) 9

Which of the following words is not used as the four signal words in instructions manuals?
a.) hazard
b.) danger
c.) warning
d.) note
e.) caution

In writing a job application letter, we need _____ paragraphs according to the notes?
a.) 3
b.) 2
c.) 4
d.) 5

You wish to apply for a job opening in forest management. The job ad includes the following requirements: strong organizational skills and attention to detail; strong communication skills; knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access; interest in forestry and the environment; creativity and flexibility. The ad also sates that resumes must be submitted electronically. You already have a paper resume, but no an electronic one. Which of the following suggestions for converting your resume to an electronic format should be IGNORED?
a.) Add a list of keywords to the end of the resume
b.) Make sure your course in technical communication is included in the Significant Courses List
c.) Make sure you use a serif typeface
d.) Align all of the information along the left margin
Make sure you use a serif typeface

At 23, Becky has just received her B.S. in horticulture from a local state college. She has been interested in flowers and gardening since grade school. While in high school, she won several state-fair ribbons for her flowers, which she grew in a small backyard plot in her spare time between working part-time at a fast-food restaurant and going to school. She has continued working at the restaurant while in college. What advice would you give Becky as she prepares her resume for a full-time position as the horticulturist for the local county extension service?
a.) Write a skills resume
b.) Write a chronological resume
c.) Write either style of resume but leave out the employment section.
Write a chronological resume

ABC Electronics wants additional security on its premises. The company wants someone to install a top-of-the-line burglar system for its two buildings that not only sounds an alarm but also simultaneously notifies authorities and the company president. Video surveillance of the premises should be included in the security system. In order to obtain price quotes, the company should write
a.) an unsolicited proposal
b.) an internal proposal
c.) an external proposal
d.) a request for proposals
A request for proposals

From the following list of sentences, select the one that might appear in the introduction to a proposal about expert systems.
a.) An expert system is a computer program that uses knowledge and inference to solve problems previously requiring human expertise.
b.) The budget is as follows:
c.) Professor Thomas, who is expert in electronics, will help us with
d.) We will submit a report when the project is completed.
An expert system is a computer program that uses knowledge and inference to solve problems previously requiring human expertise.

You have been sent by your employer, Madison Construction Company, to a regional conference dealing with ways to improve communication between management and workers in the field. All of the following would be acceptable ways to submit an informal report of your trip EXCEPT
a.) talking to your supervisor
b.) issuing a directive
c.) writing a one-page trip-report memo
d.) filling out the company’s standardized trip form
issuing a directive

The air conditioning system for Marcus Department Store has not been adequately cooling the store’s first-floor office pod. At this point, the problem is not serious because three large shade trees overhand this portion of the building and newly installed ceiling fans provide air circulation. Although slumping sales prohibit any large expenditures at this time, Marcus’ owner still wants to find out the reasons for the cooling failure. Consequently, his staff should conduct a study that would provide which of the following?
a.) an informational report
b.) a feasibility study
c.) a recommendation report
d.) an analytical report
an analytical report

Read the following instruction steps for creating an automated index of Web files. Then indicate which instructional steps are INCORRECTLY written.
1. Open Windows Explorer to c:/program files/autoindex/.
2. Copy the folders containing your web files to the folder named indexer. If autoindex does not contain an indexer folder, you must reinstall the software. See the installation booklet.
3. Type the appropriate path, for instance, c:/program files/autoindex/indexer/indexer.exe webfolder1 webfolder2, etc.
4. Indexer now has a folder called IndexSearch. The executable file, index.exe, may be run to view the searchable index of your web files.
a.) Step 1
b.) Steps 2 and 3
c.) Steps 3 and 4
d.) Steps 2 and 4
Steps 2 and 4

How many parts does the front matter cover?
a.) 3
b.) 8
c.) 7
d.) 9

Where should you NOT put the definition?
a.) The beginning
b.) The margin
c.) footnote
d.) in the text
The beginning

Which of the following is not an accessing tool?
a.) index
b.) headings
c.) page numbers
d.) white space
white space

Which of the following is not a design principle according to our lecture notes?
a.) repetition
b.) emphasis
c.) proximity
d.) contrast

Serif typeface is for screen use.
False (San-serif=screen use)

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