Symmes Keyboarding Fall 2011 Exam

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Reference initials should be keyed in _________ letters.
are not
Paragraphs _____ (are/are not) indented in letters arranged in block format.
The date should be keyed a ______ space below the return address on a personal-business letter.
In a personal-business letter, the recipient’s address is called the ____ address.
The greeting in a letter, such as Dear Mrs. Stiles, is called the __________.
The letter body (message) should begin a _________ space below the greeting.
are not
Reference initials ___ (are/are not) necessary in a personal-business letter if the writer (originator) of the message also keyed the letter.
An attachment/enclosure notation is keyed a ____ space below the reference initials in a letter
personal-business letter
A letter written by someone to deal with business of a personal nature is called a _______________.
Letters arranged in block format have all parts of the letter beginning at the ________ margin.
2″ top; 1″ bottom and sides
The correct margins for a personal-business letter are _____________.
return address
The _________ on a personal-business letter includes the street address, city, state and zip code, with no name.
return address; date; letter address; salutation
The correct order of the opening four elements of a personal-business letter are _______________.
single; double
Paragraphs in the body of a block format letter should be keyed ________ spaced with a ________ space between them.
Reference initials appear a _______ space below the writer’s name at the left margin.
_____________ style is all CAPS with no punctuation.
Personal-business letters are usually prepared in ______ format.
Instead of a 2″ top margin personal-business letters may be centered _______ using the Center Page feature.
In a personal-business letter, the letter address should be keyed a QS below the _________.
The farewell of the letter, such as Sincerely yours, is called the __________ close.
A return address usually _______ (does/does not) need to be keyed on a business letter.
letter address
When an attention line is used in a letter addressed to a company, it should be keyed as the first line of the ___________.
does not
The subject line ________ (does/does not) take the place of the salutation.
The subject line, if used, should be keyed a DS below the _________.
If another document is clipped or stapled to a business letter, the word __________ should be keyed at the left margin, a DS below the reference initials.
copy notation
A __________ indicates that the addressee is receiving a copy of a letter rather than the original printout.
You _________ (should/should not) use a complimentary closing on a business letter.
It _______ (is/is not) acceptable for business letters to be longer than on page.
In a business letter, the first thing you key usually is the ________.
attention line
If you do not know the name of the person to whom you are writing, you may use a(n) _____________ in place of the name in the letter address.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
If you use an attention line in a business letter, what is the correct saluatation?
A subject line in a business letter should be keyed in _______.
copy notation
The last element that would appear on a business letters is a _________.
A ________ copy notation should NOT be keyed on the original letter.
should not
If a business letter runs longer than one page, all subsequent pages ________ (should/should not) be keyed on letterhead stationery.
name of the recipient; page number; date
A second-page heading includes:
letterhead stationery
The only idfference between a personal-business letter and business letter is that the latter is almost always printed on ___________ that includes the return address.
The topic of a business letter may be speified by the ________ line.
Both a copy notation and a blind copy notation should be keyed at the _____ margin of a business letter.
_____ reports are often prepared without covers or binders.
The standard margins for the first page of an unbound report _______ (are/are not) different than the standard margins for the second and subsequent pages.
You should leave a _______ space between the report title and the irst line of the body.
Software _________ (can/cannot) automatically place page numbers for your reports in the location you specify.
In short reports, citations used to give credit for quoted material are keyed in _______ in the report body.
Short quotations that appear in a report should be enclosed in quotation marks and long quotations (4 or more lines) should be ________.
is not
Paraphrased material ______ (is/is not) enclosed in quotation marks.
A(n) _______ is used to indicate material omitted from a quotation.
Short reports _______ (always, sometimes, never) need a reference list.
A reference list may be keyed at the end of the paper a _______ space after the body or on a different page.
A two-page report is usually stapled in the upper ____ corner.
If a page number appears on the first page of an unbound report, it should be positioned at the bottom of the page ______.
Side margins for an unbound report are ______.
textual citation
A _________ should include: author’s name, year of publication, page umber of reference material.
You should left-indent quotations of _____ lines or more.
A(n) __________ is 3 periods, each preceded and followed by a space.
An appropriate heading for a reference list could be ______, _________, or ______.
Entries in a reference list are keyed _____ by author’s last name.
douple; single
On the reference page, you should ____ space between refrences, _____ space each reference, and the second and subsequent lines of each reference should be indented .5″ with the first line flush to the left margin.
A _______ space should be left above and below side headings in an unbound report.
A short report that is stapled or paper-clipped together is often referred to as a(n) ________ report.
Page numbers for second and subsequent pages of a short report should be _____-aligned at the top of the page.
Headings that appear within the body of a report are called __ headings.
References used to give credit for quoted or paraphrased material in a report are called _______ citations.
When you set a ______ indent, the first line of each paragraph will begin at the left margin and the second and subsequent lines will be indented .5″.
columns; rows
The basic building blocks of tables are __ and ___.
Columns in a table are labeled ________ left to right.
A table _____ (may/may not) have more than four columns.
upper and lowercase
A secondary title in a table should be keyed in __________ letters.
in the last row aligned left
If your table has a source note, you may position it below the table at the left or _________.
markedly different
Columns in a table may be the same width or _____________ widths.
Tables are most attractive when they are ________ horizontally on the page.
You will most often use center vertical alignment for table column headings and _______ vertical alignment for data rows beneath the headings.
Within columns, words may be either left aligned or __________ aligned.
Rows in a table are labeled _________ from top to bottom.
The main title in a table is usually keyed in bold, all caps in the first row of the table or a _______ space above the table.
A column heading should be positioned _______ over the column.
columns; rows
If your instructor directs you to create a 2 by 9 table, your table should have 2 _________ and 9 _______.
If your table is not centered vertically you should begin it _______ from the top edge of the page.
top; bottom; center
Within rows, data entries can be aligned vertically at the _______, _______, or ________.
An arrangement of data in rows and columns is called a(n) _______.
The secondary title of a table should be centered a DS below the ________ title.
The data entries in a table are referred to as the ____.
Some software prints lines, called ________, between table columns and rows.
If a table is centered on the page _____, it has equal top and bottom margins.
If a table is centered on the page ______, it has equal side margins.
Keyboard should be placd ________ with the edge of the desk, directly in front of the chair.
Monitor should be placed for ____ viewing.
Book (or copy) should be placed to the _____ of the keyboard.
Wrists should be ________, but not touching the keyboard.
Forearms should be ________ to the slant of the keyboard.
close to the body
Elbows should be in a relaxed, natural position.
Body should be ________, sitting back in the chair.
Feet should be on the ______ for balance.
Eyes should be on the _______ while keying.
curved; upright
Fingers should be ______ and ________ over the home keys.
Strike keys with the _______ fingers.
right little finger
Strike ENTER key with the __________.
right thumb
Strike SPACEBAR with the __________.

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