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Leadership & Management Midterm

question The modern organization is characterized by answer collaboration between leaders and followers. question A recommended approach to leadership effectiveness is to combine several approaches to meet the demands of a given situation. answer True question According to an analysis of a group of studies, in terms of having an impact on company performance the […]

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Chapter 6; Chapter 8 Medicare-Medicaid Prospective Payment Systems for Inpatients

question The name of the computer software that assigns the inpatient DRG answer Groupers question The name of the entity that pays Medicare Part A claims answer Medicare Administrative Contractors question List at least two major reasons that Medicare administrators turned to the prospective payment concept for Medicare beneficiaries. answer Medicare payments to hospitals grew […]

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World History: Unit 10

question atrocity answer a horrible act of violence against another person or group question bipolar answer a world with two superpowers; e.g., the United States and the Soviet Union question bloc answer a united group of countries with common interests, goals, or aims question boycott answer refuse to buy products or perform services as acts […]

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US History – Chapters 22

question Which of the following increased in the 1920s? a) Farmers’ debt b)Prices for farm products c)Foreign demand for U.S. farm products d)Domestic demand for U.S. farm products answer a) Farmers’ debt question Which was not a cause of the Great Depression? a)Tariffs of foreign goods b)The availability of easy credit c)A growing number of […]

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Understanding Business Ch 8

question No matter what the size of the business, the principles of organization are much the same answer True question Organizing, or structuring answer begins with determining what work needs to be done; and then dividing the tasks question Division of labor answer dividing the tasks to be completed question Job specialization answer dividing tasks […]

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Texas Life and Health

question Under which condition would be an employees group medical benefits be exempt from income taxes? answer An employee’s group medical benefits are generally exempt from taxation as income. question under a key Person disability income policy, premium payments answer Are made by the business and are not tax-deductible. question Which of the following is […]

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Symmes Keyboarding Fall 2011 Exam

question lowercase answer Reference initials should be keyed in _________ letters. question are not answer Paragraphs _____ (are/are not) indented in letters arranged in block format. question single answer The date should be keyed a ______ space below the return address on a personal-business letter. question letter answer In a personal-business letter, the recipient’s address […]

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Spanish-American War 2

question Factors leading to America’s declaration of war on Spain included all of the following except: answer Spain’s willingness to negotiate question Factors leading to America’s declaration of war on Spain included all of the following answer bombing of the Maine anti-Spanish propaganda Spanish ambassador’s letter damage to United States business investments question United States […]

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Scrum Software

question What are the scrum roles and how are they defined? answer (1) Product owner – Person who has the “big picture” goal for the end product (what will be developed) and in what order it will be developed. (2) ScrumMaster – A person who’s responsible for helping the scrum team continue to improve its […]

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Quiz 1: Writing Letters

question true answer Letters are sometimes sent to people you do not know. question false answer An invitation is a kind of business letter. question false answer A business letter has five parts. question true answer The paragraphs are indented in a personal letter. question true answer For the form taught in this unit, the […]

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Principles of Finance Chapters 1 – 4

question The science and art of managing money is called _______. answer *finance* (Ch.1; pg. 4) question The part of finance concerned with design and delivery of advice and financial products to individuals, business, and government is called ______. answer *financial services* (Ch. 1; pg. 4) question Career opportunities in *financial services* include: answer -Banking […]

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question Money Management answer Day to day financial activities necessary to manage current personal economic resources while working toward long term financial security. Daily spending and savings decisions are central to financial planning – Must be coordinated with needs, goals, and personal situations. question Asset answer Cash and other tangible property with monetary value. question […]

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Operation Management- Chapter 1

question Some of the operations-related activities of Hard Rock Café include designing meals and analyzing them for ingredient cost and labor requirements. answer True question The production process at Hard Rock Café is limited to meal preparation and serving customers. answer False question All organizations, including service firms such as banks and hospitals, have a […]

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MST Ch. 5

question What 3 problems do organizations face when managing data? answer 1. Storing the data that are being collected. 2. Collecting the vast amounts of data that are being generated. 3. Processing and analyzing the data that are being stored. question The term “data rot” refers to answer The deterioration of the medium on which […]

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MKT 3305 Christenson Exam 3
25 Aug 2020 Database

question A manufacturer using the _____ promotional strategy focuses its promotion efforts on the consumer. answer pull question Due to service _____, services cannot be stored, warehoused, or inventoried. answer perishability question For years, Diet Dr. Pepper has been considered a diet drink. After declining sales, the company is attempting to present Diet Dr. Pepper […]

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MIS 4340 Multiple Choice

question Which term refers to business processes that are not executed by a single group or function? a. Silo Effect b. Cross-Functional c. Functional Structure d. Enterprise Systems e. Organizational Structure answer B question Which term refers to a system in which workers complete their tasks in separate departments without regard to the consequences for […]

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Micro Chapter 5-11

question Price elasticity of demand answer A measure of how much the quantity demanded of a good responds to a change in the price of that good question Relationship between total revenue and price elasticity of demand (3 part) answer When demand is inelastic, a price increases raises total revenue (decrease lowers T.R.). When elastic, […]

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Mgmt of Info Security/Forensic Ch. 2

question Analysis answer In which phase of the SecSDLC does the risk management task occur? question Resource management by executing appropriate measures to manage and mitigate risks to information technologies answer The basic outcomes of InfoSec governance should include all but which of the following? question True answer (T/F) A clearly directed strategy flows from […]

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MGMT 320

question Reengineering basically means preserving the past by establishing the sequence of activities by how work was done answer False question The framework in which the organization defines how tasks are divided, resources are deployed and departments are coordinated is called organizational structure answer True question Recruiters are now viewing the profiles and pictures of […]

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Flashcards on Marketing Exam 1

question philosophy organization function answer marketing’s two facets: 1. a _____________, an attitude, a perspective, or a management orientation that stresses customer satisfaction 2. an ______________ ______________ and a set of processes used to implement this philosophy question marketing answer the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communication, delivering, and exchanging offerings that […]

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Management Principles Chp 1

question conceptual and decision skills answer Skills pertaining to the ability to identify and resolve problems for the benefit of the organization and its members. question controlling answer The management function of monitoring performance and making needed changes question cost competitiveness answer Keeping costs low to achieve profits and to be able to offer prices […]

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question What is Motivation answer Process by which a person’s efforts are directed & sustained toward attaining a goal. question Maslow’s Hierachy of needs theory answer Physiological, Safety, Social, Esteem, Self-actulalization question Physiological needs answer the most basic human needs to be satisfied- water, food, shelter, and clothing question Safety needs answer A person’s needs […]

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