SWOT Analysis for Hewden Plant Hire Essay Example
SWOT Analysis for Hewden Plant Hire Essay Example

SWOT Analysis for Hewden Plant Hire Essay Example

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  • Published: December 17, 2017
  • Type: Swot Analysis
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A swot analysis is where you look at business like Hewden Plant Hire and you talk about the:

  • Strengths (internal)
  • Weaknesses (internal)
  • Opportunities (external)
  • Threats (external)

Swot analysis is a method used in general management as well as marketing scenarios.

Swot consists of investigative the current activities of the company-its strengths and weaknesses then using this and external research to work out the opportunities and threats that exist.


There are lots of strengths at Hewden Plant Hire. They are a subsidiary of another larger company which helps them to become bigger. The strengths are:

  • UK network- this enables people all over the country to deal with Hewden Plant Hire and also with the depots been widely spread people can get the plant equipment faster.
  • Hewden Plant Hire is one of the market leaders and has the highest net worth out of all

    the companies.

  • Hewden Plant Hire has ISO 9002 quality assurance, this shows the customers that they meet certain standards and are a good reliable company.
  • Always working on the relationship with customers to ensure that they use Hewden Plant Hire again in the future.
  • Having a good management team to run the company efficiently and effectively.
  • Hewden Plant Hire is a very profitable company. The latest turnover that it made was �331.8 million.
  • Hewden Plant Hire is always getting new and updated equipment. Doing so stops breakdowns and other technical difficulties.
  • Weaknesses

    There are also weaknesses in companies and Hewden Plant Hire is always looking how to improve their weaknesses. The weaknesses are:

    • High staff turnover- this is a weakness because it is costing the company masses of money in training people.
    • Machine Breakdowns are a major weaknes
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in the company because if some of the equipment is breaking down this will make the customers unhappy and go to another plant hire company.

  • Hewden Plant Hire is also dependent on Hewden Stuart to invest money into the company. Without them they cannot buy new equipment.
  • Opportunities

    The opportunities are where they can see Hewden Plant Hire being in the future and what they can do to improve the company. The opportunities are:

    • Hewden Plant Hire hopes to expand into Europe. This will enable them to be the leading market leader.
    •  Investments in the latest equipment to ensure that the customers are always pleased with the equipment that they are getting.
    • Hewden Plant Hire is now using an incentive scheme to encourage employees at stay at Hewden. The new scheme will offer money and rewards for hard work and how long people have been at the company.
    • Trying a new quality system (TQM)


    Threats are what the company see as possible places where they can loose money. Some of the threats are:

    • The competitors offering lower prices or something that Hewden Plant hire cant. Hewden can overcome these problems by benchmarking from other companies. They will continually improve until they are top of the market.
    • Staff turnover is a major threat to the company because they have to train people which cost a vast amount of money.
    • If there is a recession in the economy Hewden Plant Hire will have to lower the prices for the customers which will make then loose a large amount of money.
    • The development of foreign companies will have a key role in how well Hewden Plant HireThere are rules to abide

    by for the SWOT analysis to be effective. You need to be realistic and keep the analysis short and simple.

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