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Other than customizing Personal Computers to be adapt d in Chinese, Mr.. Simi also included enhanced audio capabilities into the Personal Compute RSI which allowed speech and melodies to be played. Since incorporation, Creative Technology Limiter’s greatest achievement is the e creation of the Sound Blaster line of audio cards. This has enabled Creative to leverage o n its leadings audio technology, huge user base and strong brand name to expo and and introduce its products into the exciting lifestyle Of the personal Digital Entertain moment market.

In June 1994, Creative gained public listing on the main board of the Singapore e stock Exchange (Sex: CA). To date, Creative Technology Limited has more than 5,000 employees world did. Creative has earned its reputation through the years to become a household brand an me in Singapore. 2. Time line – Key Events (19902008) Mid sass – Creative ventured into the CDR market and made a loss of close to LOS$II O million in inventory due to inflow of cheaper alternatives. April 1999, Creative launched the NOMAD line of MPH players which was later reintroduced as the Move and ZEN series of MPH players.

Creative dominated the MPH play ere market until

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the entry’ of Apple Inc. With their pod. 20012005 Creative applied for U. S. Patent. ZEN Patent was awarded to Creative for the invention of user interface for portable media players. This opened the way for potential I gal action against Apple’s pod and other competing players. 2006 – Creative took legal actions against Apple. Apple paid Creative SSL 00 million for the license to use the Zen patent. Creative will also join the “Made for pod” program which opens new opportune ties for the company. 2007 – Creative voluntarily deleted itself from NASDAQ. 008 – Creative Labs’ technical support center located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, laid o if several technical support staff due to Creative financial situation in 2008. . Their business Creative Technology Limited started off by marketing their Sound Blaster so ND cards. They later moved on to produce digital entertainment products such as portable a audio players (MPH players). Creative innovative hardware, proprietary technology, applications and serve aces enabled consumers to experience hightail digital interdepartmentally, anywhere The targeted consumers are consumers who are in the Personal Digital Enter intent market.

In order to successfully target the Personal Digital Entertainment mar get consumers, Creative offers a complete, high quality digital entertainment experience thro GHz its hardware, software applications and services. Creative strives to have equilibrium Bette en style and sophisticated technology. Creative is also actively expanding the power of the personal computer with a wide range of interactive personal digital entertainment product that comprises of MPH play errs, portable media centers, multimedia speakers and headphones, digital and web camera as, graphics solutions, revolutionary music keyboards and PC peripherals.

This has allowed Creative to cater to the needs Of their consumers with except action design and technology to provide hightail digital entertainment experience. A. Major Customers One of Creative major customers is the music lovers who use the MPH played RSI. Creative is also the supplier for sound cards and other hardware to major IT related com pansies such as International Business Machines Corporation (MM). In addition, Creative facial tastes the suppliers of computer sound cards for events such as the annual World Cyber Games (WAG). B. Major Suppliers The major suppliers of Creative are “Philips” and “Yamaha”.

These 2 companies s provide essential material (sound chips) in the manufacturing of Creative products. 4. Competitive Strengths Creative has forged partnerships with some of the industry’s top technology c nannies and developers worldwide, fortifying their strength and leadership in product ion ovation and research & development. 5. SOOT analysis Creative Technology Limited Strengths 1) Creative has won numerous awards to prove and show that their products are good. 2) Creative would do facilitate for their products to present consumers with the e latest and trendiest designs. ) Creative maintain their product prices at an affordable range. They are able to target consumers who have no monthly income (students). Example: Creative MPH p layers are price at $90$350; Creative webs are price at $20$150. ) Creative products cater to all age groups of people (students to working clan as adults). Students would like the trendy MPH players and working class adults would like e the speaker systems that Creative has. 5) Prime location. Creative has outlets in the heart of Singapore (Plaza Signing aura). Creative also distributes their products to major electronic stalls like Best Denim and C routs. ) Creative is one of the pioneer companies that start producing MPH players and various audio products and enhancements. This would give the public confidence in t heir products. Weaknesses 1) Not effective budgeting and management of cost. Example: Management is spending large amount of funds on Research & Development when they are making a loss alarm dead. 2) Competitors are coming up with similar designs and marketing their proud acts at a lower price. Creative cost of production or markup might be too high. 3) Reputation. Creative reputation has been affected to a certain extend fate r its law suits with Apple Inc.

Opportunities 1) With the rapid growth Of technology in the market, Creative is able to take t his opportunity market their product through internet marketing. 2) Economy is not doing well and people are spending lesser on entertainment NT products. Creative can take this opportunity to have promotions on their products such as “buying the second product at 30% discount”. 3) Collaboration with other audio product companies to gain economy of scale e and at the same time cut cost. The reads 1) Industry competitors. Apple Inc. Has been coming up with new and trendy products.

They combine their pod with the phone technology to create the phone. 2) Competitor’s MPH players have more features than Creative. Competitor’s MPH players allow user to take photo, surf the net and even play games. 3) Prices. Creative product prices are not as competitive as their other industry y players. Companies like Shinto produces MPH players that has the same features as C reiterative but markets their product at a much cheaper price. 6. Achievements Since incorporation in 1 981, Creative product innovations have won numerous s international recognitions.

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