Survey of American History-Chapter 5

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All of the following were seen as ways to instruct the public in civic virtue except
folk traditions
Which of the following events happened first
the signing of the Treaty of Paris
Supporters of ratification of the constitution included large segments of all the following groups except
officers of the continental army
Why did the artisans of New York City support the ratification of the consititution
They wanted a strong government to protect their economic interests
What effect did the glut of paper currency have on the American economy
severe inflation
How does Thomas Jefferson map for the settlement of the west reflect enlightenment thinking
The territories are arranged in a grid
What type of men dominated the colonial assemblies before the revolution
the wealthy
What is the most likely reason why most state politicians were Anti-Federalist
They cloud lose alot of power relative to the central government est. by the constitution
What motivated the Confederation Congress to print paper currency
a shortage of silver and gold
What is the most likely reason that Charles Wilson Peale portrayed William Smith as he did in this portrait
the life of a prosperous merchant was not perceived as being most compatible with republican virtues
James Madison argued that a large, diverse republic:
offered the best hope for safeguarding individual rights
The Revolution challenged traditional republican theory, according to which citizens were expected to
defer to their betters
What is judicial review
the power of the courts to declare acts of congress unconstitutional
The Virginia plan was primarily drafted by
James Madison
Why did the confederation congress have trouble meeting such obligations as paying the continental army
it did not have the power to levy taxes
As seen in the graphs titled \”economic status of legislators in new hampshire, new york, and new jersey,\” the change in the makeup of state legislatures after the revolution implies that the new nation would
become more democratic and representative of the population
This page from a book of children’s verse shows that schools in the new republic were intended to teach what along with such skills as reading, writing, and arithemetic
The constitution established a congress that had
two houses, one representing each state equally and one determined by population
What compromise did the constitutional convention reach in regards in the slave trade
congress did not have the authority to ban the slave trade until 1808
As a result of the economic, diplomatic, and political crises of the 1780s
a small but powerful group of nationalist believed that constitutional reform was needed

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