supply chain ex 3

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options to consider when location planning
1. expand an existing facility
2. add a new location
3. relocate from one location to another
4. do nothing
what is the last step in making location decisions
evaluate alternatives and make a selection
when a location eval uses both quantitative and qualitative inputs use
factor rating
the center of gravity is used to ________ travel time, distance and costs
location of raw materials, location of markets, and labor factors are all
regional factors
GIS stands for
geographical information system
location options don’t include a
the method for evaluation location alternatives that uses the total cost curve is
cost-volume analysis
evaluating location alternatives that uses the composite or weighted average is
factor rating analysis
the method that minimizes shipping costs between multiple sending and receiving locations is
transportation model analysis
the transportation model method for evaluating location alternatives minimizes total
shipping cost
info not needed for the transportation model
unit shipping distances
the automatic identification of material is part of
not an application of E-business
universal product codes
an advantage of E-business
reduction of transaction costs, shortened supply chain response time
______ has helped business concentrate on their core business
outsourcing followed by what is not simple
the interface between the firm and its suppliers is
the two types of decisions that are relevant to supply chain management are
strategic and operational
the purchasing cycle begins with
receiving a requisition
examination of the sources of supply for purchased parts or materials in performance is called
vendor analysis
vendor analysis has the greatest potential for savings for items that have
high annual cost-volume
what is not a performance driver
vendor analysis is the examination of the ____ of purchasing materials
a system for inventory mgt involving multi-echelon warehouses is

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