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Health & Wellness Chapter 5: Weight Management
25 Sep 2020 Database

question A primary objective to achieve overall physical fitness and enhance quality of life is to have answer Recommended body composition question Consuming most of the calories earlier in the day seems to answer Be helpful in losing weight question The mechanism that appears to regulate how much a person weighs is known as answer […]

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question International markets must be pursued if firms want to remain answer competitive question Peter Drucker has labeled the expanded global marketplace the answer transnational economy question Which of the following is not a feature of the global economy? answer international laws governing fair trade question The process by which firms increase their awareness of […]

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Windows Chapter 4,5,6 Test

question What are logical unit numbers (LUNs) used for within Storage Area Networks?? answer a reference point to a unit of storage question ?What is a page file used for within the Windows operating system? answer virtual memory and store dump data question Which of the following scenarios would provide for an ideal use of […]

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Flashcards and Answers – US History

question where was the first successful oil well drilled? answer Western Pennsylvania question How did the US labor pool differ from Europe? answer The labor pool enlarged more than Europe’s when immigrants became eager to find employment (Americans kept trying to climb the financial level). question What governemtn policies aided the US rapid industrialization? answer […]

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question CU answer -meeting rooms for student organizations -Dunkin Donuts and World of Wings -Bookstore -Charger Card Office -Student Life Offices -Mail Shipping Center -Auditorium ACE movies -Wi-fi throughout building -outdoor movies projected on exterior question University Fitness Center answer -physical education activities -free membership for full time students -three basketball courts -weight training area […]

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Testout network

question Which of the following measures will make your wireless network invisible to the casual attacker performing war driving answer Disable SSID broadcast question Which remote access authentication protocol allows for the use of smart cards for authentication answer EAP question Which of the following do switches and wireless access points use to control access […]

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supply chain ex 3
12 Sep 2020 Database

question options to consider when location planning answer 1. expand an existing facility 2. add a new location 3. relocate from one location to another 4. do nothing question what is the last step in making location decisions answer evaluate alternatives and make a selection question when a location eval uses both quantitative and qualitative […]

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Sociology 1301 Final Exam

question Alienation answer A feeling of isolation and powerlessness that may affect workers in a bureaucracy. question Bureaucracy answer A formal organization that is designed to accomplish goals and tasks through the efforts of a large number of people in the most efficient way possible. question Formal Organization answer A complex and structured secondary group […]

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Sales MNGT Ch. 1

question sales management answer the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of personal contact programs designed to achieve the sales and profit objectives of the firm question responsibilities of sales manager answer achieve or exceed performance goals and develop the people reporting to them question MKTG Mix answer Promotion-> Personal Selling-> Sales MNGT question sales management […]

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question Great Britain answer A contemporary art movement from this country produced a tent covered in the names of everyone the artist slept with from 1963 to 1995, while another artist from that movement created a diamond-studded skull and encased a shark in a tank of formaldehyde. A painting by an artist from this country […]

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question The outer periphery of the intervertebral disk composed of strong fibrous tissue is called the: answer Annulus fibrosus question Sports movements that characteristically hyperextend the lumbar spine are likely to cause: answer 3 Which of the following portions of the spine have a convex curve anteriorly? *A. Cervical, lumbar B. Thoracic, sacrococcygeal C. Cervical, […]

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Personal Finance Chapter 2-Income, Benefits, and Taxes

question benefits answer forms of pay other than salary or wages question commission answer a set fee or percentage of a sale paid to an employee instead of an addition to salary or wages question disposable income answer money available to spend or save after taxes have been paid question dividends answer a portion of […]

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American History – Chapter 7 Test Study Guide

question Cotton gin answer – \”cotton engine\” invented by Eli Whitney – machine that made cotton easier to clean question Mass production answer – the production of goods in large quantities question Industrial revolution answer – social and economic reorganization where machines replaced hand tools and large-scale factory production developed question War of 1812 answer […]

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OLS 274 Exam 4 Chapters 11-13

question Many large retailers sell both a private brand and a manufacturer’s brand, which are produced by the same manufacturer. T/F answer True question What method of transportation accounts for the majority of finished goods finding their way to consumers? a. water b. railroads c. trucks d. air freight answer trucks question The current marketing […]

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Module 29

question loanable funds market answer a hypothetical market that illustrates the market outcome of the demand for funds generated by borrowers and the supply of funds provided by lenders question rate of return answer the profit earned on the project expressed as a percentage of its cost. question crowding out answer occurs when a government […]

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MISY 4350 Ch. 4
25 Aug 2020 Database

question _____ involves working with stakeholders to create the document that formally authorizes a project. answer Developing the project charter question _____ involves coordinating all planning efforts to create a consistent, coherent document. answer Developing the project management plan question The outputs of the _____ process include change request status updates, project management plan updates, […]

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MIS306 Chapter 1

question Systems Analyst Role? answer – Identifying how technology can improve business processes – Designing the new business processes – Designing the information system – Ensuring that the system conforms to information systems standards -Deal with various IS issues faced by the system. Make use of existing system or implement new system. question Business Analyst […]

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MGT Chapter 14 – Flashcards with Answers
21 Aug 2020 Database

question Which of the following is not advice from career coach Richard Knowdell for staying ahead in the workplace of tomorrow? answer Focus on workplace learning rather than the classroom. question Leadership is the ability to ___ employees to pursue organizational goals. answer influence question ___ is about coping with complexity and ___ is about […]

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mgmt ch 8, 13-20 quizzes

question The__is the system of relationships that develop spontaneously as employees meet and form power centers answer informal organization question Due to more emphasis on empowerment and more talented and better-educated lower-level management, span of control in organizations has __ answer increased question __means that decision-making authority is delegated to lower-level managers and employees answer […]

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Mgmt 1 – HW 3

question The question “Is it legal?” establishes ethical behavior. answer False question Free trade is the movement of goods and services between nations without political or economic barriers. answer True question McGowan Corporation of Ireland and Enomoto Enterprises based in Japan recently produced a new electric car with rechargeable batteries that can be driven at […]

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Flashcards About Marketing Chapter 10

question new products answer With Apple, Inc., the life the organization depends on how it conceives, produces, and markets __________. question durable goods. answer Among consumer products, personal selling is especially important for: question consumer products; business products answer Two broad categories of products widely used in marketing are based on the type of user: […]

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Management Exam Review
11 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question According to the expectancy theory, __________ affect the conscious choices that people make about their motivation. answer Value, expectancy, and instrumentality question On the basis of research evidence, the two basic needs categories are: answer Higher-order and lower-order needs question To use expectancy theory to motivate employees, managers can: answer Systematically gather information to […]

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