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Superior Customer Value is often associated with an exceptional service that provides the consumer with their money’s worth or sometimes even more than that.

Superior service is defined as the capability of a business organization may it be large scale or small scale to render a superb and outstanding service that exceeds their competitors (Backer, 2006). However, in the perspective of an ordinary customer, there main concern is to get back the value of what they are paying for in terms of the products or services that they avail of.Most of the time, satisfying this need becomes the basis for customer’s loyalty for in the company or even individual stores that they patronized. Being the case, superior customer value is indeed an important factor for consumers.

I can personally attest to this idea since I am a consumer myself. I happen to experience this kind of superior customer value from a Korean restaurant that I dinned in last weekend. My family and I decided to eat outside, like what we normal do especial when we have the available time to meet and bond with each other.My sibling recommended that we eat at this Korean restaurant that one of her friends told her about.

Since she heard many good things about the place she decided that we should try it and experience for ourselves if it is true. The moment we enter the restaurant, we were already greeted by a very pleasant and accommodating receptionist. She immediately asked us if we have reservations but unfortunately we failed to make any. She politely informed us that it is alright although we just have to wait for awhile before we can be seated.Then, she directed us towards this cosy-looking waiting room. The ambience of the room was very relaxing and it has this very pleasing smell unlike other restaurants where the odor of the food is very prominent.

After a few minutes, the receptionist came back and told us that we have to wait just a few more minutes. As such, we should have just decided to go to a new restaurant but we did not because of their excellent service. The receptionist called the waiter to serve us some complementary appetizers and drinks. After a few minutes of waiting, we were already seated.The waiter immediately attended to our orders.

Before serving our food, the waiter served us about eight different Korean side dishes, which were really appetizing. When our food arrived, its presentation is also commendable. The waiters also gave us a superb service since they even mix our food, refill our drinks, and occasionally ask us if we need anything. Our food was delicious and it really gave you a taste of an authentic Korean dish. We were already satisfied with our meals that we decided not to get anymore desserts but they still served us with fruits.We thought that the waiter mistakenly served us this dessert since we did not order any but he informed as that this was part of our meal.

He told us that it is the goal of their restaurant to satisfy their customers and they provide them with a complete meal every time they dine in their establishment. My father was so pleased with their services that he left a huge amount of tip for their services. My experience in this Korean restaurant exemplified the superior customer value that almost all consumers are looking for. They did not only meet our expectations but they even exceeded it.This kind of service would motivate their customers to keep patronizing their business, which our family will surely do.

This restaurant was able to exhibit superior customer service that makes them stand out from their other competitors. Moreover, the way they cater to the needs of their customers’ only shows that their utmost interest is the welfare of those they served. This kind of performance also gives the business a good publicity because if many people would be satisfied with their services then they would recommend it with others.The most essential factor that makes this kind of restaurant leaves a mark in each one of their customers is their ability to render service that is not simple profit-oriented but rather it gives due importance to the real meaning of “being of service” to others.ReferenceBacker, B.

(2006). Superior Customer Service: Seven Strategies for Success. Retrieved August 17, 2008, from http://www. customerservicemanager. com/superior-customer-service-seven-strategies-for-success.


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