Suicide Squad: Case Study

Production Budget:
$175 million
Marketing Budget:
unknown – more than the above
Global Box Office:
$745 million
Twitter followers:
17 following
Major Brand Partners:
Samsung (VR Experience), Bluebeards Revenge and Snapchat
released through WArner Bros ( with Atlantic Records)
Licensed Products:
more than 200 items were available through DC store
Originally released:
in 2D, 3D and 4DX
Now available as:
Download, DVD, Blu ray special edition, 3D Blu ray 4K Ultra HD Blu ray, Steelbook Edition and more!
Funded by:
RatPac-Dune and Atlas Entertainment
financing partners of Warner Bros
Comic Con launch
Suicide Squad’s first unofficial trailer leak
Synergy within the conglomerate:
Time Warner also owns TimeInc who own NME and Weekly Entertainment.
– this is cross media convergence in action
More synergy:
– Suicide Squad – Soundtrack album out on August 5
– created a video game called Suicide Squad: Special Ops
Brand Partnerships – Snapchat
Time Warner is horizontally and vertically integrated and therefore able to engage in above the line marketing, such as Snapchat filters.
The studio has created a snapchat filter that allows people adopt the look of the Joker.
Brand Partnerships – Bluebeards Revenge
The brand has teamed up with the movie for an advertising campaign in the lead up to its release in cinemas on August 5.
– The brand is aimed at men and therefore will help the film reach their potential target audience (males at their 20s – 30s)
Brand Partnerships – Samsung
Samsung and Warner Bros collaborated on ‘Samsung 360: The VR Experience’ It’s a virtual reality experience that allows fans to feel as though they are a member of the Squad.
Samsung: Product Placement
Samsung collaborated with Time Warner by appearing throughout the Suicide Squad.
– its mobile phones/tablets were used by the majority of characters including Deadshot and The Joker.
Engagement in social media:
On social media the movie had Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, on which the studio shared images and videos along with lots more, including promoting cast appearances on TV and elsewhere.
Engagement online:
The movie had an official website. There are buttons at the bottom of the page encouraging you to buy tickets or watch the trailer. Once you start scrolling down the page there are a few features that you see:
-The first is “Squad-Yourself,” which lets you create a custom image to share on social or to use as an avatar. It provides two options, the first of which takes you through the whole creation process and the second of which just creates a random image for you.
– The other two are a link to go buy the movie’s soundtrack album or to download the “Special Ops” mobile game.
Media and Publicity
Rumors – fueled by Tweets and Instagram posts by the cast – that there would be some kind of SXSW activation for the movie and those rumors turned out to be true as the studio took over a local tattoo place and turned it into “Harley’s Tattoo Parlor,” offering both real and temporary tattoos featuring symbols and icons related to the characters.

Magazine – A big cover story in Entertainment Weekly hit about a month before release that featured variant covers, new photos and interviews with the cast and Ayers about making the movie, what their characters were up to in the story and so on.

TV – Smith and the rest of the cast made visited the late night and morning talk shows as well, talking about the super hero stuff around them, the pleasure of working with Ayer and lots more.

More synergy: magazines
Time Warner owns Time Inc, which owns magazine such as NME and Entertainment Weekly. These magazines were a great help in the advertising of the film, as they wrote reviews, articles and featured the ‘Suicide Squad’ on their main cover.
Marketing – Trailers
The movie had 14 trailers in total.
– 11 character vignettes
– 4 official one
The first trailer debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 and was officially presented as a “First Look” and not a trailer, but it was a trailer. In fact it wasn’t meant to go public at all but after a ton of pirated versions showed up on YouTube it was finally officially released.
Marketing – Posters
1. The first teaser poster took all the faces of the various characters and portrayed them as skulls with something defining about them.
2. The second poster actually featured the cast, who are all standing around looking up at the camera, with Joker off away from the rest of the group. This gives us a better look at the cast.
3. Around the time of the SXSW “Harley’s Tattoo Parlor”, a new series of tattoo-style character posters was released to show off the icons associated with each one of the villains.
Viral Marketing:
Warner Bros have launched a viral marketing website, which allows fans to click around ‘classified’ documents and hunt for some of the secrets behind the DC.

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