Stukent Social Media MKTG

Social media has few interactivity has few barriers to participation?
Openness and flexibility is discusses in the chapter. Flexibility refers to
social media being a multifaceted type of digital media, particularly in the sense that social interactions can take place in many formats
Which is a social media information flow?
what are the 3 key characteristics of social media as defined in this chapter?
interactivity, openness and flexibility, and fast-paced flows of information
a social media marketing perspective involves considering three types of information flows. These flows include: company to consumers, consumers to company, and company to company. True or false?
which would be a form of social media monitoring?
taking care of a customer’s concerns by responding directly to them on Twitter
What does IFCS stand for as defined in this chapter?
interactions first, channels second
once objectives have been set and social interactions that match those objects have been considered, marketers should:
find channels that suit those interactions
By early 2015 how many active users did Facebook have?
1.44 billion
pick which example below best represents a narrowcasting information flow
you invite your friend to lunch via a text message
which of the following is not a key property included within a social network?
all are included: people, relationships, different types of relationships between people
what do “nodes” represent in social networks?
you just launched a new shoe brand. you’ve decided to send samples to popular Youtube stars. this approach is referred to as:
hub seeding
a social “pump” is referred to as:
people who are highly, socially active
how socially active the transmitter is seems to affect the retransmission likelihood, which is the probability that a person who receives information on social media or via word of mouth will communicate it to others
which company is more likely to have a much lower barrier to activation?
would writing a review about a movie on a public website be considered a social interaction?
in this chapter it talks about impact on participants. which of the following would represent a strong impact?
personally recommending a book to a family member
what do “ties” represent within a social network?
relationships between pairs of people
an ego network represents a social media network’s entire network of users and friendships
what’s the purpose of performing a social media audit?
to provide managers with a comprehensive birds eye view of what their brand is currently doing across all social media channels
how often is it recommended to perform an overall comprehensive social media audit?
at least once a quarter
what does the acronym POEM stand for?
paid, owned, earned media
pick which answer best represents a question you would ask during a social media audit for each active (owned) social media channel within your company or brand
who is the current audience on this channel?
is it important to understand if a social media channel provides any direct or indirect measurable benefits to the brand during an audit?
whats the point of going through a social media audit on a regular basis?
to analyze history so that you can use it to inform the future
which is not an example of paid media within social media?
paying to promote your product within Google search results (Adwords)
it’s important to give your brand a grade and assign importance weights to each item within a social media audit. true or false?
when a brand creates content, posts it on its Facebook page and then pays a fee to boost the content, such marketing activity could be a representation of:
a combination of paid and owned media
most of what we consider in social media marketing falls into which types of media?
owned and earned media
according to the annual CMO survey in 2014, how many senior marketers have been able to quantitatively demonstrate the impact of social media on business outcomes?
what are the 4 stages of consumer decision making that need to be activated before any purchases can happen?
awareness, engagement, positive attitudes, advocacy
would an increase in the number of product reviews be a good example of consumer engagement?
what does the term “absolute sentiment” represent in this chapter?
increase in the share of positive overall brand mentions (relative to neutral and negative mentions)
as a marketer, you should measure what is available, not what is relevant
when looking over social media metrics, it would be wiser to consider everything
according to table 4.3.1 which would not be a commonly examined social media marketing metric?
number of uploaded videos
do social media platforms automatically measure certain metrics for you free of charge?
have marketers increased, decreased, or neutralized the spending on social media activities over the last 5 years?
according to the brand metrics listed in table 4.1.1 which metric has the biggest % change increase in popularity from 2010 to 2014?
number of friends or followers
in an effort to improve social media presence, companies such as Dr Pepper are now displaying specific CTAs in TV ads using
strategic social media marketing should be intended to completely replace company to consumers information flows with consumers to company and consumers to consumers. true or false?
which statement below best represents a value-driving perspective?
whether if an objective is achieved, it would contribute something positive and valuable to the brand
each strategic objective must be SMART, which stand for:
significant, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-based
doing social media marketing is pointless unless it generates some value for the company and and on customer. true or false?
the NYPD twitter campaign displayed what type of marketing?
unstrategic social media marketing
according to the text, marketers should consider two broad types of risks when thinking through the potential downsides and costs of their social media marketing ideas. identify one of those risks:
risk that nobody pays attention
which answer best describes an indirect value-driving mechanism?
invest in creating social media activities that would modify or reinforce the desired brand associations
conducting a comprehensive social media audit is a critical prerequisite for formulating social media objectives. true or false?
according to the text in section 4, when doing social media marketing, a company should consider who gets the value and:
when the value is generated
what is the key to making a great social media marketing strategy a success?
which is not one of the social media planning stages?
count your existing followers
why is stage 3 (implementation plan) so important?
it’s where the strategic plan gets converted into specific action items?
developing the implementation plan should involve everyone who was involved with the strategy and everyone who will be involved with implementation. true or false?
what is a big reason why great social media strategies fail on implementation?
a lack of clarity with respect to who does what
a big difference between social media calendars and traditional media calendars as discussed in this chapter is:
time frequency
a good social media communications calendar will usually start by determining what for each week?
the theme
does a social media communications calendar need to be aware of other calendars within the marketing department such as advertising, or in-store promotions?
evaluating the progress of your social media strategy takes place at two levels. one of these levels is:
measuring performance against strategic objectives on a regular basis
with social media marketing you have to be:
responsive, nimble, and willing to adjust strategy along the way
which of the following best describes content marketing
a form of non-traditional marketing communications whereby a brand produces or designs content in various forms and spreads that content to targeted audiences and/or customers
according to the text, where does most content marketing take place?
social media
using social media for content marketing can be relatively expensive. true or false?
what is the downside of social media content marketing?
it is a crowded place so creating content that stands out can be very difficult
what does the term “boosting” mean with regards to social media content marketing?
to increase the reach of a post by paying
knowing your audience and creating content that you know they are interested in is a great way to get them to pay more attention to you. true or false?
what is at the heart of getting the right people to notice your content marketing efforts?
content design
one important rule of branded social media content is to keep communication fairly formal
which is not one of the seven important rules for branded social media content?
always boost your most important content pieces
do marketers have a high level of control over content design when focusing their efforts on social media channels?
in addition to paid social media, what the other two largest types of internet advertising?
display advertising, search advertising
how do we define social media advertising?
as any form of digital advertising that uses social media sites and apps, and involves advertisers paying for ad placement
you might find display ads on all of the following EXCEPT:
google search results page
what what is the most common form of PPC advertising?
search advertising
why do social media sites want to make sure that you fill out your profile as completely as possible?
they have a strong incentive to collect as much information about you as possible in order to created detailed microtarget groups that advertisers will pay to advertise to
social media ads are generally more effective in the early ages of the sales funnel, and less effective in the final conversion stage
one of the three key decisions discussed in this chapter that every marketer needs to make when it comes to social media advertising is:
how to get people to pay attention to the ad
marketers should always pursue a channel-focused approach; whereby they fully concentrate on making decision about the target segment, content, and bidding for one channel at a time
facebook ads generally earn a higher CTR than display ads on other websites. how much higher?
why should your social media advertisements rotate often?
so that site users won’t perceive your company as boring and unresponsive causing CTR to diminish
what does “WOM” stand for?
word of mouth
in social media marketing, we can call something viral if it:
spreads widely and rapidly from one consumer to another
if you are trying to market a mobile app, what or who would represent a viral coefficient?
the number of people that your friend can convince to adopt the app
the shorter the viral cycle time and the target the viral coefficient, the more viral the process. true or false?
what does the term ” seeding” represent when it comes to a viral marketing campaign?
when you send product samples to a selected group of consumers and ask them to generate buzz about that product and share it with others
according to a recent industry study by the American Marketing Association and Word of Mouth Marketing Association, how many marketers have used or plan to use consumers to start spreading WOM?
you only need to see to customers with the largest number of connections on social networks. true or false?
typically, marketing interventions are need to “nudge” seeds to spread product – related information. such interventions usually involve a combination of two types of incentives. they are called:
extrinsic and intrinsic
what happens if all incentives happen to occur within a short time period?
seeds will likely stop creating and disseminating product-related information after that period ends
an important property of social media communications is that conversations do not necessarily stay on topic of the focal product. true or false?
social media marketers can collect valuable consumer information simply by:
observing what consumers do and say on social media sites
is it necessary to measure whether campaign goals are being achieved every time you run an advertising campaign?
knowing what drives negative opinions about your brand can be harmful to your company culture. true or false?
according to chapter 10, what is recommended when selecting social media monitoring tools?
experiment with free ones first
which is NOT one of the three key problems in market research as discussed in this chapter?
conducting market research is inexpensive
how can social media marketers collect valuable consumer information?
not all social media sites allow easy collection of the content users generate. true or false?
an example of an engagement metric could be:
it’s easier for small brands (rather than big brands) to get users to generate lots of brand-related content pieces. true or false?
an approach that brands can take when identifying key advantages and weaknesses is to look for correlations between certain keywords and volumes and:
the sentiment of consumer-generated content
consumers are more likely to talk or share information about brands or products that are:
inherently social
when a product is inherently social, you are extrinsically motivated to recruit / acquire new users / customers on behalf of the company. true or false?
when your enjoyment of a product has nothing to do with whether your friends are using it, the product does not have a(n):
network externality
select which scenario best describes a positive network externality?
the more friends who use a particular chat app, the more friends you have to chat with, and the more you will enjoy this app
select which scenario best describes a negative network externality?
if you find your friend wearing the same shoes as you, you might enjoy those shoes less because they are no longer unique to you
in this equation: U = 1+a x E, you would want “a” to be:
as large as possible
as a marketer, you want to think of ways to make customers’ utility or value a positive function of other customers. true or false?
increasing positive network externalities in the product and/or decreasing any negative network externalities that might be present are both ways you can help consumers:
spread WOM about your new product and help acquire new customers
why is it important to create an established customer base?
you can leverage it
when stimulating demand for a new product or service, start with identifying a large set of target customers who will act as the “seeds” in what will, in effect, be a viral marketing campaign. true or false?
with the wide acceptance of social media as a way for people to communicate, companies now have to deal with what?
customer feedback on social media
what should a company consider before deciding whether to respond to customer feedback on social media?
both A and C: understanding the consequences of the action or inaction, comparison of the benefits vs cost of the action or inaction
it is unnecessary to respond to every form of customer feedback on social media. true or false?
responding to customer feedback on social media should be seen as an opportunity to contribute toward the company’s:
marketing objectives and generate value
which company from the chapter encourages customers to tweet to a specified twitter account for real-time customer support?
what really sets social media apart as a customer service/support channel?
a consumer interaction occurs in a publicly accessible and highly visible manner
customer feedback on social media can come in many forms. which is not one mentioned in this chapter?
none of the above
with the advances in today’s social media technology, human effort isnt required anymore when responding to customers. true or false?
as a general rule, it is recommended that companies at least monitor the feedback they are receiving on various social media platforms. true or false?
when choosing to respond to customer feedback, social media managers need to consider all of the following except:
the social media impact score of responding
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