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Mission Statement
Hillsdale College is an independent, nonsectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1844 by men and women “grateful to God for the inestimable blessings” resulting from civil and religious liberty and “believing that the diffusion of learning is essential to the perpetuity of these blessings.” It pursues the stated object of the founders: “to furnish all persons who wish, irrespective of nation, color, or sex, a literary and scientific education” outstanding among American colleges “and to combine with this such moral and social instruction as will best develop the minds and improve the hearts of its pupils.”
Honor Code (Word for Word)
A Hillsdale College studnet is honorable in conduct, honest in word and deed, dutiful in study and service and respectful of the rights of others. Through education the student rises to self-government.
The Liberal Arts
The subjects we study aim to introduce us to the best that has been thought, written, made, done etc. in the Western Tradition through the lens of history, literature, philosophy, religion, politics, the arts, and the sciences.
Freed from ignorance and equips us with the tools to convert knowledge into wisdom.
Not a trade school. We know how to learn.
Teach us what it means to be human.
Virtus tentamine gaudet.
Strength rejoices in the challenge.
Freewill Baptists, but has always been non-sectarian.
“Michigan Central College” in Spring Arbor.
First American College to prohibit discrimination based on race, religion or sex. (Blacks accepted since 1844, 2nd college to grant 4 year degrees to women)
Civil War
Highest percentage of men enlisted in Civil War than any other college except the military academies.
4 Hillsdale Students won Congressional Medal of Honor
3 were generals
Many more gave their life for the cause.
20th Century
1930s and 1940s college almost foreclosed, President Phillips saved it through developing business programs.
1970s government started interfereing in college affairs, so in 1984 they no longer accepted government funding ($5 million)
$431 million
How many students?
1,444, 47% male, 53% female
Where from?
35% Michigan, 65% from 48 states and 9 foreign countries
Most popular majors
Business, Biology, English, History and Politics
Faculty facts
172, 87% hold highest degree in their field
faculty to student ratio is 10:1
Freshmen retention
Graduate placement
97% employed or enrolled in grad school within six months
75% of studnet who applied to medical school were granted admission in comparison with the national rate of 40%
Average freshmen scores
29 ACT
1980 SAT
60% in top 10% of their class
3.8 incoming GPA
Scholarship and finanical aid
Need based, athletic, fine arts, and academic awards
General major info
32 majors including 5 languages
7 interdisciplinary majors
9 Pre-professional programs
Off Campus study:
Scotland, Argentina, Oxford, France, Germany, England
Varsity sports
7 men: baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, track, tennis
7 women: basketball, cross-country, softball, swimming, track, volleyball, tennis
Core Curriculum
Physical science, Biology, Great Books x2, Western Heritage, American Heritage, Constitution, Physical Wellness, Fine Arts, English course, Intro to Philosophy or Religion, Math, Social Science, Competency in Foreign Language, CCA
Why don’t you accept any federal or state taxpayer funding?
Dept of Health, Ed, and Welfare tried to interfere with college affairs. Education should shape the governed, rather than having government shape education. Counting students based on race and ethnicity was mandated, which conflicted with the school’s mission. We believe it’s actually more fair to look at everyone’s academic and community involvement. After the Supreme Court ruled that due to the federal funds accepted the government had the right to interfere, the college announced that they would no longer accept any federal or state money ($5 million). This is now supplemented with private donars.
Financial Facts
Tuition = $24,000
Room and board = $9,500
97% of student receive financial aid
Average student aid package $16,700 per year
Jobs on campus, get more money as you go through the years
Clubs on Campus
over 48
Catholic Society
weekly discussion group, prayer group, Bible studies, Rosary and on-campus mass
College Republicans
Brings speakers to campus. One of the largest and most active groups.
Debate/Speech/Mock Trial
intercollegiate events.
volunteering throughout community. Includes buddy reading, Adopt a grandparent, big brother big sister, hillsdale community health center, peer tutoring
Largest student organization. Large group, small group, daily prayer in teh chapel.
Intramural sports
flag football, sand volleyball, indoor volleyball, basketball etc
Student Federation
allocates student fees, grants funds to campus organisations, approves formation of compus clubs and oversees student publications.
31 in total from languages to politics to music to leadership
Tour information
Central Hall
1st floor: Registrar and Financial Aid
2nd Floor Business Office
3rd Floor: Admissions
4th Floor Deans of Men and Women
Built in 1853 as original academic building on Hillsdale College’s new campus.
1874 burned and had to be rebuilt
Bible in the original cornerstone contains a prayer that says “May earth be better and heaven be richer because of the life and labor of Hillsdale College.”
Mention Dean/Student relationships
Moss and Delp Halls
Moss: Mail room, president’s office, alumni offices
Delp: professors offices
Built in 2000
Mention professor/student relationships
Strosacker and Dow Science
Top floor: chemistry
Main floor: biology
Basement: Physics and math
Students have full access to the facilities and equipment here (rare for undergraduates)
Over 1 million volumes
Heritage room: rare and first edition books as well as Alwin C. Carus Coin Collection
Plans to expand: archives room
Personal libraries of Ludwig von Mises and Russell Kirk
Employs students
Printing is free
Sage Center
Markel Auditorium, Art and dance studios
Houses the theater dance and art departments
Any student can participate in the arts at Hillsdale college
Howard Music Hall
27 practice rooms
McNamara Rehearsal Hall
Music professors offices
Some of the best in liberal arts music.
Any student can participate, lessons are cheap
Sports Complex
Swimming pool, Weight room, fitness room, dance studio, IM fields, football stadium, basketball court etc
Open to all students, free admission to events
Biermann Athletic Center
finished in 2013
widest 200-meter track in the world with 9 lane straightaway
used for tennis and volleyball also
made out of the same surface as the London Olympic Games
Lane and Kendall
have 40 classrooms, faculty offices
mainly humanities and social sciences
open for student use until 2 am
Grewcock student Union
Cafeteria, AJ’s cafe, Bookstore, Formal Lounge
built in 2008
mention the Grewcocks
Knorr Student Center
Old student center
Dow hotel
Career services help with resumes and mock interviews
Major Descriptions
Accounting, Finance and Marketing
Must know tactical skills, but also how to relate to people. (Business classes and psychology and sociology classes)
American Studies
WHIP, understand America is a result of their history, so some ancient history is required
Chicago Art Institute and Toledo Museum of Art as well as shows at Hillsdale
Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry
largest in Natural science division, gives historical perspective as well as the typical courses
marine biology trip in Florida
3 advanced chemistry labs, microbiology lab, anatomy lab with 3 cadavers
Christian Studies
stress on thorough and appreciative knowledge of the biblical and theological elements woven into the culture of Western Civilization
visiting speakers on a regular basis
Classical Studies, Greek and Latin
Eta Sigma Phi honorary, vital to understand political science, religion, philosophy or literature
promotes undersatnding of how economic ideas and peaceful practice of commerce have contributes to the development of our Western heritage
does not offer certification, classical education minor, liberal arts teacher apprenticeship, Mary Randall Preschool and Hillsdale Academy
a solid grounding in english and american literature, effective writing, and deepened love for literature
Foreign Languages (French, German and Spanish
promote study of civilization, lagnuage and literature of languages. summer and semester study abroad options in Argentina, France, Germany and Spain
reflection upon the ideas, events, cultural patterns and leaders responsible for shaping our Western and American heritage. Read primary sources, not textbooks
historically it was part of the quadrivium the basis of the liberal arts.
Philosophy and Religion
aims to provide the intellectual tools necessary to study, interpret, and cticially evaluate philoshical and religious beliefs and then integrate theses obth intellectually and personally
history of physics, as well as cutting edge technology, x-ray lab, and a quantum optics lab
WHIP, prepare students for an active life as a good, thoughtful, and courageous citizen of a free republic
designed to encourage in students an undersatnding of the nature and fuction of rhetorical communication in a free society
Sports Studies
not just sports skills, but how to live a healthy lifestyle

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