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Unit 3 American Government Q&A’s

question In 1962, which western hemisphere country was stockpiling Soviet made missiles calling for action by President Kennedy? answer Cuba question What risk to people of the United States did the confrontation with the Soviet Union pose? answer nuclear war question Which of the following may a president do without congressional action? answer issue an […]

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Financial ; Managerial Accounting 5th Ed. Chapter 3 Self-Assesment

question Time Period Assumption answer Presumes that an organization’s activities can be divided into specific periods of time such as month, three-month quarter, six-month interval, or a year. question The time periods that are covered in an “interim” financial statement? answer one, three, or six months of activity. question The difference between a fiscal year […]

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Business Law-Chapter 1: Legal Heritage & the Digital Age (Exam 1)

question Law answer That which must be obeyed & followed by citizens, subject to sanctions or legal consequences of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority & having binding legal force. question Functions of the Law answer 1. Keeping the peace 2. Shaping moral standards 3. Promoting social justice 4. Maintaining the status quo 5. […]

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What is a contract? Chapter 4 Business Law

question capacity answer legal ability to enter a contract question consideration answer that things of value are being exchanged question legality answer no laws are being violated question genuine agreement answer both offer and acceptance are valid question acceptance answer second party’s willingness to go along with the proposal question offer answer proposal by one […]

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Unit II Test

question data, information, and knowledge answer composition of making better decisions question why companies compete on analytics answer 1. numerous companies in making industries offer similar products and use comparable technologies 2. business processes are among the last remaining points of differentiation question how business analytics fuel fact based decision making answer companies that use […]

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Trane Acronyms

question A/P answer Accounts Payable question A/R answer Accounts Receivable question ABS answer Absorption question ABU answer After Business Market Unit question AC answer Alternating Current question ACC answer Accessory question AFD answer Adaptive Frequency Drive question AFNOR answer Association Francaise de Normalalisation question AFUE answer Annual Fuel Efficiency Ratio question AGA answer American Gas […]

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Test 3

question According to the law of supply, answer more of a good will be offered by suppliers as the price rises. question Which of the following is true of profits and losses? answer Profits direct entrepreneurs toward production of goods that are highly valued relative to their cost, while losses direct them away from wealth-reducing […]

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Student Ambassador Facts Hillsdale College Flashcards

question Mission Statement answer Hillsdale College is an independent, nonsectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1844 by men and women “grateful to God for the inestimable blessings” resulting from civil and religious liberty and “believing that the diffusion of learning is essential to the perpetuity of these blessings.” It pursues the stated object of […]

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SOC101 Ch. 4-6

question Studies have shown that people interact with babies differently based on whether the babies are boys or girls. Using role theory, we could argue that: answer sex is a master status in our society. question The expectations that girls play with Barbie dolls and boys play with G.I. Joe dolls are examples of: answer […]

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Flashcards on Essay On Risk

question Traditionally, risk has been defined as a. any situation in which the probability of loss is one b. any situation in which the probability of loss is zero c. uncertainty concerning the occurrence of loss d. the probability of a loss occuring answer c question Objective risk is defined as a. the probability of […]

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pt. with special challenges EMT

question Vagal nerve stimulators may be an alternative treatment to medication for patients with: answer chronic seizure disorders. question Spina bifida is MOST accurately defined as: answer a birth defect caused by incomplete closure of the spinal column. question Airway management can be challenging in patients with Down syndrome because their: answer teeth are misaligned […]

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Practice Final Part 5

question Good strategy execution requires: A. a team effort with all managers having strategy executing responsibility in their areas of authority, and making all employees active participants in the strategy execution process. B. incremental changes to current operating practices be implemented to ensure existing resource capabilities are not impacted too severely. C. little consensus building, […]

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Passion Party Presentation

question Passion Parties by Elizabeth answer Passion Parties by Elizabeth question Party Opening answer Hi, my name is Elizabeth, you you, lucky ladies, are at a Passion Party! question Thank Hostess and Present Hostess Gift answer Before we even begin, I must thank ______ for being such a terrific hostess, and preparing her home for […]

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Crash course World history : Islam,the Quran,and the Five Pillars

question In the 7th century C.E. , who did the angel Gabriel appear to and tell to recite the word of god? answer Muhammad question Muhammad’s society was intensely what? answer Tribal question What was Muhammad’s home town? answer Mecca question The nothern part of Arabia was sandwiched between what two empires answer Byzantine Empire […]

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OB Ch. 1 Review

question In the field of organizational behavior, organizations are best described as: answer groups of people who work interdependently towards some purpose. question Which of the following statements is true about organizational behavior? answer It includes team, individual, and organizational level analyses. OB researchers systematically study various topics at multiple levels of analysis, namely the […]

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MNP Chapter 8

question The duration over which a plan is intended to be applied or endured is called ______. answer A time horizon question A firm has a formal, written guide regarding its zero-tolerance attitude toward sexual harassment and the consequences of its violation. By definition, this is a ______ of the firm. answer Rule question A […]

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MIS Ouiz 10

question Problems related to departmental processes are resolved ______. answer by the department manager question In systems development, documents, designs, prototypes, data models, database designs, working data entry screens, and the like are examples of ________. answer deliverables question A ________ installation is the riskiest because the old system is shut down and the new […]

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MIS 204 Chapter 1-4

question Moore’s Law answer Number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months question Effect of Moore’s Law answer Cost of data communications and data storage is essentially ZERO question Future business Professionals need to be able to ______, ______ , ______ emerging information technology to business answer assess, evaluate, […]

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MGT 4195 Chapter 4

question A. The company’s ability to follow federal laws just like its competitors B. The company’s ability to start distributing its cars in areas where a competitor is the market leader *C. The company’s ability to make its cars more fuel efficient than most of its competitors* D. The company’s ability to manufacture cars at […]

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MGMT 471 Exam 2

question Accounting Profitability answer Helps assess competitive advantage – ROIC, ROE, ROA, ROR – use income statements and balance sheets. – 10K’s are primary source of companies’ accounting data – uses standard, publicly available metric – historical/backward looking – focuses on tangible assets – does not consider off-balance sheet items question Risk Capital answer – […]

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Meetings Expositions Events and Conventions chapter 5

question Trade fairs answer began in biblical times and became popular in the Medieval Europe and in the Middle East. -opportunity for craftsmen and farmers to bring their products to the center of the town or city to sell their goods as a means of survival. question Exhibition (buyer-seller format) answer took place in a […]

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Marketing 12-16
13 Aug 2020 Database

question A(n) _____ is the result of applying human or mechanical efforts to people or objects. answer service question All of the following are unique characteristics that distinguish services from goods EXCEPT: answer searchable question A(n) _____ is a characteristic that can be easily assessed prior to purchase, such as the softness of a mattress […]

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