stress management ch. 2

chronic stress
This type of stress is most commonly associated with illness and disease
a term coined by Dr. Roberta lee to mean 21st century lifestyle stress
limbic system
This stress response initially involves this system
Candace pert
This person is recognized for discovering the scientific link between emotions and neuropeptides
Which of the following defense mechanisms is not commonly associated with the psychology of everyday stress
Charles Darwin
The rage reflex is attributed to
This type A characteristic is thought to be most closely related to CHD
hostile aggressive behavior
This term spiritual hunger can be best defined as
a search for that which cannot be found in one’s traditional religion
The tend and befriend theory proposed by Shelley Taylor speaks best to the coping technique used by
Future shock is best defined as
rapid societal change
the order of M. Scott Peck’s stages of spiritual growth is which of the following
chaotic antisocial, formal institutional, skeptic, and mystic communal
This stressor would be classified as a bioecological influence
inadequate sunlight
According to experts, the field of sociology involves the study of human behavior within ALL BUT the following
This level of the brain is called the seat of the emotions because it appears to be the first to register pain
the limbic area
This chakra is associated with the prostate gland as a result of potential security issues
root chakra
This term psychic equilibrium means
unity of conscious and unconscious minds
Emotional literacy refers to the ability to read and respond to
your own emotions
Type D personality is most closely associated with
type A
According to Matthew Fox, via creative is best described as
a sense of awe and wonder of all creation
There are many physiological cycles affected by environmental stressors. Which of the following cycles occurs in more than once in a 24 hour period
ultradian cycles
Behavioral therapy
A therapy based on the works of John B Watson, in which coping and relaxation techniques are used to desensitize oneself to stress
Anabolic Functioning
A physiological process in which various body cells regenerate or grow
A trait of thinking or doing many activities at once, also known as multitasking. (type A personality)
A term used by Viktor Frankl describing the search for meaning in ones life
the study of the effects of stress on disease; treats the mind, central nervous system, and immune system as one interrelated unit
Shallow Effect
A shallow understanding of complicated issues that is caused by information grazing. jumping from site to site and cherry picking information
Intermediate Stress Effect
The hormonal response triggered by the neural aspects of the adrenal medulla that are released directly into the blood, lasting minutes to hours
Spontaneous Remission
the sudden disappearance of nonmedically treated disease, most often observed with cancerous tumors
A term coined by Carl Jung to describe the self-realization process, a process leading to wholeness
A term coined by Carl Jung to explain the fear or hatred of anything new (fear of the unknown)
emotional release through crying, yelling, laughing, and the like
Biphasic Personality Traits
Survivor personality traits, the ability to use both right and left brain thinking processes to successfully deal with a problem or stressor
A Jungian term to describe primordial images that become symbolic forms with an inherent understanding among all people
Wellness Paradigm
the integration, balance, and harmony of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being through taking responsibility for ones own health; posits that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
Cognitive Surplus
Having an excess of time and using our minds freely during that time
Research shows that codependent traits manifest in adulthood when married or working with/for an alcoholic
In Matthew fox’s concept of creation spirituality, via transformative is the path where we are co-creators for a better world
It is not perception of the situation, but the situation that one find’s onself in that determines one’s level of stress
If you are inside playing video games, surfing the net, or using a smartphone all day, more than likely you are not directly getting enough of the sunshine vitamin
Neuroplasticity refers to the body’s ability to create new nerve cells closest to the skin
Chakras are meridian points in which acupuncture needles are used to unclog passages of energy or chi
Freud was of the opinion that stress was in innate part of the human condition
Research reveals that randomly vented anger is a healthy means of emotional catharsis
Resiliency seems to be the key factor for the hardy personality
From the philosophy of Jesus, we learn that of faith hope and love, love is the greatest aspect of human existence
In today’s rapidly paced world the terms change and stress are used synonymously and mean the same thing
Sociology is best described as the study of different cultures in the same locality
The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the relaxation response
Studies show a person diagnosed with multiple personality disorder can have different diseases that come and go among their personalities
The basic premise to Leo Buscaglias work is that we must be taught to love by out parents
Cognitive restructuring is a term best described as:
a rethinking process about a stressor
This behavioral theory speaks to the nature of “voluntary” behaviors
Operant conditioning
In his efforts to study the benefits of journal writing, Ira Progoff discovered the following:
Individuals who started journal writing while on welfare were more likely to find employment and better housing faster
This type of humor is thought to be helpful in relieving the fear of death
Black humor
As described by Roger von Oech, this role can ruin the creative process
The Judge
This is the primary factor that explains why people are not good listeners
People usually prepare their next thought while pretending to listen
This is not considered one of the “Three P’s” of time management
The four stages of cognitive restructuring are (in order):
awareness, reappraisal, adoption and substitution, and evaluation
What aspect differentiates Prochaska’s Behavior Change Model from other models?
Relapse stage
The primary purpose of journal writing to help control stress is to
help identify and resolve the causes of stress through self-awareness
This type of humor is thought to be best suited to reduce stress-related anger and help maintain a sense of psychic balance
Charles M. Johnson, founder of the Institute for Creative Development, describes the order for creativity and creative problem solving this way
Incubation, inspiration, perspiration, administration
Facial expressions are an example of this type of nonverbal communication
Affect displays
Experts suggest you put away this much money from your monthly income in savings
From his time in the concentration camps, Viktor Frankl learned this simple wisdom to help survive
Take responsibility for your own thoughts
The stress of “poverty consciousness” is best described this way
The fear of not enough money
NLP is best defined as
Neurolinguistic Programming
This theory of behavior was tested by training dogs with a ringing bell
Classical conditioning
The “Buzan method” of journal writing is significant for its ability to
access both right (feelings) and left (thoughts) brain functions
Humor is best described as
a perception
Abraham Maslow’s term “primary creativity” would best be described as
right brain thinking
The “Sapir-Whorf” hypothesis suggests that
our perception of reality is based on the limits of our vocabulary
Tips for “financial freedom” include all but the following
Place your credit cards in a glass of water and place the glass in the freezer
“Brief grief” is considered
the opposite of accumulated grief
Of the following parts of one’s personality, which is thought to be the most difficult to influence with regard to stress?
These are the three essential criteria for effective journal writing
Identify concerns, identify emotions, and seek resolutions
Black humor is thought to be
morbid humor
According to creative consultant Arthur VanGundy, left brain thinking falls in the domain of
cultural roadblocks
“Schismogenesis” is a term to suggest that
when we are stressed, we exaggerate our own communication style
This is not considered one of the “Three C’s” of time management
Repeated negative thought processing that tends to pollute our view of our lives and ourselves
toxic thoughts
A learned behavior that stems from a voluntary function or something we make a conscious decision about
Operant conditioning
A coping technique; expression of thoughts, feelings, memories, and ideas in written form, either prose or poetry, to increase self-awareness
Journal writing
A written or dramatic form of parody
Obstacles to the creative process, played by the ego, in the role of the judge
Perceptual Roadblocks
These are beliefs about our values, often expressed as opinions
A term used to describe the therapeutic effects of self-discovery through active awareness in journaling
A theory that states the reason we laugh is because when two concepts come together in our head and they don’t make sense, we get a chuckle
incongruity theory
Von Oech’s term to identify the first stage of the creative process in which one begins to look for new ideas by venturing outside one’s comfort level
The underlying intention of verbal communication when people are indirect with their comments, thus adding to m miscommunication
Nonverbal language is believed over verbal language when the two seem to contradict each other
Clustering is a term used to describe someone who is extremely pressed for time with too much to do
The unconscious mind is believed to control as much as 40-50% of one’s behavior
Before a behavior can be changed, a person has to admit that indeed the behavior is undesirable
Journal writing offers a good immediate catharsis, but offers little in the way of long-term resolutions
Laughter was not always looked upon with favor. At one time in history, laughter was thought to be the work of the devil
Creativity can be a great coping technique for stress, but the irony is that fear (stress) can block the creative process
The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis suggests that we use humor to lighten up a heavy conversation
Cleaning your house is a recommended way to save money because you realize you don’t need to buy as much, or buy things you already have
Conceptually, “thought stopping” is the same thing as self-talk
In the presentation we had on Monday with Megan Sterns, what did SMART stand for when setting financial goals?
Specific, Measurable, Adjustable, Realistic, Time-Oriented
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