Stand By Me is a film based on the story The Body by Stephen King

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Stand By Me is a film based on the story The Body by Stephen King it is about four 12 years old boys in a small town in USA. They set off on secret journey to look for a died body together and learn about danger, fear and friendship. Stephen King was famous for his Novellas and the big hit Stand By Me it sold about 2000 copies. Biography of Stephen King:Stephen Edwin King was born in Portland, Maine in 1947, the youngest of two sons.

Apart from being raised without a father from the age of three, Stephen experienced a normal childhood. He enjoyed playing for his high school football team and was an enthusiastic member of a small rock band.Since then, Stephen King has written numerous novels and short stories, taking few breaks in-between. His tales have been made into more than thirty feature length films, most of which have been relatively successful. Stephen King has wrote many novels like A Memoir of the Craft, Secret Windows, Dreamcatcher and many more he has wrote 47 books.Everyone thinks that Chris stole the milk money from school he did but the next day he had a Guilty Consonance so he gave it back to his teacher.

The next day he gave it back he felt relived after he gave it back the teacher came with a new dress, coat and a new shoe. Where did the money come from? Teddy is a wild boy, he smokes weed. His father nearly burnet his off he is now in mental Institution his father was a solider. He doesn’t like people saying things about his father because he loves him even if he tried to kill him.

Verni is the fat boy and Gordies much loved and admired elder brother Danny has just been killed in a jeep accident. He is trying to come term with his losses but his parents do not seem able to help him, in fact they cannot seem to recover for the terrible accident either he thinks that his parent are blanking him and as a result Gordie feel they had rather he had died instead of his brother.In the course of the film they discovered the closeness of death. There were many sense which was close to death like when Teddy the daredevil tried to doge the train but Chris pushed Teddy out of the way the other scene was The Railway Bridge, the boys had two ways to go the one which would of took 40minites or the 10minites journey The boys decide to cross over the bridge and take their chance. Teddy and Chris go first while Gordie hangs back with Vern. Gordie touches the rail to sees if there was a train approaching but there was no vibration on the rails so he walks on.

The river below was a 100 feet below and Vern was too scared to walk, so he starts crawling across the bridge. As he nears the middle, his comb falls down from his shirt pocket. Gordie is worried because Vern is taking to long, he kneels down to feel the rail this time he feels something he looks back and sees a strong smoke and shouts out TRAAAAAAAN!! Gordie continues to scream at Vern, by the time Teddy and Chris have reached the other-side safely and are shouting “come on” “come on” to Vern and Gordie, Vern is stuck to the rails he wouldn’t let go and Gordie was shouting “get up get up” he got up and ran across just moment before the train was going to eradicate the boys, Gordie tackles Vern and both tumble of the tracks.The funniest part was when there were on the bridge and they had to choose from 2 ways to go and Teddy says while you guys drag you candy-asses halfway across the state and back, I’ll be waiting for you on the other side relaxing with my thoughts and Gordie says “you use your left hand or your right hand for that”?The end of the film Chris has a fight with a bunch of boys, which wanted the died body as well, but Gordie had a gun and threatened to shot him if he didn’t leave Chris alone, but he didn’t believe him so he carried on so Gordie fired a warning shot that’s when the bunch of hooligans started to walk away it was astounding because you can see how close friends there are.

What they did was extraordinary and breathtaking because instead of taking the body back to the police and being rich which they came for they gave it a funeral.I think the film Stand By Me was extraordinary the film is about fear, how teenagers are like and most of all friendship.

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